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    posted a message on Mastering All The Set Dungeons - Build Guides, Videos, Rankings And Tips!

    Thanks for these guides, very helpful. Most of your skill selection was spot on. I used slightly different gearing on most of them though.

    I ran into a couple of bugged dungeons along the way :

    Raiment would fail me for not getting to the chest on random pylon clicks with nemesis bracers. Even on the first pylon! Had to eventually just hope the first 2 pylons I clicked did not fail me and rush to the chest without clicking others.

    Immortal Kings was acting weird with the standard Raekor+IK charge build. Even though I had WotB & Ancients out killing elites would fail me, once I didn't have WotB on while killing an elite and it did not fail me... Swapped to your gear setup and it was fine after that. Might have been the Raekor messing it up.

    Sunwuko failed me for going to 1 stack of sweeping wind.

    Dungeons I recommend to take friends with to help kill off the remaining mobs once your objectives are complete :

    Ulianas . Jade . Rolands . Wastes . Raekor . Delseres . Raiment .

    I found these ones pushed me to the time limit every time I tried them, they are possible solo with a really good monster layout. With a friend they can be done on the first time if you know how to get the objectives.

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    posted a message on Seasonal without DLC

    Whoever buys the expansion can access Adventure mode and bounties. You will not be able to invite your lv60 friend to adventure mode. Both of you will need the expansion for this.

    You will be able to play with him in story mode, he can join your lv70 story mode game, and you can drop him -level requirement items if you find them. You will only be able to make up to Torment 6 game for people below lv70.

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    posted a message on Legacy weapon reroll

    I have reforged a S3 Wand of Woh to an ancient with the new added bonus dmg on my off season character about 2 weeks ago.

    Most items that only got a bonus +%dmg increase can be reforged. 1 of the DH items did not work for me when I reforged, can't remember as it was first day of patch but I think it was Bombardiers.

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    posted a message on Your preferred method of TX rifting?

    1) Rush and fight elites only


    2) Open chests


    3) Pick up non legendary stuff like mats, salvage fodder

    DB only

    4) Pick up orange progress orbs from elite packs


    5) Close the rift immediately after guardian or go till the end

    Go till the end, only farming for DB atm, got a huge stash of keys already.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4 Retroactive sets?


    All set effects will be retroactive.

    Some legendaries can just be reforged.

    Some you will need to find again.

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    posted a message on Legendary Gem - Boyarsky's Chip (Video)
    Quote from Ljunglof»

    500% of your vit as thorns how can that be 50k?

    Average vit will be 10 000, similar to main stat. 500% = 5x, so 50k. With the passive its +100k to your detail screen.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 ROS Awfull FPS on solid laptop

    Check graphics settings. You will need to set everything to lowest first.

    Tick off antialiasing. Tick off reflections. Tick off vertical sync. Tick on low fx.

    Set shadows to off. Set textures to low. Set physics to low. Set clutter to off.

    Set max foreground frames to 100, and ticked on.

    For background frames, i normally set it low, but it shouldn't matter since that is when you are alt-tabbed in windows.

    Now go in game and if its smooth you can start turning some of the settings back up.

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    posted a message on Set Dungeons difficulty?

    There is a non-standard difficulty based on the most recent dungeon I tried.

    UE Dungeon :

    Elites have a 1 hit KO of Jailer. Twice while trying to round up mobs to get the more than 20 per Multishot have they done 1 hits.

    From 2 different dungeons mob life is around 20~30mil so it feels easier than t6.

    Edit : To find the dungeons and hints yourself : go to the new Leorics Manor area and there is a new pedestal with a book on it that will drop hints depending on the 6pc you are currently wearing.

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    posted a message on An arrow will now indicate the location of the Keywarden if you are in a zone where one is present

    Just tested this and there is a purple arrow when about 2 screens away from the Keywarden.

    All the portals and mats for hellfire have been changed to keep similar naming : Regret, Putridness, Terror, Fright

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    posted a message on OK where's the set dungeons at???

    So I'm reading the clues from Diablofans, but where in game do you get these clues?

    I've completed the Shadow's Mantle Set perfectly and it said so while I was still in the set dungeon.

    It doesn't TP you out of the dungeon after you are complete though, and now I need some sort of indication somewhere or someone that I can talk to to show that its complete....

    Or are we supposed to remember all ±18 set dungeons that we have/haven't completed?

    Edit : If you fail the set dungeon just walk back to the entrance and use the green portal and you can enter again instead of having to get to a specific place from town all over again.

    You cannot change items or skills inside a set dungeon.

    Edit 2 : Found it!!

    There is a bookstand in the new area of Leorics Manor that will drop a hint for whichever 6 piece set you are wearing. To see the green portals you need to be wearing your 6pc.

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    posted a message on RIP system, you will be missed.

    Its just a windows issue or ram issue if you are able to boot until windows tries loading/doing stuff.

    Take a HDD with some space (±30gb) and have only that one plugged in. Install windows onto that. If it fails during install its most likely a stick of ram has gone bad. If it installs then switch off, plug in the SSD, but keep the HDD booting to the new windows. Get all your data you need off the old windows SSD then format it. You can then try to reinstall windows onto the SSD and have everything set up the way it was. Maybe (after pulling the SSD out and finding the model) search how to check consistency of your SSD so you can find out how much life it still has in it.

    From there its up to you. Your hardware sounds okay and will run everything quite fine for a long time still. There was some pretty good advice earlier on different parts if you are looking for some upgrades.

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    posted a message on CDR/RCR?

    Prides Fall to Cindercoat :

    -1x Defensive Stat

    +1x %Fire Element Stat

    Changes 23~30 RCR from (5s no dmg) to permanent.

    RCR + CDR should still be the same.

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    posted a message on The "help me" thread - Post here your build/gear questions.

    @Orangeshield : The Etrayu should come out on top based on those 2 in the screenshot. The 5% attack speed on the Buriza is not as useful as the %cold from the Etrayu.

    You will end up with lower base damage but with a higher elemental damage and faster attack speed.

    I have no idea how well the pierce works on the Buriza though, doesn't work on rockets/grenades/cluster arrow/evasive fire so I find it does nothing.

    @timoseewho : 2h Xbow has the highest base damage on the weapon out of all the bows and xbows.

    eg the Calamity above : 1473~2390 Damage

    Buriza (Yours) : 2493~3049 Damage

    Using the same skill (CA) the Calamity can never get a crit as high as the Buriza (not factoring in MfD) as the damage is not even as high as the Buriza's lowest damage. The 1h's and bows gives you more attack speed to make up for the damage loss per shot.

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    posted a message on Physical Cluster - The Ultimate Solo DH Build + Math + Video (Tier 52)

    Hi guys,

    Hope some of you can help/recommend as I have a few items combos I could use.

    First my DH : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ninjatsu-1322/hero/48660360

    Currently running a standard Cold Cluster with Etrayu + Hexing. Using Travelers + Compass for some awesome looking CHC/CHD(50/560) numbers.

    Options of Weapon : Aracane Barb / Etrayu / Calamity (all ancient + gift)

    Ring : SoJ (Cold/Phys) / Unity (CHD/Cooldown+Socket, no main)

    Amulet : Haunt Of Vaxo. Other comparable ones are current Travelers and a lightning Etlich/Blackthornes.

    No available Prides Fall yet, and I like the stutter step of Hexing.

    I have not spent much time on solo grifts since before 2.1.2, ancients and the marauder change. I managed a 40 back then to get onto leaderboard and have just left it since then.

    Ran a few solo grifts during PTR and was doing 44s with ease, with the broken promises + SoJ and running Phys CA. 1 or 2 deaths a grift without the unity.

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    posted a message on New Goblins in next patch

    "The Gelatinous Sire splits into smaller goblins, the Gilded Baron helps satisfy your never-ending greed for gold, and the Insufferable Miscreant has friends to help him run interference."

    Sounds like the blue one splits into smaller goblins, most likely only 1 of them is going to drop loot.

    Gold one is going to rain gold.

    The final one sounds like its going to spawn elites/mobs to delay us. This might slow you down when you find a goblin party and a few of these are hiding inside.

    We will be able to see how they really work once the PTR is up. With the new ones the chance at finding a shard goblin is lower.

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