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    posted a message on Double Mobility - A Build for 2-handed Barbarians
    This is exactly what I used to do for mp6+... But I once I tried HotA (replace leap or charge, plus switch to BRage/into the fray), especially for Ubers. I never could go back builds without HotA.
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    posted a message on + mindmg, + maxdmg, x-y dmg
    +10 mindmg = "10 - 10" or 100-100 weapon => 110-110
    +10 maxdmg = "0 - 10" or 100-100 weapon => 100-110
    +10 mindmg and +10 maxdmg = "10-20" or 100-100 weapon =>110-120
    Average dmg = mindmg + 0.5*maxdmg

    Mindmg is x2 better than maxdmg for average dmg at the same number.
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    posted a message on Key farming - where to get 5 NV
    What's your key farming route for each act? Which quest to start and where do you get 5NV?

    Yesterday I did all acts twice each (once at MP3 and MP5 .. and got a key from act1 and plan from act4). Each time I started last quest for the act and back tracked until get 5NV. But there must be faster way for getting 5NV before start searching the wardens.

    I guess searching act2 warden in oasis took the longest. Is it totally random where it spawns, or are there few fixed locations?
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    posted a message on Two questions for players who vocally dislike the AH
    How about a separate mode (in addition to SC and HC) with no AH, all gears are account bound and no trade, and legendary drop rate is 10 times higher. I wonder how many people will choose to play on that mode.
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