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    Quote from danightryder

    thanks, i got the bracers and thanks to crafting i got some IAS gloves, i'll work on the ring next, see If i can save up or selling something on RMAH to purchase a ring. I also eventually wanna get a Skorn but thats gonna cost a crap ton. I'll work on the upgrades you guys mentioned thanks

    skorn is garbage for HOTA spec. High dps EF, and high dps sword/axe is the way to go for it
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    Fot HOTA, you want a lot more attack speed... your left ring isnt helping your dps at all, and a crit/IAS ring with strength is really cheap right now. Drop IK 5 set, its really not needed anymore. Grab a witching hour for your belt, lacuni bracers with crit if you can afford it. You could use either a crit mempo, or andarials visage for your helm. With lacuni, helm, and witching hour, that gives you 20-27 more attack speed, which you need for HOTA. You can also swap out depth diggers for innas pants with high strength and gem highest strength gems you can for more IAS and crit chance... any boost counts. If you get both lacuni and innas pants, you dont need runspeed on your boots, and can save a ton on ice climbers without runspeed.

    It really depends on your budget, some of these changes would be hundreds of millions (like the crit mempo and a good crit lacuni) while others are not too terribly priced.

    I totally agree with the last poster, you need to get attack speed where you can while avoiding dropping too much EHP. You can drop a decent amount of character sheet damage (around 8k) and still actually do more damage as character sheet damage is flawed inherently.
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    Found my first trifecta jewelery tonight, and there was nothing similar with regen on it on the AH...

    Anyone know what it's worth?
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    At MP1, all creatures in all acts are level 63 on inferno. The only scalar difference in terms of monster difficulty between acts is if there is no MP enabled.

    Just as a good metric for weapons, a mace with 905 dps (500-1009 damage range, 1.2 speed) with the same exact stats as your current mainhand gives you almost 7k more dps (with shout up). If you got that dps and got around 100 strength instead of the int on it, you would gain around 10k dps. A decently high dps mace with str, LOH, and a socket(or >70%crit damage instead of the socket) should be pretty cheap. If you get a mace like I described, you can afford for it to either have much less LOH, or none at all as you are nearing the threshold where LS > LOH.

    If you were wanting to farm higher MPs, your top two concerns are going to be getting your crit up, and getting your AR up. One of the two best sources of crit is the neck, and you have no crit on your neck. You can find one with somewhat similar stats, only with crit for a decent amount. For you personally, every 1% crit you gain is equivalent to 26 strength, so it would not be a big deal at all to lose a bit of strength. Your rings also both lack crit chance, you can afford to drop the vit for the crit chance on both, as you don't need that much health at your current gear level. Once you get your crit up to around 45-50% after shout, you want to get strength, IAS, and crit damage wherever you can, but strength should be a priority until you get around 2100 or so.

    In terms of gaining AR, you can find a good set of gloves with similar stats to yours, but with much higher AR for pretty cheap. Gloves only tend to get outrageous when you are looking for trifectas. Your belt has no AR, and can be pretty easily replaced by a much better one for cheap. Depending on your budget, I would consider getting a Lamentation with high str, good AR, and whatever else you can get stat wise... it will probably have low or no vit, but thats okay, or you may consider getting a well rolled IK belt (though much more expensive). Speaking of IK items, you would really see a massive boost in survivability if you got the 2 piece bonus, most easily acquired by getting belt/glove or belt/boots.

    Realistically, if you are looking into getting into MP levels past mp2-3, you would want to gain between 100 and 150 more AR, and get your crit up by 5-6%. These two goals will have you comfortably farming mp3 (though neither fast nor efficiently). Even with the improvements that I mentioned, it is still best to either farm on MP0 or MP1 at your gear level both in terms of efficiency, and ease.
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    Quote from Zakumene

    Quote from Aldoron1687

    Hey all,

    Was just looking for some help in upgrading my barb. I have around 100m to spend.

    I usually run WW, but I sometimes run hota/rend build with a skorn or my 1h, open to other viable builds with gear setups too.

    I also just bought some Ice climbers so i dont think they are showing atm.

    I usually run MP5-7 for key runs, but would like to eventually get to mp10 runs

    I just came back to the game a week or so ago from a looong abscence, so no hellfire rings worth a crap yet. I know a mempo would be nice but they are too pricey with cc, was thinking possibly a Witching Hour, but I would need to make up the LS somewhere probably. Open to suggestions, thanks


    If you're running mp5+ I don't think you need IK set 5 piece anymore. I only notice the increased fury help on mp0 - mp1 when I kill mobs too fast to get fury back from Into the Fray - while on mp5+ the mobs don't die in one hit and I am just drowning in fury. Your belt - 191 str - that's an easy target to upgrade to the 240-270 str range for under 10 million. See if you can find an amulet in the 260+ str, 100+ vit, +40 avg dmg, and 9+% crit. See how that compares to your current amulet. If you wanted to keep your IK set, you could play around with the stats on your gloves, try getting pure 10% crit, maybe 180str, maybe more IAS. You might be able to eek out another 20-30k dps for under 30 mil with your current set.

    Expanding upon that, your blackthornes leggings are not helping you a whole lot, and you would be better helped by getting a higher strength (120+) 2 socket set of legs with mediocre vitality (under 100 is fine), which will net you well over 100 strength. You would ideally want more strength right now as yours is decently low. For the belt, you can actually find a really good witching hour which would give you a good source of crit damage and attack speed for your WW procs. You can stand to lose 10-14k health easily, and not notice a net survivability difference, so when looking to upgrade items, you could stand to lose around 340 vit and still stay around 40k health.

    While your IK helm is pretty good, a decently rolled Andarials visage provides more dps at the expense of a little strength.

    IMO, your upgrades should be to your:
    helm (cant afford to lose the belt until you either pick up blodthirst, or get a LOH weapon)
    Right Ring (dropping the vit and AR for crit chance, but its probably out of the price range)
    Mainhand weapon (yours is nice, but you will eventually want one with a socket)
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    Quote from Turtel

    Quote from Fallactic


    Just wanted to tell you that you are looking at his PvP build. Iirc, normally he runs a pretty classic HotA build with the proper passives and all. His PvM char sheet dps was way over 200k, so maybe his gear is different too, don't remember that.

    Yeah, thats why I said that I wrote that assuming that it was his real build/gear. With corrections, it looks like his dps is 211k or so without buffs or follower. For both rings, he can still stand to drop the AR for str, but it really isnt necessary at his level if he farms high MP.

    Looks like a crit mempo will be the way to go, along with what im assuming is actually strength gems in the legs. You could also get AS on the neck, but that is probably in the billions of gold. After the crit mempo, really the only directions to go would be high str depth diggers with 2 sockets, and then upgrading your offhand.
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    SInce this is an "uber" build that is shown, I'm going to assume that your passives are built around survivability as well. Unless you are running hardcore or are doing MP10 runs (besides ubers), you are sacrificing a LOT of dps for a paltry amount of survivability. By changing just ONE passive to weapons master or ruthless, you gain 20k dps each. You really shouldnt need Relentless, or unforgiving if you change a few things around so you can equip both those at no real net loss. With ruthless and weapons master, your weapon throw would hit an average of 100k harder per second. You can also drop leap for overpower- killing spree for more crit, or overpower- crushing advance for defensiveness. If you are going to keep leap, give it the iron impact rune for tankyness.

    You are now at the point where you can afford to drop AR on the rings in favor of a dps stat as your jewelery is almost the highest dps gaining items you can equip. Curious as to why you chose to not use a three-hundreth spear for your offhand for an extra 35-50% more weapon throw damage. You may lose 86% crit damage (which can be made up by getting new rings), but 35% more damage on your main ability is pretty huge. If you are mainly HOTA for runs, then you would want to keep your current weapons.

    Besides those smaller equipment upgrades, I agree that a crit mempo is definitely your next step. I think that your gear is pretty solid overall besides that.

    I ran your gear through d3rawr and compared with a slightly different skill setup, then gear setup for your character. I dropped unforgiving and relentless for ruthless and weapons master, and swapped battle rage runes to into the fray to compensate for the difference in rage gen(i think that doing so would smoothe out your gen anyways), and you would gain 30k dps overall. This 30k dps is only a paper doll dps number and is actually much higher, around 120k actual dps. The same skill setup with a 300th spear offhand would net you less dps on paper, but gain you between 180k and 240k more actual dps.
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    Swap offhand to dagger with similar stats. More attack speed = more tornado ticks. Get some vit to around 35k if you want to do higher MP levels. Change the overpower rune to either crushing advance or to the extra crit one. Crit damage on rings would help too.
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    Are you finding yourself at max rage often? if so, burn off excess by spamming sprint/battle rage

    You can also swap from Instigation to Overpower- Crushing Advance if you play below mp7. The extra burst damage is nice, and with good enough crit, you can basically keep it up 95% of the time.

    I farm at mp3-6, and I have no issue keeping WOTB up unless mob density is bad.
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    For all that gear, your strength is pretty low. Getting a well rolled EF offhand would nicely mitigate that and should not cost too much imo. Depending on whether or not you are trying to run MP10 ubers solo/grouped, you can really stand to lose a ton of survivability. You can swap tough as nails for bloodthirst and get a higher dps mainhand without the lifesteal too.
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    Yeah, innas pants to get ice climbers would be nice, but ones with decent strength are really expensive.
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    Quote from Candymancan

    1. http://us.battle.net...843/hero/641979
    2. I currently play WW spec.
    3. I farm MP0 for paragon leveling and do ubers on mp9 in a 4 man group we run nightly (I die quite a bit)
    4. Problem im having is I die on Ubers MP9 would like your opinion on what I should upgrade next due to budget.
    5. Spent most my gold on items i currently use but have roughly 30m left for upgrades.
    6. To not be such a liability on MP9 Ubers for my nightly farming group. Also if there is a better spec than the traditional WW spec I should be using for Ubers. I'm very new to Barbarian coming from a DH I got bored with, having much more fun now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :D Thanks!

    Your gear is in decent shape to try HOTA spec, or even weapon throw if you get a different offhand. If you want to stay WW, you need to swap your offhand to a sword or dagger due to the swing time. Since you are new to barb, Ill go in to how the tornadoes from sprint work briefly. The rate at which the tornadoes tick per second is based on the weapon speed of the last weapon that was used. In your case, having that slower offhand means that they are ticking very slowly sometimes and it cuts down your damage quite a bit. The other thing about WW barbs is that the actual damage of the offhand doesnt really matter as much for this spec due to how the sprint tornadoes directly base their damage off of the mainhand. Since the damage of the offhand isnt quite as important, you should instead look for an offhand that has very high stats, especially because your strength is very low. You should shoot for a dagger/sword that has high strength, crit damage, a socket, and lifesteal. Even if that weapon is only 750-800 dps(800-900 for the sword), it will still net you a healthy damage increase, along with getting you more strength and crit damage. For HOTA, check out the thread on here, or the thunder barbarian link in Tazeon's signature for how to play and gear for that style.

    As far as your gear goes, there are two main issues that you are going to have for MP9 Ubers. You have lower end health and armor. The low armor is in large part because you have low strength. If you want to shoot that high, you will want to increase your strength to at least 2200 if not more... and every point of strength is equal to 1 armor. With 500 more str, the difference in armor (and damage) would be noticable. You can gain 48 strength without even upgrading a single piece of gear by just replacing all of your current gems with stars (about 600k each). Your neck and mempo not having strength also hurts, but it would be out of your price range to upgrade them to ones with strength as well as it's current stats. If you could manage to get a mempo and neck with strength while preserving your current stats, you could net upwards of 320 strength. Depending on weather or not you end up trying HOTA/weapon throw or stay WW will make the difference in how much STR you can afford to have on your offhand, but you can easily pick up another 120+ along with more crit damage. Your health is also on the lower end which ends up hurting you for ubers. You would ideally want closer to 40k if you are trying MP9 ubers, along with more AR unbuffed as well to help. I would

    Honestly, it would probably be best for you to pick up a new sword offhand with strength, crit damage, a socket, and MAYBE lifesteal if you can afford to, and try HOTA for ubers (the high damage of HOTA combined with the healing from lifesteal will make you able to last much longer). The good thing about HOTA for ubers is that you do can be really aggressive with your damage and fall back on your lifesteal healing as a backup. You may even want to throw a purple gem in your helm during ubers to give you more health. With WOTB/Battle rage up, your hammer hits will heal you for around 11k per second, which is pretty huge for your health pool. I would use something similar to http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ZkiPRa!ZYd!ZcbcYY as a build for ubers as it is still pretty offensive, but has some defense in there. Now for that build, you can swap out ignore pain for Overpower-Crushing advance (30% less damage taken for 4 seconds, cooldown of the ability reduces on crits) for your snap defensive move, and it is awesome in its own right due to how you can basically keep the buff active 100% of the time. You can really change ignore pain to whatever defensive cooldown you want as they are all pretty decent (the other runes for ignore pain are good too), Now you will have to go through getting 5 stacks of NV as that spec, but it shouldn't be a huge problem.
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    Also, try replacing charge with either impunity or overpower-crushing advance. Either one is a pretty significant defensive upgrade
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    Quote from Tazeon

    Quote from Fallactic

    Bear in mind, I havent played in a little over a month because I lost interest until recently

    1. link to charakter profile http://us.battle.net...86/hero/4854125

    2. which specc do you play? are you exposed to play another specc? WW with Crushing Advance, Could try another spec I guess.

    3. which Monster Power do you want to play and what do you want to do? (detailed pls). I normally run mp5 act 2 vault for legendaries or mp3-5 act 3 runs. For keys/ubers I do mp8. I'm pretty comfortable where I am at monster power wise right now, but id like to do mp5 act 3 decently fast.
    4.what's your problems now? what do you want improve? Lower MP levels cause me to drop WOTB. Considered trying unforgiven, but didn't like the style much.

    5. what's your budget to change your items? Like 20 mil i think? I have a friend who owes me like 35 mil more, so i guess around 55 million.

    6. what's your final goal? Getting back into the game after a break, item hunting, and PVP later on maybe,

    If you have really big problems on lower monster power and don't want to play with Unforgiven then try it with a cheap mighty weapon, high dps (>1100) and socket should be enough with your gear for low monster power.

    Your life and all resistance is really high for mp5, but to run mp5 decently fast you must improve your dps and therefore you must upgrade your mainhand. Your budget is too low to buy a good weapon, so save your money until you can afford one.

    Why do you only play with 12% movement speed?

    The movement speed thing is because I'm not going to get a cheap lacuni bracer, but rather a really nice one. I was looking for an innas temperance for a while, but in order to get one that I would be happy with, i'd have to spend like 90 mil. I do mp5 runs in like 20ish minutes if i only pick up the essentials. I really dont stat having issues with losing rage until I get to mp3 or below, and then stuff just falls over too fast lol. The reason why my AR is so high is that this set is from before I quit when I would carry my friends who were 100% glass cannon through mp8-10.

    Yeah, I know I need a new weapon, but I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I really have a hard time convincing myself that it's worth spending 250mil on an item that may only give me a small DPS boost. Basically, I know that in order to do the kinds of big upgrades that I want to, I'm going to have to spend around 800m or more gold. I want a crit mempo, str/crit/AR lacuni, strength witching hour, and a really well rolled IK gloves to keep the set bonus along with a 1100 dps weapon with similar stats to mine, but getting any one of those for a price that isn't stupid is hard lol.
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    Quote from Thrinis

    Thanks for putting in all your effort!

    1. link to character profile: (http://)us(.)battle(.)net/d3/en/profile/Thrinis-1897/hero/2503656 (Sorry can't post links yet)

    2. which specc do you play? are you exposed to play another specc?

    I play WW, I've also played HoTA/Rend DW and Weapon throw

    3. which Monster Power do you want to play and what do you want to do? (detailed pls)

    I'd like to be able to play at least mp9, I'm sitting pretty at mp7 and struggling slightly at mp8. I'm happy with WW but I'd like to be able to switch it up and play other specs efficiently without hindering my run times or xp gain.

    4.what's your problems now? what do you want improve?

    I'd like to improve first of all my resistances, I know they're quite low, I tend to get screwed the most by anything molten/shielding.

    5. what's your budget to change your items? 50-100m

    6. what's your final goal?

    Be in a place where I can start carrying my friends at high (mp8+) levels.

    Once again, thank you for your help!

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Thrinis-1897/hero/2503656 is the link to his profile

    Just a quick response this time, but since your issue is molten/shielding, you are right on the money about getting your all resist up. If it's just general survivability, swap out unforgiven for bloodthirst, and you should see a pretty substantial difference. You would see the biggest difference in both dps and AR if you swapped out your hellfire for a ring with str/crit/AR and maybe even some + damage. Also, the hellfire on your templar is better than yours currently is for survivability at the cost of barely (if any) dps loss. You're actually in a decently rough spot where if you wanted to pick up some survivability stats in other slots, you would either have to lose a ton of damage, or spend your entire budget or more. The only other slot that I can see you upgrading within budget is your neck by adding AR, and even that may be out of budget. Any crit chance that you can gain right now is huge though as you get 2k dps for each percent.
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