PC Action Magazine Teases DiabloFans.com

After I reported Diablo 3 rumors interpreted by fans of Diablofans Forums based on a snippet posted at the PC Action Magazine website, the PC Action folks are now linking to DiabloFans.com and teasing the heck out without confirming or denying.

This is a translation from german submited by Calyx and ov3erlord:

PC Action: For long time the rumor kitchen has simmered. There have been indications again and again, that in the next weeks or months, the successor to the brillant diablo 2 should be announced. Several Internet portals, such as Diablofans.com and n4g.com, report over alleged references to a Diablo 3-announcement at a Gaming site by the name of pcactio..., oh, f*ck! Those are we!

But something is missing here...

So they say, that the 11x11 Pixel Picture from yesterday would be an impression from the Diablo-Follow-Up. The Problem : We are not allowed to say something about it. Not deny, nor say that the rumors are true, or even say anything. Hmm, how many more days are there to our next issue?

What do you think? what can it be? -- View the Source.
Their new article offers what can be interpreted as hints: One is a link to a YouTube video showing a real life soccer game. The YouTube video is titled: Ring of Fire. The second clue is an image of Wolfgang Petry (a German singer). To non-German folks this means really ... NADA (nothing).

Our DiabloFans.com folks however started connecting the puzzle pieces -- that is kinda a stretch about a stretch, but here we go:

According to niceguyeddie the soccer game video titled Ring of Fire, might refer to Diablo's ring of fire when you fight him. (Watch the YouTube video referenced by PC Action)

According to Gromir, on the other hand, the Wolfgang Petry image refers to a karaoke song which lyrics say: ""Wahn - sinn. Warum schickst du mich in die ..." The second part to the lyric which is not included in the image is: " HÖLLE HÖLLE HÖLLE!"

In English: "Insa - nity. Why do you sent me to... HELL, HELL, HELL!"


As reported this morning on the previous news, PC Action replied my email:

PC Action: Unfortunately we are not allowed to talk about any details at the moment concerning this game :)

-- Lukasz Ciszewski
The bad news? The next PC Action issue comes out on June 19 (according to Gromir). It is hard to think they would talk about Diablo 3, before the Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals (June 29) ... and that is IF there is going to really be a game announcement ... and IF it is a Diablo game.

Ahh ... don't we hate and love and HATE teasers? Damn you, PC Action!

Note: Take in mind, PC Action might be teasing and messing (kidding) with Diablo fans, and that the game they refer to might be something entirely different from another company. Just a possibility.

UPDATE June 6: PC Action added a new small image showing fire. The image file is titled pic_d3_2.jpg --- These guys really want the teasing ball rolling. Either this game is Doom 4, Diablo 3, or a Hellgate: London expansion. There are other games recently announced such as Duke Nukem Forever (PC Action is currently showing screenshots of that game on another article today).

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