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    posted a message on How much internet speed required for diablo 3 in INDIA?
    Any "standard" broadband connection should be ok for D3. Your only problem may be latency; the further you are from the server the more issues you may experience (ie rubberbanding, etc). To avoid these you should pick the server region that will be closest physically to you, which would likely be the European server.
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    posted a message on Can anybody explain gem prices?
    Current prices are as follows:


    Amethyst - 817,071g
    Emerald - 229,806g
    Ruby - 351,372g
    Topaz - 363,300g

    Amethyst - 2,406,392g
    Emerald - 8,928,084g
    Ruby - 6,901,717g
    Topaz - 4,100,134g

    The Americas:

    Amethyst - 10,364,676g
    Emerald - 13,142,327g
    Ruby - 15,000,000g
    Topaz - 13,000,000g

    Seems to support the theory that someone in Asia figured out how to dupe items and it leaked to Europe. Usually the NA servers are the last to get wind of stuff like this.
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