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    I've been playing since launch, and had only found one legendary (some uber low level cruddy sword) from 1-60, and getting to Inferno. Once there I grew a little tired of playing the same acts over so I took a break. I'd play periodically when new patches would come out, and now with the newest patch I am playing each day for a few hours after work.

    Day 1 of patch release I got a lowbie legendary after a couple hours of play on a lowbie toon.

    Day 2 I was on a different low level toon, and got myself another legendary, after a couple hours of play.

    (Both legendaries were useable by the class I was on, a wand for my wizard and a 2h sword for my barb)

    Few days passed (during the weekend) and no legendaries. This week I have had two Legendaries drop for my 60 DH (PL10) a cloak and a 1h crossbow, neither were anything amazing, but as always, the orange pillar of glowing goodness is still a nice sight.

    Long story short...

    I have noticed a pretty significant change in drop rates, they are more frequent (even for my low level toons who have no MF whatsoever, this was on 0 MP too, btw).

    To this day, still no set items, though.
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    I run with about 1k Lift on Hit (This really helps for all of Inferno), as well as Shadow Power/Gloom, and also drop my Guardian Turret. I use the Boar Pet. This setup works well for me, ensuring Shadow Power is kept up during the whole fight. I used to have a lot of issues with Reflect Damage as well, almost always dying to it, as my DPS/crits are relatively high.

    With the above skills I am able to survive, keep in mind of the health globes and pop a potion if needed. 12% movement speed (or more) is also good, to move back out of the way from unnecessary damage.

    Hope this helps, for anyone that encounters the dreaded Reflect Damage packs.
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