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    posted a message on wts shenlong's fist of legend (with socket & fist weapon 1019dps)
    500k Chadicus#1455 All I have currently.
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    posted a message on Worried PvP will be 1 shotting
    They could always increase health by a % and reduce damage by a % with an arena only buff.
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    posted a message on WTB leoric's signet 30% xp + dex
    The conversion rate from $250 is ~ 131,570,000 Gold.
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    posted a message on WTS/T Inna's Vast Expanse
    What are you looking for in a Trade?
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    posted a message on [WTS] Exalted Grand Ghost Sight Plans
    About how much would you sell it for? I'm currently not able to check the Auction House.
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    posted a message on Getting loot from drops
    Quote from proletaria

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    Long time reader, first time poster.


    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    The developers are stating that D3 is all about the thrill of the loot drop, but rarely does any good loot drop.

    Arguably true, although it depends on your definition of "good," loot. Do you mean it as in "good," enough to beat the game or "good," enough to farm act3 inferno (everyone's favorite benchmark)? Or perhaps some other litmus is required.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    I played for about 6 hours this weekend with no good drops, not even remotely good.

    I would advise against anecdotes of this kind unless you're attempting to parse a more statistically meaningful sample with personal experience.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    Then we are force to use the AH. If you wanted to play the game without the AH is would almost be impossible to beat the game

    Demonstrably false. The game is quite possibly to beat all the way through inferno without buying anything and it has been done now by a countless number of youtube jockeys and streamers alike.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    The percentage of a level 63 item is low and even when one drops it is about a 1 in 1000 that will remotely any good.

    This improves as you move up in act difficulty.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    I would like to put it out the D3 community ideas how to fix this problem.


    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    My first suggestion is to reduced all resistance required cause at this stage if armour drops it is normally pretty useless if it does not have resist all.

    10 armor ~ 1 All Resist. Armor is not useless and is, in-fact, grossly under-valued.

    Quote from The_Real_Zeus

    Currently you need about 500 resist all to be viable at all, reducing this to about 100 would greatly increase the range of armour that is viable.

    Quite a few classes (if not all) are viable with glass cannon builds which have little or no resist benchmarks to meet or maintain. Furthermore, I don't think greatly reducing the damage of all monsters from act1 onward would be of much use when your intended goal is to improve the rate at which "good," (don't forget to define this) loot drops.


    I do agree that there is still a glut of what i'd call "completely useless shit," in the itemization mix. I don't think every item should be like some legendaries (nearly impossible to get a bad roll), but I do believe that finding hundreds of ilvl 63 items worth less than a decent ilvl 55 equivalent is patently absurd and happens far too much.

    I like how you broke down the post, although when he/she said the "1 in a 1000" remark, I believe it was about the odds of it being good, not the drop chance.
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    posted a message on So... i just spend 10m (eur)
    I'm by no means a Barb expert, but I would suggest trying to find a weapon with Lifesteal. When you reach high enough dps, it works wonders.
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    posted a message on Selling Int/Vit/All Resist/Crit Chance Helm

    + 133 Intelligence
    + 76 Vitality
    + 79 Resist All
    + 5.5% Crit Chance

    Taking offers.
    BIN = 4mill (Half of similiar helms. Also negotiable.)

    Battletag = Chadicus#1455

    Sorry, Zero, sold for BIN =( I'll let you know if I get anything close it. Add me if you'd like.
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