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    I play every season to get the pets but not as a competitive thing, mostly solo, but I don't spend tons of time on forums/websites so excuse me if these are dumb/already answered:

    1. why isn't there an easy keypress combo to compare the moused-over gear item with what my Follower has equipped currently? It seems easy to me for the devs to have [ctrl][alt] combo compare the item under the mouse with that slot item on my follower...

    2. why aren't there any mods or plugins for D3? I'd love a realtime DPS meter, or a gear optimizer like Mr.Robot or something similar.


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    posted a message on Messages From Hell: The Future of Diablo III
    IMO the game was ruined by two things:

    1. DRM requiring a full-time Internet connection which screws people on laptops wanting to play during traveling
    2. RMAH which completely screwed the game economy causing SO MUCH inflation in game that no one can afford to gear up

    They have no idea how many subscriptions they lost by not sticking to the tried-and-true: single-player game with phat lewtz and BA bosses...I won't be buying the upgrade FWIW.
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