1.0.5 Datamined Models: Uber Monsters, Portal World, PvP Vendor and more, PTR Aimed for End of Day

Updated: PTR Aimed to be Back Up by the End of the Day
Looks like the PTR is going online rather soon!
Players are reporting in that they are getting d/ced still.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The PTR is now online and available for play. We're aware that many players are still experiencing persistent issues affecting login and character creation, but we'll be keeping the PTR online for the time being so that we can test and troubleshoot those issues in a live environment. Please be sure to report any problems you encounter in this thread so we can pass them on to our development team as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience! We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Unofficial 1.0.5 Datamining Post
Before you read this post, make sure to check out the first post which holds a massive amount of information found in the game client. The news post can be found here. Or if you want more info on how to get to the Uber Bosses or craft the new ring you can find information on that here.

1.0.5 Uber Monsters
While searching through the strings, we were able to find 4 "other ubers". These monsters are not the bosses, but are new none the less. They appear to be the keywardens that we showed two days ago here. Sadly could not find new textures for any of the bosses, we will have to wait till PTR is live to see what they look like.
  • DuneDervish_B_Unique_Uber - Wielder of the Restless Wind
  • GoatMutant_Ranged_A_Unique_Uber - Evasive Khazra Brute
  • MorluSpellcaster_A_Unique_Uber - Tormentor of the Damned
  • TerrorDemon_A_Unique_Uber - Seething Chaos

The Uber World
Most of the 3D tiles I was looking at had issues rendering. The few I did get to see use Act 3 assets which give it that nice hell look. There are definitely some new looking items there as well that carry on that dark blue look, but will not have a full picture till we see it live. (Plus this was looked at through unofficial means, please take it with a grain of salt) Below is a picture of the "Boss Portal Room" (Also known as Uber_PortalWorld - Heretic's Abode)

Leroic's Garden
Looks like another PvP Arena was added this time around. If you missed our first previews of some PvP arenas, you can check them out in this news post.

The PVP Vendor
Still a lot is unknown about this NPC. We do have some more content on him to share soon however.

PvP Pre-Game Screen
This looks to be the screen we will see before a PvP Fight starts.

New Stash Tab Graphics
We took note that there were new tab icons for stashes. We have a quick look at them now however!

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