Bashiok on Unique Character Classes

A user on the forums with a few screws loose recently made a long-winded post which can basically be summed up as a critique that the known character classes in Diablo 3 so far are too generic. Bashiok, the brave soul that he is, actually read through the entire post and responded to those critiques:

"...come on, that post was all over the place. Go look at it. Don't even read it, just look at the formatting. It's spilling crazy all over the floor it's so full of crazy.

Anyway, there are a few archetypes of classic fantasy characters. Expecting us to do something outside of those archetypes for the sake of trying to be original is unnecessary, and would probably lead to something that's just ridiculous and not fun, or difficult to design - let alone balance.

I'm more than happy with you expressing your opinion, and as I summed it up yes essentially your opinion was that you wanted more originality. That's fine, but I was just saying the way in which it was presented was practically inedible."

He then went on to further discuss the topic:

"Well, I'm not sure I can discuss much more without showing our hand. But! I think we'll have at least one class in the game that will appeal to everyone. And that's sort of the goal with the core game, hit those main archetypes that everyone can identify with. "Hey, a Wizard... I'm pretty sure I know what that's all about without even seeing it." Any potential expansions are probably where you'd try out something not of a core archetype like, say, an assassin or druid. ;P

The witch doctor is a bit riskier, and I think sometimes written off as just a twist on the necromancer, but no one has really seen most of his abilities and the flavor he brings. He still has a lot left for people to discover."
What do you think about the character classes so far? Do you think they really need to shoehorn something totally unique and unheard of into the game as a playable class just for the sake of it, or are you happy to have more sensible characters like the ones we've already seen as long as they're well-rounded?


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