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    posted a message on Wormhole Blitz 2.1 wizard build idea
    It would still be nice to know exactly how this will work. Doesn't really matter if it's viable build or not. Even if it's not viable as any kind of end game build,It still might me a fun item for lower difficulties doing bounty fast runs.
    Would be nice to know if:

    A.) Wormhole rune granted from Cosmic Strand gives you an AP free teleport or not.

    B.) Does RCR reduce the 25 AP cost.
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    posted a message on Is gems the only "season" only item?
    Quote from shaggy
    I would like to believe that the best test of "skill" would be solo GRift leaderboards... and not re-leveling 1-70 every few months.
    I agree with this. But wish they would allow the GRift leaderboards to be sorted in PLvl categories too (say every 100 plvs), so you could compare yourself to others at a similar PLvl. Would help the newer players compare themselves to their peers instead of being buried under players with PLvls 400, 500 +. Not a big deal, but would be a nice breakdown to see.
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    posted a message on Patch 2.1 Demon Hunter Discussion

    I wasn't saying its not do-able. Sorry if that came off that way. I'm just thinking Shadow Set is not the ticket. Im thinking the 4pc marauder set would actually help you out more.

    This is what i'm think would be cool to try, but i'm missing some pieces to try it myself:
    Helm, Body Armor, Shoulders - Marauder 4pc bonus (Hatred regen, 10% movespd, 20% resists,etc)
    Gloves - Frostburn (for damage and freeze)
    Pants - Hexing (for damage and RCR)
    Boots - Ice Climber (for CC immunity)
    Rings - RoRG and Cold SOJ
    Weapon/Offhand - High dmg 2H X-bow + Cold/Hatred Quiver OR Calamity + Kmar
    Ammy - Cold trifecta (maybe new hellfire)
    Bracer - Cold Repear Wrap
    Belt - Sash of Knives (for FoK boost plus this has RCR)

    If you go with calamity/kmar switch out MfD rune to Mortal Enemy
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    posted a message on Patch 2.1 Demon Hunter Discussion
    Quote from BrowntownTown

    Here's the build I was thinking of.


    Both Vengeance FTS and RoV FS should proc strongarm bracers and Cull the weak for a good damage buff on top of +%elemental. Use a Windforce to keep strafe costs down, or dual 1hand Xbows for faster hatred regen (though with 5 stat quivers you could get per 2 hatred regen per sec), and the knock back would proc Strongarm too (not sure if they'd knock out of shuriken range though).

    Anyways, obviously needs some testing but I'm excited!
    I tried a similar build (cold/strafe) last night with the shadow set and ran into some issues with it. One of the big problems with the shadow set is it is only 4 pieces and they are some of the most valuable slots blocking you out of other important gear needed for strafe to really shine. Even with RoRG you can only get one back, and you really need at least 2 of these slots for a good strafe build.
    Gloves - Blocks out Magefist, Frostburn
    Chest - Blocks out Cindercoat
    Pants - Block out Hexing Pants
    Boots - Blocks out Ice Climbers

    Perm Shadow power is nice, especially for strafe. But it does not break CC like smoke screen. CC , especially Jailer, KILLS strafe. And having smoke screen and Shadow power at the same time ties up too many skill slots.

    Ice climbers would fix this but then you are blocked out of Hexing Pant or Cindercoat. After the preperation nerf you really really need one of these two to even have a chance on keeping a good uptime on strafe. I had hexing pants last night +RecCostRed on 3 other gear peices and paragon and i still needed prep-punish and bat to keep strafe up. But this was with 2x 1-handers so I could use K'Mar, so maybe X-bow + quiver would help.

    I really wish they would add a fifth item to the shadow set (helm, shoulder, belt, bracer?) to open up some more options gear wise, kind of like natalya set having 4 set bouns but 5 item choices.

    Question: to someone whom has a Calamity... Does the Marked for Death use whatever rune you have selected?
    Seems like Marked for Death, Mortal Enemy would help alot with hatred regen if calamity was regularly casting it on mobs for you as you were strafing through them.
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    posted a message on PTR was accessible for about 10 seconds
    Mine just finished initializing, is downloading now, very slow though 1MB/s(US)
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    posted a message on I'm concerned about seasons.
    Also one thing people seem to forget often when comparing D2 ladder to D3 is that in D2 there was good reason to start over. This reason being you had to build/select your characters skills and attributes. To change your character build/skillset you HAD to start over. If i played a Cold Sorc for a while then wanted to switch to Fire Sorc you could wait for ladder to end and do a Fire Sorc next ladder.

    In D3 there is no reason to start over! You can change your skills and paragon stats at any time allowing you to try a new build when you get bored of your current build without having to start over. I for one do not like leveling, and I think alot of other folks would agree. Why do you think most people powerlevel their characters to 70 when they start a new alt? Because everyone wants to get into the part of the game where the real fun is. Leveling over and over again is not fun for me. Especially when there is no reason to do so! I already have several great level 70 characters that i'm quite attached to. Why the hell would I want to ditch them every 6 months to start over?
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    posted a message on I'm concerned about seasons.
    Quote from Time2Kill
    The exact same items fall in ladder and in NL games. so what are you talking about.
    Not exactly. Same base item and runes could drop in ladder and non-ladder. But certain runewords would ONLY work ladder. These runewords would not work in non-ladder.

    Also D2 ladder had ubers which dropped the hellfire torch. Ubers could not be played in non-ladder thus this item could not be acquired in non-ladder without trading for it with a character whom previously obtained one from ladder.

    These are the only 2 reasons I played D2 ladder.
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    posted a message on Your take on ladder-only items?
    Quote from rockmassif

    Same as PoE.

    Races, Seasons and Season-only legendaries are good.

    It provides a lot of replayability to the game.

    Currently you just make 6 characters and play them until you get really really bored. Since we can change builds in 10 seconds there is seriously no need to reroll the same class over and over again. But with seasons, we're gonna reroll a new character every month or so, that's amazing.
    Just because you like it doesn't mean everyone should or will though.

    Personally I much rather enjoy jumping on my awesome characters that I have spend alot of time on to kill some mobs and occasionally find a few good things. I very much dislike leveling from scratch over and over. The first time is enough for me! Starting over with no skills, no items, no runspeed, etc is not anywhere near as fun for me as playing my already awesome characters that I've worked so hard on. This is why so many people powerlevel... because they want to get it over with and get to level 70 already.

    But I completely understand some people have alot more time and burn through the game and have all 6 characters maxed out and want some thing more. So yeah give them a ladder so they can start fresh and race to the top (again... and again....and again). But why only give them exclusive access to certain items?? Just because they'd rather play a ladder when others did not?

    I still think they can come up with something much better than a ladder to keep people entertained after they have dumped a 1000+ hrs in and have nothing left to do. Ladder just seems like a cheap band-aid to me.
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    posted a message on Your take on ladder-only items?
    Quote from Slayardarklaws

    They said once the ladder season is finished, all the new legendaries will be available in the main game. Playing ladder just gives you a shot at getting them before others. What the hell are you complaining about?
    No they did not say this at all, where is everyone getting this from???

    They specifically said: "We plan on creating brand new, powerful legendaries that only drop within the season"
    So with BoA you will HAVE to play ladder to ever be able to obtain these items since they can only drop within the ladder season. This means you will only have the length of a season (6mos, guessing?) to be able to level up to 70, get your character strong enough to farm effectively, and then actually find the item(s). Keep in mind you will have no paragon points, no gold, no Gems, no crafting materials, and no hellfire rings to help you along. So if I can only play an few hours a week your basically screwed.

    If they added them to drops for non-ladder after the season is over i'd be fine with this whole thing as I can deal with waiting 6 months or so. But according to what they said, they are NOT doing that.
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    posted a message on Your take on ladder-only items?
    With BoA your are forced to play ladder/seasons if you ever want access to these items. Since we can't trade legendaries there is no "pool" to add these items too.

    They specifically said: "We plan on creating brand new, powerful legendaries that only drop within in the season"

    And since they said "powderful" I'm pretty sure they are going to be end-game / build changing items, just like the ladder only runewords were in D2.

    So if I don't want to play ladder I will never have access to these items, the only people in non-ladder with these items will be someone who already played a season/ladder to obtain them. This is the only reason i played ladder in D2 (well that and the ubers) and it was annoying because I hated the resets, and I hate starting over.

    I have no problem with them adding ladders, but if people want to start fresh and "race to the top" they shouldn't need special items to convince them to do it. As others have said, give them cosmetic rewards or an achievement. Don't give them exclusive access to items that could give them yet another edge over the people that don't have as much time or don't desire to play in a ladder
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Practice Dummies
    Great idea/suggestion. I would love to have something like this. Would save me alot of time, currently for most skill testing I use the cave of the betrayer by beating on the stationary slime barfing walls with a low level weapon. Would be cool if you could click on the dummies and set their HP amount to whatever you want.
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    posted a message on Your take on ladder-only items?
    Real bummed about this decision too. I'm all for adding ladders, the really competitive guys that play 1,000s of hours need something like this to keep the game alive for them. But I am very much against ladder only items, as it will most likely irritate everyone else that doesn't have that kind of time.

    Looks to me like they couldn't come up with something interesting enough to get people to play a ladder so they just got lazy and went the D2 route, and are gonna dangle the damn "ladder only item carrot" in front of our faces to get us all to play it.

    Really blows for someone who doesn't have alot of time to play. Which will be my case in few months when my wife has our first child (which is a good thing don't get me wrong). At least the way it is right now even if my play time is real low, I have the chance of eventually finding end game items. It may take me a year or two but ill get them someday. With a ladder/season i may never have enough time to even level high enough and get strong enough to start finding the good stuff since the season will probably end before i get that far.
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    posted a message on And then there was 700.
    Congrats man.

    On a side note. I wasn't aware you could get experience in the scorched chapel. I assume you get some XP when you killed your friend? I thought Blizzard disabled that a long time ago (at least with pets anyway).
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    posted a message on Fan of Knives build! Try something new!
    Actually ambush can be pretty nice for certain builds. Using a high damage skill, such as something like fan of knives or cluster arrow, If you are almost 1 shotting things, ambush will push you right over that edge. This allows you to clear alot of trash mobs in 1 hit, which let you save more hatred for the big guys.

    Cool build BTW, i have the belt (although currently not wearing it) so i'll definitely give it a shot.
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    posted a message on Cindercoat and election of a weapon..
    Congrats on the find. I've always been a big CA -LFB fan. Can't wait till i find one too.

    On the weapon, you may just want to try them all out. I found a nice new manticore and it was a huge damage boost but i swapped down to something else because i cannot stand how damn slow 2h crossbows are. It's not even the resource generation for me, it's the damn attack animation take so long and it just bothers me. So personally i prefer a regular bow or 1h xbow. But i will say the 2h xbow with CA - LFB does hit HARD.
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