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    posted a message on A little walk to The Den of Evil (In Starcraft 2 !)

    After nearly 3 years of hard work, i made my own diablo game on the powerful Stacraft 2 map editor.

    A Alpha-Version will come (soon) on battle.net.

    Thx for diablofans.com support and all other source.
    This is just the beginning...
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    posted a message on Diablo3 Deleted Version of 2005 is now live!(LinkVideo)
    Im working very hard on this project (about 3 years), its comming slowy in alpha stage!



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    posted a message on [Starcraft2 in Diablo2] A New mods for Sc2! Check this out!
    This is a Multiplayer Hack and Slash RPG mods for Stacraft2 Bnet 2.0.
    (Estimate Release date, around Q1 2013)

    Diablo: The curse of Tristram RPG v(alpha stage)

    Official and Updated Information Forum at http://community.tristramrpg.com

    • 6x Heros
    • 6x Acts (each Act = one map)
    • Around 90xItemPreFix
    • Around 90xItemSuffix
    • Randomized Item generator system with Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique
    • Randomized map events
    • Semi-Randomized Terrain system (2D with 3D)
    • Save/Load
    • LadderBoard with Season
    • Day/Night engine
    • Fast Action Hack and Slash Gameplay with mouse shooting
    • Unique Skill system with a new approch
    • For now, 6xPlayers
    • Party system (or just play alone)
    • Hardcore mode availible with a different ladderboard season and special reward
    • Softcore and Hardcore players can play together
    • Copy/Paste of Diablo II controls (F1-F2-F3 for skill and 1-2-3-4-5 for potion)
    • Item system requirement to balance the game
    • Unique Custom User Interface easy to use
    • Inventory system (Equip, Sell, Drop, Move, Cancel)
    • Check items on the ground by holding Alt Key like Diablo and Grab them
    • Each players see what items dropped, so yes, you can ninja!
    • PvP Duel
    • Unique Diablo1 and Diablo2 Sounds imported
    • Some Custom World of Warcraft models imported (monster)
    • Randomized Shop system
    • Quest User interface system
    • A Nice Story-line
    • Tons of Diablo2 Stats Formula used (Defense rating/ Stg / Dex / Energy / Vitality / chance to hit etc..)
    • Randomized Item Drop system
    • MagicFind item bonus
    • Randomized ennemy (with boss and their minions)
    • Experience system, max lvl 99
    • A Ennemy scale system depending how many players are in the game
    • Blood
    • and more...
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