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    Some interesting Monk changes. And
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    The following is about Monk skills.

    In no particular order:

    1) Skill activation queueing needs to be revised for Spirit spenders (0 cooldown ones).
    The primary reason I tend to avoid skills like Lashing Tail Kick is because their activations are unreliable.
    To reproduce, hold left-click and attack some elite with a Spirit generator and try activating a spirit spender - it might or might not activate.
    If you are a fellow forumite and want to know more about skill queueing, see "GDC 2013: Through the Grinder" video.

    From my experience, Monk is the only char having this problem.
    Technically, it's not a bug but a minor design flaw - that's why it belongs here.

    2) Blinding Flash, Breath of Heaven, Serenity, Inner Sanctuary.
    All of the above have similar functionality in terms of what player uses them for, and first three have somewhat similar visual effects.
    And that's a good chunk of Monk skills.
    After spending much time playing with them, I feel like their effects should be more varied and/or more pronounced (visually or otherwise).

    Some wild improvement ideas:
    2a) Rework and merge Breath of Heaven and Blinding Flash.
    No, really - why not? :)
    And yeah, I know that not all rune effects will survive the merge. For the better, imho.
    2b) Serenity - Instant Karma. "50% of all attacks are reflected back"
    Honestly, I'm still not sure how good is 50%. I'd rather had it apply a debuff on attackers to get a better feeling of control.

    3) Mystic Ally.
    3a) While it might have fine stats on paper, imho it's usefulness could be communicated better.
    Ex. more visual feedback on kills (explody deaths), burning attacks, etc.
    3b) Allies would be more popular/interesting if they provided more slight buffs to attacks of a player.
    Ex. On Hit bonuses - some burning DoT for Fire, Slow debuff for Water, chance for a direct smaller Spirit gain for Air, chance for Stun for Earth, not sure about Eternal.
    With On Hit bonuses it would lead to experimentation with debuff application methods (ex. Crippling Wave).

    4) Dodge.
    Exact Dodge bonus benefits from skills could be communicated better. I was among the frustrated, when I learned how little skills gave me on their own.
    In practice, temporary Dodge bonuses feel too insignificant to be bothered.

    5) Deadly Reach.
    5a) I'd remove Scattered Blows for another rune that would make Monk powerfully move forward about 5-10 yards with each 3rd strike.
    5b) Also it would look cool if Deaths caused by this skill would send monster corpses flying backwards.

    6) Tempest Rush.
    Rune that pulls enemies in as you move could be fun. Especially when combined with AoE skills.
    Line them up, take them down.
    Should combo well with Deadly Reach.

    7) Dashing Strike.
    This skill should not fail if you misclick the enemy.
    Either you hit it or not.
    Not some irritating short jump forward.

    You could be able to Dash to empty space, but with some cooldown if you miss the enemy.

    8) Exploding Palm.
    It should not try to execute against a monster that just died (I guess, effect of queueing)
    That loss of Spirit for nothing is irritating.

    8a) I'd like a rune to apply it from a medium distance. Even with a lesser effect.
    8b) Strong Spirit rarely worth it. Too rarely. I'd try increasing the radius, even if it would feel exploity in some areas. Didn't try it with latest update yet.

    9) Mantra of Evasion - Divine Protection.
    90 seconds is way too long to bother. Should be less than Near Death Experience imho (currently at 60 sec cooldown). I'd try it more if it was 25-35 secs.

    10) Mantra of Evasion - Perseverance.
    Too situational to be useful. It's not like you could switch skills on the fly.
    Currently doesn't seem to worth a skill slot.

    11) Sweeping Wind.
    I'd merge Master of Wind with Inner Storm.
    Both their description give the idea of a neverending wind vortex.
    From my experience, however, Inner Storm is useful only if you try to go with perma-TR. Feel worthless otherwise as it takes more than 25 seconds just to pay for itself.
    With Master of Wind it's bonus would seem more natural imho.

    12) Fists of Thunder - Bounding Light
    Needs more visual feedback.
    And I'd rather have it release forking chains on third strike, or shorter chains on each.

    13) Lack of interesting/game changing Passives.
    What it says.

    Some wild ideas:
    13a) Monks have a lot of skills applying Slow. Some +5% to crit against slowed enemies would look interesting.
    13b) If monster dies from a Primary skill (Spirit generator), have a good chance to jump to another mob and hit it. Can cause chain reaction.
    13c) Slow monster (move and attack speed) for 1 sec on each succesful Dodge (melee attacks only).
    13d) Each time you get healed via ability you receive a bonus to Dodge for 3 secs. Tradeoff here is that it uses a skill slot.
    13e) Add 6% of your weapon damage as holy damage to your attacks. Again, tradeoff here is that it uses a skill slot.
    13f) Each time cooldown of any (?) of your abilities ends, recieve a bonus (dam, crit, or tiny blind, etc.) to your next attack. Visual effect would be important.
    13g) Activating a Spirit spender (0 cooldown ones) skill gives a temporary sizeable bonus to Spirit regen. Idea is to promote spending Spirit on low cost skills, while making hard to reach enough Spirit to use a higher cost skill.


    I guess, that's all for now.
    It's late around here. :)
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