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    Is there any confirmation that the PS3/4 version will even use the same servers we use on PC?

    I think you guys are lighting the torches a little too early on this one..

    as for the "local" aspect, you probably can just go to a friends house, log in on your playstation network account, and retrieve your character from your own PS3/4.. I doubt it'll be playable "offline" at all.
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    Quote from Taisto

    Also it was nice to see a post where you are actually trying to give some ideas to people what you think blizzard should add to the game instead of just mindless flaming as the post usually tend to be x)

    Haha thanks, this is my first thread on the forum so I figured I wouldn't start out with a bad first impression..

    I really do wish the Jar of Souls were more difficult.. even though I could just crank up the MP and try to stay alive, I'd like to see some enemy diversity and some elites tossed in there to throw you off..

    It's the Jar of souls... it sounds/looks serious, so it should be taken seriously.
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    Quote from t0luene

    Although its interesting, but it can easily be botted by staying in 1 place and doing aoe abilities to kill things.
    Will actully create more problems than fun.
    If this was included as an event in certain acts it would be more fun/usefull.
    Maybe a mini-game inside of an act. once you go under the keep or in crater in ACT3 you activate a certain event, you teleport into a certain place and have to fight off minions.

    One of the technical difficulties is the number of enemies on screen and the environment cannot exceed a certain number because it will just burn too much performance and wouldn't run on every computer.
    Again, interesting idea again, sounds like a mod. A couple of the elements can however be stripped out of it and used to create the same type of gameplay.
    Happy holidays!
    Happy hunting in-game!

    Well, they've already implemented something like this in-game (i.e the Jar of Souls which gets up to 125 enemies)

    But the idea is that since it would get so progressively difficult, there's no way someone could just bot to the top.

    also, since you can only gain the xp/gold/gear once a day (potentially inefficient for farming) I don't think it would become a popular target for botters.
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    I know a lot of people are pretty stoked about the PVP blog starting, and things finally coming together..

    But, what if in the future they added a survival mode??

    I think this kind of feature would be excellent for people testing out their gear/set-up..

    Also there could be tons of possibilities for something like this regarding
    -xp gains
    -gold/gear drops

    They could start you out in a pit, sending 2 trash/1 elite pack at you from each difficulty (normal/mp1 through inferno/mp10) A timer would start after MP10 Inferno and uber bosses would spawn.

    Another idea to keep it fair would be making this a daily thing where (if you even chose to do this) you could only submit to the leaderboard once a day and you can only keep the gear/gold/xp if you submit your score.. ((since you wont have time to identify whether its a good drop or not that wouldn't flood the market with gear)).. If you play survival mode after you've submitted a score it would be for fun, or for improvement purposes..

    I know this isn't what Diablo is all about, but I thought I'd put it out there for everyone's opinion.

    If implemented, how do you think you would do? and which class do you think would do the best?
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    Quote from jrc1337

    it seems ever since all those pesky botters got banned our gold is worth more! it make sense to me.
    people were botting all day and making like 5 mill a day, do that for a week straight and sell all the cheater loot you get and im sure these people were making 100mill gold a week. now with all those botters gone it seems that gold is going up in worth, just my opinion! and i hope it keeps going up!
    That, or a lot of people have money to burn after the holidays :P
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