DiabloFans Reflection - August


While news and progress on Diablo III had slowed down recently, August was filled with lots of information and clues to how far in development this game actually is. August started off with some information about end game content and what they have planned is that the experience and level curve of Diablo II will not be the same in Diablo III. Baal runs and other quick experience gains were farmed over and over again to attain the top level and gear. Hopefully, in Diablo III, the story will naturally play out with us being top level by the end of the game without having to farm the same boss routinely. Other users on this site have had many other ideas on what they would like to do once they completed the game. A Horde Mode is a popular idea where our heroes will get to fight off wave after wave of increasingly difficult monsters. For more discussion on this, see: Horde Mode by PiSeas1984.

Later on, we found out how health globes would work with the harder monsters of Sanctuary. Many worried that these drops would not be sufficient enough to compensate the loss of availability of potions. Fear not. Rares, Champions, Uniques, and bosses will all be able to drop health globes while fighting them. In addition to these random extra chances, Uniques and bosses are being planned so that their environment/lairs and other actions they do will create even more opportunities to get some health globes. Along the lines of health globes, others have argued over their look. For more discussion on this, see: Create your own "health globes"! by Akuma_Gin.

While the first half of the month was relatively slow, things picked up quite a bit with Gamescom. Unexpectedly, tons of information was given out at this event. The biggest news being the DiabloWiki.com - crafting crafting system for Diablo III. The Artisans are a group of craftsman who will travel with you and provide a wide variety of services for your character. The Blacksmith will craft, socket, and repair your equipment. The Mystic will provide more magical wares and services like potions, scrolls, magic weapons, charms and DiabloWiki.com - runestones runestones. Lastly, the Jeweler will deal with rings, amulets, and gems; being able to remove them safely from your equipment and combine them to higher quality versions. For more discussion on combining gems see: New Gem Madness Perks Curiosity by Magistrate.

The Artisans were not the only information shared at Gamescom. Lots of new mechanics, items, and skill changes have been shared and discussed.
Later on, we found out the skills and skill systems have also been going through a lot of change. The Witch Doctor's skills continue to develop. We found out that he has a blowgun skill as well as his haunt skill has been improved. The Monk is the only class that has been designed with a few skills requiring a specific weapon to be equipped. Skills systems have also been through some development. The Barbarian's Fury is basically capped with augments to how quickly or slowly it raises and drops. The Wizard now uses Arcane Power. We also finally got some information on the Monk's resource "Spirit" which includes using combo moves to build up energy to perform other moves. For more discussion on the energy sources see: Interview Analysis - Skill Resources by Zhar.

More development on trading, at least through your own characters has made progress. Currently, the main two ways Blizzard is considering dealing with this is through a mailing system or a shared stash. The shared stash seems to be the most popular and easy decision but it has yet be to decided upon. Along with this, discussion of what other mechanics will be used for trading is constantly up for debate. For more discussion on this idea see: Auction House or Trading system for D3? by Polrayne.

DiabloFans Community

With new information finally coming in and Blizzcon only weeks away, activity on DiabloFans has picked up. New posts arise everyday with new ideas and some discussion on old ones. Visit the Diablo III forums to discuss the many ideas of the game.

A few users have even dusted off their copy of Diablo II and have renewed their interest in the game (myself included). Irrational is looking for some people to join his Juggernaut games. If you only have a few minutes to spare, you can check out my Power Hour thread for a fun little mini-game to play. As enthusiasm for Diablo III raises so does our renewed enthusiasm for Diablo II.

Our Wiki is also currently growing and expanding. However, we need your help to make it the number one place for all Diablo information. Right now, DiabloFans is in desperate need for screenshots of characters' skills. Everyone is encouraged to upload their pictures and contribute to the Wiki. For more detailed information on just what is needed, please see: Skill Page Screenshots by Kickin_It.

With the DiabloFans Create a Monster Contest, we all got a chance to see just how talented everyone is. While the contest has officially ended, we all eagerly await to see the results. If you would like to see the impressive submissions, please see: Create a Monster Contest.

That about wraps up the month of August for us here at DiabloFans. With Blizzcon around the corner and new information finally coming in, we are all looking forward to what September will bring us.


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