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    I'd say the least appealing is main stat by a huge margin most of the time.......but of course there will always be those fringe exceptions, for example you can always assume that a legendary gem will be worth more than ~700 main stat....but is some cases, on some characters..it wont be.....and you wont be able to just assume...

    it may be a long story but im sure it will be justified eventually by certain players why 750 main stat is better than at least one of the others you listed...even a brand new crazy powerful legendary gem.

    Nothing is absolute.
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    posted a message on Only One that wants trading?
    Quote from Bagstone
    Quote from shaggy

    I remember pro-BoA people were saying how it would increase the longevity of the game.
    And, in my opinion, it absolutely did. It took me ages to get my first Tal piece, to get the set (still haven't seen the belt), complete my Vyr's set, and so on. All those pieces, by the time I got them, would've been on the AH "almost for free". But I found them - myself! Much better feeling, and the hunt for those items kept me going. Among other RoS features of course.

    I've played way more in 2.0.1+RoS now already than I've played in all of D3V. And it's not just me. On a break right now - but more because of the World Cup and work than anything else, to be honest. I've always taken breaks, in D1, D2, and other similar games. And 2.1 looks great - I definitely think that RoS has a better longevity than D3V, and BoA is a huge reason for that.

    I disagree with your Josh rant. Towards the end of your post, you sound very similar to one of the bitter guys from the official forums. Yes, Josh might not have as much ARPG background as we wished the D3 Lead Director would have, but stating that he has never played an ARPG before makes it sound like RoS is a total failure in your eyes, and that's just ridiculous.

    Yes, many legendaries are underwhelming and need another pass but that's exactly what Blizzard said: there wasn't enough time to do all of them (AND create act 5 AND design a new class AND overhaul the entire game AND create rifts and so on). Do you remember some of the RoS beta datamining posts? There were lists of up to 300 legendary affixes. I'm sure you're one of the last persons in this forum I need to tell how Blizzard works: if *we* see 100 legendary affixes in the game, rest assured that the number of affixes they tested internally was much much higher. We'll see more of them - in 2.1, but also later patches.

    The one complaint where I agree with you is "Kadala+RiF". RiF, the 100% increased legendary drop rate, the two Kadala buffs (that came totally out of nowhere and for no reason) kind of killed the game for some people. It took me 300 hours to get about ~2 sets on my wizards (yeah, I was unlucky), even more to get my first RoRG, never a Wand of Woh. Still, I think that was FINE. That is longevity. However, using RiF, Kadala, and some lootsharing I got every other class to T6 in under 30 hours playtime. Really didn't like that. That's just wrong!

    But anyways, that's an exception. I know there are people who, despite RiF+Kadala+hundreds hours of playtime, are still far away from T6. Is Reaper of Souls a perfect, finished game in its current state? Nope. But it damn sure is the best Diablo game so far (yes, I think it's already better than D2 ever was, at least for me). And from what I've seen on PTR, set aside the missing balancing, it's only becoming more exciting. So... whatever you want to imply with your rant about Josh - I think he is taking the great in a game direction, and ranting about him is just as stupid as ranting about Jay. Without those two guys, D3 would be a freaking boring MMORPG and I wouldn't even dare to touch it. Jay laid the great foundation with the best ARPG combat experience that can currently be found in the genre, and Josh had the guts to make some tough calls that turned D3 upside down and undoubtedly in a better direction. And, to finally take this back to the thread's point - BoA was his most gutsy decision and will only help to keep the game in becoming even better.

    Is it ok to agree with both you and shaggy? I can understand basically any and all of the tidbits laced all throughout both posts...

    I think if any two of us printed our forum posts out, stuffed them in our back pockets, and bumped into each-other in real life we could whip those sheets out and have a discussion about them and it would be nothing but smiles and nods, because there would be a million times more checks and balances both in the message we hope to deliver in person and the message we hope to receive.

    and I can say this about any staff member down in California. I've probably called each one of them a complete idiot several hundred times by now....but the fact remains...it does not mean that my values differ so strongly from theirs.

    It's all just one big puddle of misinterpretation...

    so basically when some one rants about the developers or rants that all MMORPGS are a boring influence, its really on me to figure out why the people who are writing that are writing it. When I don't figure that out. I've made a mistake...and I've made plenty. And so have lots of other people about my rants...

    Even through my several hundred posts of hatred on official I can rant and rave about the wonders of Diablo 3. I can rant and rave about the beautiful music, the incredible character design as far as backstory and aesthetics.....

    id say write it. everyone just write it all. if its nice or mean, hopefully the developers can draw inspiration from it.

    The weapons in this game fucking suck. they do. they need work. and have needed work for a few years now clearly.

    but that only means I want them to be amazing and interesting. it be a mis-step to think "oh he's just one of those assholes who can't be pleased...."

    same goes with auction house, free trade, runes, character-builds...music, graphics, basically anything...if someone says "they fucking hate it" , they want it to be amazing.

    I would put forward that the complete absence or the full inclusion of anything in this game holds it back....as general as that seems that's about as specific as a guiding philosophy can get....

    too much cute? that's not good.
    100% free trade? unfortunate.
    Global instant AH. darn...
    100% BoA legendary? there must be better options.
    delete the entire AH? there must be better options...

    anyways hopefully this comes off how it sounds in my head....
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    posted a message on Legendary Gem Power Suggestions
    I posted the concept of legendary gems months ago in the Path of Exile official forums. My idea was to have the orientation of the colours of the sockets and the links match like a puzzle piece to slap a big jagged legendary gem into.

    I'm sure I was not the first to suggest the idea of legendary gems by a long shot. after all, in that game they had legendary potions and legendary maps etc.....

    My thread received absolutely zero reply. As well any thread I passionately drummed up on the official forums received zero replies as well.

    its pretty discouraging to say the least. So your thread with pictures and such is pretty wicked. And new ideas like this are tantalizing. I wish was still excited about this game to experience its fully fleshed out iteration if it happens to be ready in the upcoming years.
    My Idea to chime in on your thread about new concepts related to gems, is this:
    Recently they began to open the door on which runes are in effect at which time for which skill. IE: all runes are active for a particular skill, or one skill can trigger another skill etc....

    I would like gems to add heavy boosts to specific runes and random skills and really tie them together in interesting ways. like for example......strafe rune missile effects transform into Impale rune effects. or triggering a strafe will conceal your character for its first 3 seconds

    maybe strafe shots could trigger a mass confusion to certain mobs?

    maybe Seismic slam knock back could effect elites and bosses 50% of the time?

    Perhaps with a hard enough push with gems melee DH could become a force to be reckoned with?
    Perhaps gems could critically alter the skills of the followers?
    these item generator template website doo-hickeys are absolutely breathtaking as far as I'm concerned. as are any items people come up with.....a floodgate of cool ideas.
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    posted a message on Adding Super powered Legendaries (Your thoughts)
    That may be, but MTG from start to finish, due to a large number of factors is nowhere near as restricted as the D3 item choices. Umpteen thousand cards to find and build a deck with is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if you strip it down to 500...500 is a pretty huge number. imagine if Diablo 3 had 500 pieces of gear dominating the game modes. This thread might not exist. LOL I'd probably be to busy playing unless it was the top 500 weapons ranked by DPS....

    It's probably not even fair for me to compare D3 weapons with MtG, but I was not hoping to compare MTG to D3 items, I was hoping to illustrate an idea; If the goal in the game (D3) is to do damage to monsters until they die and monsters do damage to you until you die you have to strain to make that simplified goal fun to achieve. And while weapons have begun to expand on that simplfied idea of "do more damage/give more EHP", there is much room to grow.

    The heart of this discussion is the "build changing legendary" and I think we are in desparately short supply.

    Is it the case over at MTG forums that players are complaining about a shortage in strategies or cards to choose from? sure they may have cards that are ridiculously desirable and powerful...but it really is a different beast. maybe these complaints were happening inthe first few years of the card game's life span? thats not very inspiring if that is the case...

    Maybe rock/paper/scissors is a better analogy;

    Diablo 3 has

    Rock and Paper

    the Expansion gave us

    Rock 2
    Paper 2

    Seasons will give us access to

    Rock 3
    Paper 3...

    And some players are wondering why they haven't made Scissors Lizard or Spock.......
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    posted a message on Adding Super powered Legendaries (Your thoughts)
    Today I have been stomping around youtube watching magic the gathering tournaments. I have never played the game before, dont have a clue about what the the fuck is going on but I did gather from glancing at articles that their are different deck types.

    there's just for an example, probably not entirely accurate names or descriptions but you have:

    deck types of varying colour, mixture of colours, how fast or slow they attack, decks that destroy the minions, decks that try to outlast the opposing player, or you can choose from a huge pool of minions to decide which ones work together the best based on abilites etc.

    it does not seem likely that their is any best in slot cards for your deck, or that there is a best deck to play

    I think this is how it should be for D3; not likely that there is any best in slot items to find no a best character to play.

    its rock paper scissors on a grand scale. ideally

    its a back and forth ebb and flow peak and valley system where you find gear that creates more peaks and valleys and find monsters that expose more strengths and weaknesses and build classes that bring positives and negatives to a party and to a boss fight

    in this respect I feel the game has alot of room for improvement becuase these peaks and valleys are beginning to sprout now here and there

    and in respect to items specifically there is even more room for improvement and peaks and valleys are just barely being planted.

    this is my personal observation with how the item system has unfolded over the past few years, and why I refer to it without saying so directly this landscape of items should be a rich valley of chess games yearning for a few drops of water, and its basically a barren shit-hole.

    its a shithole for how lush the valley could be and is not. not that the work they have done up to this point is not very very large scale.

    they are on the motherfucking precipice to be sure...

    three cheers for item flavour or new items that are interesting and a few boos for "OP best in slot for any class nonsense..."


    Oh yea i forgot to mention. the guy above me mentioned that BiS will always exist. but if the game was planned out more thoroughly as in multitude of roles functions and challenging monster types it would usher in new items and item flavour and class flavour to counteract those differences. if your game is full of "creatures with life" and "dps" is the only yardstick....well.....yea unfortunately it seems BiS will rear it's fat head....if that makes sense..
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    posted a message on t6 anarch + excutionar + archer level. time to leave the game and remake!
    This is the goal of the game. The goal is to provide a larger span of challenges rather than a smaller one

    then the designers have the ability to say "we built a great big challenging game, and you the player simply got lost in the woods. enjoy."

    Of course unquestionably a "sweet spot" must be found in terms of pack composition and challenge. But the sweet spot has to be a sweet spot among the entire player base really. and it has to be found by players, not given to them by default.

    their has to be challenges to all types of players, ideally. so in effect it would be either a large sweet spot or multiple sweet spots waiting to be found.

    if the makers of the game provide a big enough playground, all the different players should be happy. if they build it big enough then it dumps the onus on the players to find the appropriate area. If they provide few options then more players will feel frustrated; they would feel funnelled into a wood chipper while a select few would enjoy it and thrive many would not.

    this pushes the concept of arcade mode in grand turismo, Ultra rapid fire mode in LoL, and brawling in D3. Even though brawling is not very popular among players, there are groups of players who enjoy it and excel in it and go out of their way to walk that path and be dominant. it's their playground. No surprise people want more and bigger PvP no surprise players clamoured to have "players 8" built back into the game. but brawling is better than nothing at all. They want more.

    As soon as I jumped into brawling when it was released. a bunch of guys beat the fuck out of me non stop because i got to lazy and stupid chewing through tens of thousands of act 3 skeletons...it was awesome! I was back to the drawing board!

    if they have scarce areas in the game and the monsters kick the shit out of players, and the players grow tired. the game designers, ideally, should be able to say "go to another spot in the game." as in maybe lower the difficulty or improve your character

    so its a balancing act on the designers part to build lots of areas, lots of monsters and (character building options) and build a sporatic range of difficulty for those nail biting experiences. having a game were any build mows down monsters and having a game were only a very very select few can hope to live both pale in comparison to having a well planned scope of progress.

    if they stop short and players run into "limited areas" or limited monsters or a limited range of challenge that is either a large surplus of to easy monsters or a huge blob of impossible monsters which result in do hard of spikes of difficulty to to long of a span of boredom.. it takes away from the quality of the game

    fingers crossed its all put together with grace.

    these reduced or scarce "spans of variation" are not good in this case. and yes on the flip side a huge nasty dump of extreme difficulty is not good either.....
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    posted a message on Would you like to be able to turn smart loot off?
    Turning it on and off I feel would be a pretty jarring way to offer people choice in the game

    imagine if sliders were in the option screen or a toggle switch....in contrast to if there was buffs or quests or something that produced or persuaded gear towards a players preference?

    maybe items or skill points or a wild new system or area or NPC that was used to persuade certain gear?

    all of the above give the players some control over items found. some are graceful some are absolutely not.

    it just seems jarring to think of a setting in the options about what type of gear you get along side other options.

    Not saying that that is specifically what is being cheered for, but just food for thought....

    Exactly what items are found I feel is supposed to be the ultimate mystery and discovery in a players entire time with the game, and I feel that the design of it is right in line with the other IMHO absolute most delicate and important aspects; it just seems tied to the hip of exactly what the items are how they affect a character, how many there are, etc....

    I'm glad I dont have to make the choice....lol.....but if i did, id treat the player base like royalty. because after all. its the GMs job to keep the players interested in the campaign....and I dont think all players are satisfied the same way.

    Didn't Princess Di say something along the lines of "......everywhere I go, I smell fresh paint......"
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    posted a message on It really is time for Blizzard to stop being lazy.
    ^ This post here reminded me of time spent in the late nineties playing final fantasy 3(6), marching back and forth in that goddamn dinosaur forest for at least 60 hours.....wow...them memories........
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    posted a message on The Future of Diablo 3
    Quote from shaggy
    Quote from Shurgosa

    Nice video. It's sad to see so many thought provoking ideas generated by mere players of the game, and not ever come anywhere even remotely close to being implemented. even the most simple and straightforward concepts such as "more choices" "more intriguing adventures when level capped" "MORE" character development and personalization...

    ..just the most common sense solutions to problems...nowhere to be found except on paper and in video......discussed by me and millions of other "man children" while wolfing down pizza pops...looking for bugged and useless items in game.......just mind blowing......
    You should organize these man children (aka armchair developers) and start your own studio and make your own games.

    Since clearly you know what you're doing.
    I know how to describe my feelings about a game series I grew up playing and idolizing that has since been abandoned by every person I grew up enjoying the series with.

    Im certainly not a professional game developer. I spend 90% of my free time enjoying roleplaying games, I'm in no rush to spend 90% of my working time fighting to create them.

    You say the phrase "armchair developers" as if actual game developers do not litter the internet. And that actual professional developers do not hate certain aspects of Diablo 3.

    You say it like only an actual professional game developer can even attempt to describe an idea about a roleplaying game that is subjectively tantalizing.

    I'd imagine I could name any actual gaming professional or gaming company in the world and you would not be impressed and consider 100% of their efforts to pale in comparsion to those of the company that made this thing:


    and dropped it into the game with a smile on their face while doing cartwheels to the bank.

    if you are going to insinuate that I and countless others whom I was referring to are so unfit to critique a video game adopted by millions, of course I'm going to toss a picture your way of fucking lame example of work done by a company that earns billions of dollars in profit.

    either you will still cling to that picture saying its a cool legendary for a level 60 zone, and many characters should be so lucky and eager to find and use it,

    say its a one in a million happening, having such shitty stats, and is not a fair example of the quality of drops

    or say that its a tiny example of stupidity in a massive game that earns alarmingly rampant praise from all but the most grizzled and hateful critics. if you did not say one of those three above phrases than I fear you and I are in agreement and have not described our thoughts correctly to each-other....
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    posted a message on On Enchanting Legacy Gear (Repost)
    Quote from damage424

    I'm really starting to feel the enchanting legacy items is being blown out of the water.

    Would I have liked to enchant some current gear or enchant some items from my stash? Sure, it would be fun experimenting early on, having fun, then run train on monsters.

    But apart of me feels like this is turning into a huge distraction. There are plenty of things to address and I'm not sure exerting all this energy on enchanting legacy items is worth it. The main idea behind it is simple, just make loot 2.0 epic, and most people will shrug off legacy items.

    We already ran how many hours with a witching hour? Just make the new loot as epic. Easier said then done, but hey I'm not the one making a fortune for making the game, I'm the guy giving you money to hopefully deliver me an epic game. A
    I think people are angry at the philosophy. I think those angry after having discovered the trick to create wildly overpowered level 60 items will get angry and their anger has no weight. I think that's why they made this rule, to cut the legs off of those tricksters. so in that respect its OK to put in a hard fast rule

    But it does not address the underlying model of the game.

    They keep resetting the gear. first they design legendaries during development. and they fucking SUCK. Then the redesign them, and a very small portion of them surge past the rest in terms of power. Many still completely suck. Then trifecta gear absolutely steamrolls all other gear, all other gear sucks then they roll out "demonic Essence gear" which is kind fun to chase after for a while. but 90% of all the crafting still sucks from the beginning.

    So now whats their next plan? lets take 100% of all the items ever generated pre patch, and 100% of peoples interest in the game voraciously tracking these items down and ban them from our next "gear block" which also happens to be the most interesting one. It includes the brand new enchanting system.

    it just seems like FFS....they are the "game masters" overseeing our table top adventure....so....get with it and master the fucking game. It seems like they are zig zagging all over the place with out a clue in the world. as if they have never made a world consuming large scale online rolepayign game before. except they have. probably more than once LOL.

    TLDR: IMHO rah rah ****ing bullsh**t!! /angry !!
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