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    posted a message on Is Blizzard working on a new Diablo III character?
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    i just removed the link from this post as we already had this 2 days ago on our frontpage.


    And relating to the discussion we will see it when it is finished. You know Blizzard is taking the time they need to develop something new. In my personal opinion it could be Diablo Part 4 I don't think they will develop an addon for RoS.

    Considering how much Blizzard has invested into RoS (4 patches, each one with a good deal of content), as well as the fact that it is not yet time for D4 (The Nephalem haven't seperated/died/retired, so we would continue to be the Nephalem, so why the fuck would you make a new game with these characters), and the fact that D3 has multiple plot points going on (Valor into Wrath, Diablo the Prime still out and about)... It does not make sense to make D4. Spin-off? Sure. D4? No.

    Ros has been dead for 3 seasons, deal with it. They're making Diablo 4, d3 is an epic fail played by either casual noobs or botters
    and you are the kind of person who drive away most player with your stupid behavoir, D3 ain't dead, just because it's not what you want it to be doesn't mean it's dead :\ stop pretending your the center of the universe and maybe you'll notice a whole lot of people are still playing this game on and off, just because they are not playing this game 24/7 365 days a years mean they are not playing at all :\ man i'm sick of seeing you complain on every topic their is, if you hate the game so much GET THE FUCK OFF AND DON'T COME BACK :\
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    posted a message on How Do I Make The Most Of Bane Of The Stricken?

    you are aware he is talking about striken and not trapped right?

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    posted a message on So we must play seasons to gain more Stash space?

    jesus christ .... this is getting ridiculous :\ ...some Non-Season player will simply NEVER be happy no matter what unless Season get completely removed from the game :\

    first you complained about Seasonal Exclusive that you got at the end of the season instead of the beginning of it. After that some of you started to complain that Non-Seasonal was dying because of the damn season now that they remove seasonal exclusivity you find something else to complain about????

    it's not hard season journey is simply a few achievement to go, like reach lvl 70, get X amount of gold, complete GR X lvl, level X ammount of gem to level Y .... basically you can be done with the entire season journey thing in like a week or two, once it's done, if you so hate season just delete the damn character and continue on your non seasonal and get it over with :\

    it seems to me not only the diablo community but the entire gaming community is filled with toxic behavior and a community of cry babie that want everything handed to them as soon as they start complaining :\

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    posted a message on Bring us back the old good days.

    why, you miss the days you could simply buy your entire set of gear from gold farmer?????

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    posted a message on Death's breath goblin maybe?

    I'd say, add DB to drop from GR would help a lil, maybe not 50, but something like 10-15 like you would normally get while runninga normal rift would be nice

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    posted a message on Ideal 2.2 IK Whirlwind weapons?

    ancient IKBB should be waited till the patch hits live though, as the ancient damage on it is not retroactive. and the main reason you want IKBB is to be able to have 6piece IK + 4piece Wrath of the Waste

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