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    I'm sure this video has been posted thousands of time before, but almost all of the questions behind it do not have a clear answer.

    My favorite part is at 5:20 when Jay says that loot is the most important of the game. Pure comedic gold...

    What happened to being able to climb ladders and using abilities to travel otherwise inaccessible gaps? Did Activision force Blizzard to cut all that content so the game could get released early, or was it just pushed aside for the expansion.
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    By decree of our Lord and Savior Jaysus Wilson

    1.Thou shall not have any fun unless thou has spent 2500 dollars or more at the RMAH
    2.Thou shall not farm any other Acts besides Act 3.
    3.Thou shall not recieve the promised Team PVP until Hell hath frozen over
    4.Thou class shall recieve a nerf every patch unless thou plays a Barbarian
    5.Thou shall not use the blacksmith for anything useful
    6.Thou shall recieve Strength on thee Quivers and Int on thee Mighty Belts until the end of time.
    7.Thou shall not loot an awesome drop unless thee gets SIX NV stacks.
    8.Thou shall not recieve Charms, Runes, or any other promised content until the expansion, which will cost 60 dollars.
    9.Thou shall love Diablo 3's story and admit it is better than Diablo 1 and 2's combined.
    10.Fuck that loser.

    The creator hath spoken, follow these sacred laws or suffer the consequences of broken promises and Reflect Damage mobs.
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    Quote from Vooodu

    So Diablo 3 went from this..


    To barely 1/4 of what the hyped up the game to feature. It has barely 1/4 of what D2 had.

    Amazing.. Really if you watch those videos and see what we all actually ended up with. W T F happen?

    Was it all removed so that could just sell a bunch of expansion packs?

    W T F happened..???

    Those videos make the game look so awesome.. I WANT THAT GAME!!!...lol

    I doubt any of this content will make it in the expansion pack. The content that got cut was probably "not up to Blizzard standards" HAHAHA :hehe:
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    Was Diablo 3 made bad on purpose so it didn't overshadow WoW? Sure feels like it these days.
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