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    posted a message on World Rank 1 - Solo DH Tier 45 (no pylons)
    Quote from mrtom31
    Have you already try with ?
    I tested it and it's not bad. I mean your build proc a lot with "on hit" features.

    The bad things is you loose a main stats. You have to be lucky for a good roll with lighnting + IAS + CHD + AS (rerolled to socket).
    has anyone tried this with Zei's with the lv25 on hit stun? was wondering if u can stun lock everything. and also this seems to be one of those builds where you can run away pretty far/kite, so the zei's dmg effect could work well.
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    posted a message on Monk 2.1 Discussion
    can anyone link to me to the thread that shows the internal attack speeds of the monk's spirit generators?
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    posted a message on Al must see OP Jade WD gameplay.
    Quote from Jaetch

    You've flooded the official wizard and WD forums with this. You then flooded the official General forum multiple times with this same type of post. And if I remember correctly, a couple of your posts there got BURIED on the General forum (that's some achievement). Now you're posting the same thing on Diablofans. Enough already.

    It's not all that unknown that witch doctor sets are crazy. It's not even Jade. Have you seen Pet doctors with 15x Fetishes each landing crits for 20M? That's without cooldown Jade doctors have to deal with. And that's not counting TMF dogs landing crits upward of 100M per hit. My subpar Pet doctor can down T6 Ghom in approximately 15 seconds. One of my clan mates with a better geared Pet doctor kills T6 Ghom in approximately 7 seconds.

    Have you seen Shotgun Crusaders? Three beams instant 60M per shot for 180M total on elites per cast. Cast. Not per second. That's more per second considering most have >1 APS. Also without cooldown. Full Akkhan set with CDR means near perma-Champ status for even more eDPS. Jade doctors aren't even the best out there nowadays. Flashy 500-700M nukes every 10 seconds without GI kicking in, whoopee.

    If you feel like one-shotting elites, you can do the same with Harrington Archon wizards. Initial explosion is usually more than enough to down any elite pack on T6.

    Source: I have both a Jade and Pet doctor. I can one-shot T6 elites with solo Archon. Clan mates with end-game Pet and Jade doctors. Rimeheart monks. Shotgun Crusaders. Full Marauder DHs.
    there are "end game" builds that can do T6 well for almost all classes, as listed above.
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    posted a message on Fire Pet Build vs Physical Pet Build
    Quote from Melas_EU

    Quote from Spiralphoenix5
    Quote from Casmiel616

    Since 2.05, the entire Fetish Army (even the dagger-wielding ones) deal elemental damage according to their rune.
    Do you have a source for this? Personal testing, or...? I would probably switch to a fire based build if this is true, but I can't find any other information saying this is the case.
    It's certainly true. Like with every other spell in the game, the rune determines the elemental dmg. Using Fire on your gear - you can use the tiki torchers which turns the whole army to fire dmg. But be aware that every new spawned fetish of the passive (sycophants) replaces one of the army and the passive fetishes ONLY DEAL PHYSICAL DMG EVER. So until they fix the Zuni/Army bug (passive replacing army) theres imo no use for any other elemental than physical.

    Theres no clear advantage on going anything other than physical. The advantages in other builds (gloves with elemental, armor [cindercoat] with elemental) are not of value here - since theres much better items in slot than the cindercoat eg. you dont need mana on a pet build. You need tasker and theo gloves. you need jerams (making it no fire elemental on headpiece too).

    In the end theres the go-to best in slot dmg output oriented build:Jerams, SoJ, Sunkeeper, T&T gloves, Harrington Waistguard, Strongarm Bracers

    Or a more reliable / defensive Hardcorish go-to build: Jerams, SoJ, Sunkeeper, T&T gloves, serpent mojo, some combination of Aughilds, Zuni or /and Blackthornes, cains Sets.

    my 2 cents.. running a growing WD on HC T3 absolutely stable. Nothaving T&T and Soj yet, that would take it to T4-5
    i'm not sure if that is true for Burning Zombie Dogs (may be an exception though). Burning zombie dogs bite as physical and dont get any benefits from +fire dmg. Only their aura does. am i correct?
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    posted a message on The Witch Doctor = Best class / Best builds / Best set bonuses / Best at everything?
    you are right, grave injustice IS good. but the thing is it has ALWAYS been there since launch and it wasnt changed at all. before the pet "buff" , i believe the WD was very underused due to its perception of being weak (it wasn't actually that weak). ultimately, it is the pet buff and the 2 videos showing 200+m garg crits, and 1b+ soul harvest hits that went viral and the main cause of this "OP" blame.

    and now that all the bandwagonners are checking the WD out BECAUSE of those 2 things, people are only now finding that it is quite powerful especially with the pet buff. i wish they would nerf the pet damage abit and induce bandwagonners to leave and stop the complaining, beacuse i sitll would be playing the WD because it is a FUN class ever since the beginning.

    i wish all the bandwagoners would just leave and play other classes.
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    posted a message on Showcased Build - Globe Explosion build - fast clears, party buffer
    Hey guys! Long time WD player here, just wanted to share a build that is abit different than the typical pet build, while providing decent movement speed and DPS for fast clearing, and great for the party. This build is inspired and influenced by Rakimallah's Globedogger build, credits to him:

    It synergizes with the belt, Razor Strop, that causes ~350% fire explosions when picking up globes, and I've incorporated a touch of a Pet build and item combinations to increase killing speed (hence more dogs->globes) and single target DPS for

    BUILD: My Profile:
    The gist of the build is continously providing alot of globes (for DPS and HP for party (mana if reaper wraps)). It is not as good as the legacy 0dog build in terms of amount of globes, but this build allows better speed and clearing for solo play imo. Note I did not include sacrifice - next of kin; i am not sure if it helps in spawning globes much, plus i prefer to focus my time using other attacking skills to kill stuff fast in order to spawn the dogs->globes instead.

    Here is a video showing this build (speed variation using angry chicken):

    • vampire bats- you might say that this ruins the fluidity of this build and I agree. But after much testing, this skill combined with passive fetishes ultimately boosts my DPS/killing speed like no other. In addition, keep in mind youare always running into packs with the globe explosions, so you tend always to be in melee distance anyway. And you should be stacking fire dmg
    • jaunt - survival and positioning for globe explosions
    • grasp of dead death is life - more dogs, slows down elites also and usually is always up due. I have 2-3 grasps going at the same time usually
    • mass confusion devolution - more dogs, adds survival by confusing
    • zombie dogs, final gift - you have to have this in order for dogs to give globes. when skill is ready, cast it asap and it'll replace existing dogs -> more globes
    • garg wrathful protector - mainly for elite DPS, but since your cooldown resets very fast, i have this up almost 90% of the time whenever it is ready
    PASSIVES: i think they are self-explanatory, all are working in synergy with each other. One key thing is that GF provides you with mana if you are not running with reaper wraps. IF you are running with reaper wraps, you could optionally switch out GF for midnight feast to get a higher DPS.

    ITEMS (all are relatively common legs, except MoJ):

    • Razor Strop (required) - boosts DPS due to the large amount of globes. you do need to learn how to utilize it effectively by running into LIVE mobs, since globes tend to drop AFTER mobs are dead. Jaunt will really help here.
    • Thing of the dead (required) - increase radius for grabbing globes and reduces cooldowns -> continous Jaunt and Dog spawning skills
    • Mask of Jeram with diamond (optional) - increases pet damage for faster killing. diamond for CDR
    • reaper wraps (optional) - infinite mana, 'nuff said
    • Fire dmg items (heavily recommended) - for boosting firebats, razor strop explosions, and wrathful protector
    • CDR stat - cooldown reduction helps immensely, the more you have the more uptime you will have with fast movement and dog spawning
    • Primary weapon: I use Deadly Rebirth - Since you will always be casting grasp of the dead to spawn dogs, this item adds to the DPS. Also never realized how good the rain of corpses are, they autoaim for enemies even outside your graspradius for 8 seconds! Many times, I'm 1.5 screens away from my initial grasp, and corpses are still dropping!
    • Other fun Weapons (that I don't have): Mad Monarchs Scepter, SMK (replace devolution with BBV - dog rune), Last Breath (constant mass confusion), Anessazi Edge (constant stunning when dog spawns)
    Also this build can be modified for pretty fast rift clearing/bounties on lower difficulties as shown above. Simply Replace Devolution for Angry Chicken. Jaunt + angry chicken will give you 100% boost in MS, while still getting a decent amount of
    globes without devolution. For me personally, I also have a fire strongarm bracers so that gives me a boost in DPS.

    ps. I've never tried playing this with another globedogger. It may become quite nuts as there would be 2 times amount of globes. Can't even imagine 4 WDs with the same build, it may very well crash the game :) if you are a globedogger, feel free to add me in-game!
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    posted a message on 2hand WW barb speed build, 80+m/hour 6-7min clears
    i recently going went back to my barb and was looking for the fastest plvling build. i noticed that almost every build still use WW as the main attack. is this still the most suitable one if i use a skorn?
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    posted a message on Tempest Rushing: The right way.
    where is the link to this video?
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    posted a message on Azmo MP10 World Recordz. 41sec 3.35m DPS Wizard
    curious to see how a super geared WD can do. while i only have 90k dps unbuffed, my bears crit for 1m to 1.3 million each and each cast is 3 bears and my AS is 1.28 (this is about ~4.5million output dps), granted that is assuming all crits). like i said tho, i'm not geared at all in comparison. so if someone geared with closer to 300k dps and can sustain 30 second casting, surely MP10 azmodan can go down in less than 30 seconds.
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    posted a message on cm builds nerfed?
    just adapt to the change, look at the post where the wizard is facerolling MP10. CM is fine, just adapt to it
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    posted a message on MP10 Boss battles
    please delete, wrong post
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    posted a message on Videos of Elite Pack and Keywarden Kills at Monster Power 10 on PTR
    so OP, nerf..? what nerf? lol
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    posted a message on 1.05: LoH vs LL + Weapon Choice MH+OH
    i dont get the calculation regarding the difference in 1.04 vs 1.05 LL, nothing has changed regarding LL so why would the numbers be different for LL ?

    and there is something wrong in the calculation above. yes it should be 0.2 which means it is 45k instead of 4k as that person wrote. so basically if your DPS is 100k+ , basically LL is better in all aspects than loh , even now.
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