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    posted a message on Comming back to D3, are these items still useful?

    Hey guys, its been too long since Iv set foot into D3, and im downloading it as we speak.

    Do any one these items is still useful? Which one is the best build I can work these out?

    (PS: items spread between DH and Monk, but I wish to play DH more than monk)

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    posted a message on Diablo CAN become an ESPORT without touching PVE, read!
    Taken from my topic in the official WoW forums

    So I am want to try and make this quick, idk if I will be able to do it but i'll try!!

    There should be ARENA PvP in diablo, like there is in WoW, the thing that has been preventing it from happening is the PvE, because it would change the game so much and everything wouldnt be as fun as it is, well, then how we change it?

    Make it so PvP characters are created apart from normal D3 toons, like an option to choose when creating a character (softcore, hardcore or pvp)

    First off, all PvP toons are instantly lvl 60, and you can only create a PvP toon if you have already a lvl 60 of that said class in your characters, which means you can only have a maximum of 5 PvP toons per account.

    Second, there would be no Paragon in PvP, which means lvl 60 is max and that is it.
    PvP toons should spawn when created at a different area, like a big city with a lot of vendors and every single PvP player should be there, in this city there must be:
    -Arena team creator NPCs
    -Queue NPCs
    -A lot of space
    * lets talk a little about vendors, all vendors must sell items pre-set items that have wanted stats for PvP, players should be able to choose between these items which one fits their playstyle most, and gem them as they like, these items should cost 0 gold, and sell for 0 gold, and so should the gems.

    There should be seasons, just like in WoW, as well as MMR and rating, there should also be a special dye vendor, that sells different dyes for PvP gear, that can only be aquired with rating (the more rating, the more dyes you unlock)

    Being top X rated in each season should give special vanity rewards for the PvP character that player has, such as Nice colored Wings (or whatever blizzard can think of), as well as a Title, something similar to Gladiator in WoW.

    PvP balance should be, sometimes, different from PvE balance (but not much so we dont have a whole different game, just some % here, some +- there, just enough to have the game balanced)

    I could go deep here, but I am really sleepy, I hope you guys like my ideas, and Blizzard's devs or something read this and maybe we have a shot at having another good Esport by Blizzard.

    Thanks for all the reading!


    If you like it please show some support in the thread, I think there wont be much in the official forums x.x
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