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    Quote from Mehsiah

    Just wanna say thank you very much for making this chart.

    As of right now, I think Invis logged on Beta and at 10 x 100 Paragon, he was 358 RoS Paragon Level.
    Im still gonna go for Paragon 1000 on live since not alot of people I know have it, maybe 2-3.

    If they keep this current design, 358 is still a huge leap forward. :)

    INVIS was at 376. Source: http://dd.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/1r1bdu/gathering_results_for_accountwide_paragon_merging/cdimbr5
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    Check out http://dd.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/1r1bdu/gathering_results_for_accountwide_paragon_merging/

    It looks like P1000 (10x1000) = Paragon 376

    Others are gathering additional data, so we'll likely see a curve by the end of the day.
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    Quote from Olivet

    Do you think is worth to change my mempo per a inna with SW %dmg ?

    Thank you very much man!!! I have now 12 essences, gonna try to get a good bracer, but I must ask, would not be easier to make a nice shoulder instead a bracer? I mean... bracer can get the same status as shoulder but need to make it with CC, so would be harder to roll a nice combination of status, right?

    An Inna's with SW% would probably be a good upgrade, the problem is you have a fair amount of EHP coming from your Mempo, so you'll need to find more EHP first on other gear to be able to drop the mempo.

    Looks like you have a decent set of crafted bracers now. You can eventually do better but you could probably craft shoulders or gloves now to see where that gets you (both will probably take a while). Its too bad we can't trade crafted gear, i have a sweet set of CC Fire Resist/AR/vit bracers i crafted when I was rolling Fire Resist:

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    posted a message on Some questions about mp10 and stats
    First, here's your guy on D3UP: http://d3up.com/b/584178

    To do MP10 I find that getting up to 500k EHP (based on d3up numbers) and as close to 91% damage reduction (in the defensive specifics section of d3up) with 5%+ Life Steal helps make MP10 much more manageable.

    Overall you have pretty decent gear though.

    Specific suggestions: Farm some Demonic Essences and craft bracers. You may take a little DPS hit, but you should be able to get a set with 5%+ CC, vit all resist and either fire resist or armor, which would probably move your EHP right near where it needs to be.

    Next, I'd look at a Socket, 2.5%+ LS, 23%+ Lightning SKILL dmg Won Khim Lao (WKL). Each 1% of ligthing damage is somewhere in the 12-16 weapon DPS range, so a WKL with 800 DPS 25% lighting skill damage is roughly equivalent to a 1100-1200 dps rare weapon with similar stats.

    Also, if you are familiar with Reddit, there's a fairly active monk community at http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3Monks/that are happy to offer other suggestions.

    Edit: Also, use d3up for planning your upgrades, it has been the best tool for me to get reliable EHP numbers and for comparing new gear before I buy.
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    Quote from tmrsmall

    correct me if I'm wrong here, but the way i understand this, crit chance and crit damage don't do much for this build except help with some sustain from LS while TR through mobs to next pack, since you arent counting on it to proc with the WoL and EP isnt effective for it at all.

    from this Id deduce that you can build a fairly cheaper set max ehp,dex,wep dmg and ignore char sheet dps
    basically you max reliable damage of the WoL.

    I'm gonna check it myself later today, except for the LS skorn it shouldn't be too expensive, ill report back later.

    at any rate do tell me if I'm missing something here
    As Ayeri mentioned CC is important, BUT, i was thinking that this build could be very viable with a LS/Socket/DEX Doom Hammer with decently high average dmg but no Crit Dmg.

    Check the build here: http://d3up.com/b/465363

    This works almost as well as with my LS Skorn and I still kill skorpions in one or two WoL. I did notice I don't get quite the regen while TR'ing between packs of scorpions so it may be a good idea to take StI and have decent resist/HP.

    So, in short a non Crit Dmg, LS/socket/Dex weapon may be a viable budget alternative to a LS skorn.
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    Honestly your current crafted neck, gloves and bracers are very solid.

    I would look for trying to craft a shoulder upgrade and chest, shoulders first (seems like there are less affixs to on shoulders compaired to chest, so it may be easier to roll a good upgrade).
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    posted a message on Best 1.0.7 crafted items so far?

    Monk here; Goves, Bracers, Ammy and Shoulders on above profile

    Gloves were first ever craft, I have since gotten a trifecta set of gloves, but lack vit or all resist.

    Ammy was after maybe 10 crafts, made ~150 since and gotten no where close to it yet.

    Shoulders did replace my vile wards, but still have plenty of room for improvement.

    Got the double resist set of bracers in 15 crafts or so, thought I'd stop there for a while :).

    Edit: Added screen shots.
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    posted a message on yet another TR gearcheck
    Quote from freeze1

    if i put chant of resonance instead of exalted soul i am above what i consume already, i figured 100 more spirit is better ?

    Actually, you need more SpS than TR consumes so you'll have spirit to use on refresing SW and SSS. So, in this case, having addtional SpS is better than an extra 100 spirit because you'll be able to more reliably fire SSS and such.

    Quote from freeze1

    Some people in youtube videos i saw were around 160k? With the same res and a bit more vit than me, i dont get it. is it related to CD ?

    The sheet dps numbers are indeed likely showing the boost from high CD. But also keep in mind those guys are also rocking some VERY high dex numbers (close to max from Inna's chest, belt and helm, and also vile wards). They are also likely picking up a bunch of All resist so they don't need OwE, likely on their helm, braces and gloves. One other thing to consider is high Plevel gives a decent amount of vit as well (2 per level) so Plevel 50 is an extra 100 vit.
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    posted a message on yet another TR gearcheck
    First suggestion (not directly dps related but will help get there in the end):

    You have PLENTY of resist for low MP (only need 400 or so total with OwE and a decent HP pool), so I would suggest dropping FR on your gloves and pick up more Vit there to help improve your HP a bit.

    Next, to boost DPS, you should look at an ammy similar to your current one, drop FR though and pick up high dex and shoot for 10 CC.

    Now I know that others will say CC is useless for TR builds, which is not necessarily true. See Druin's highly detailed thread at the official forums: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7199912895

    Other thoughts:

    If you have another HF ring WITHOUT attack speed, use it. IAS makes your spirit spent on TR higher, so you need more spirit regen.

    Also your spirit regen is a bit low (probably have to stop once in a while to refil on mobs?) so I would suggest getting north of 4.2-4.5 SpS to help out there.
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    Quote from wheunis

    Freebie: don't use Cyclone rune for SW. TR and Cyclone does not work well together.

    This is not necessarily true. Druin over at the official forums has done extensive SW tests.


    Per his testing:

    Quote from "Druin" »
    Through personal testing, I have determined that ~42% chance to crit with Tempest Rush seems to be the cutoff where Cyclone starts to be clearly better than the other Sweeping Winds runes.

    One of the single biggest issues people have with Cyclone is that it doesn't "feel" very good.
    This means that when you use Cyclone in a TR build, even if you are above the required 42% chance to crit, you will often "feel" like it isn't doing very much.

    I can say that I have found the same through my own testing; if you have enough crit, 42%+ before SoJ, SW:Cyclone does out perform firestorm, but it really doesn't "feel" as good.

    You may actually net a slight TR dps boost by swapping to a nice crit + avg dmg ring (mentioned above) and either shoot for ice climbers with MS, OR you could get decent Zuni's boots (high dex + vit + all res), the + poison damage works great with a Skorn (a 'black' weapon).

    One thing not mentioned above, it seems you have fairly low Spirit regen from gear, only 3.16 (SoJ, Inna's head, Inna's Set bonus). Really you want to get north of 4.2-4.5 spirit per second. Seems like such a small difference, but it makes a very tangable change in your runs because you don't have to stop to hit stuff to regen spirit at all, just TR all the way though. I'm currently at 4.1 SpS and i do run out once in a while and am aiming to get north of 4.5 if i can find a different SoJ without breaking my bank.

    Next, you can get LS, its really good at keeping you alive, but really, especially for low MP farming, Life after Kill is VERY effective for sustain since you'll be plowing throw mobs so quickly. Before I picked up LaK on my ammy (I also have a LaK Skorn not equipped) i would have to kite reflect packs. Now, as long as there are other mobs around the reflect packs I can usually just plow through them.
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    posted a message on Help me get my monk to godly status
    New Inna's Chest with 170+ dex and 230+ vit (you'll replace the resist elsewhere)
    New Inna's Helm with 80+ vit and Double Resist (so Arcane + All resist) and as much Dex/CC as you can find.
    New gloves with Vit and Single Resist as mentioned above with high Dex + 9+ CC and 30+ CD
    Look into an Echoing Fury with Life Steal would make higher MP level Reflect packs a cake-walk (other than the fear mess).

    Optional: Inna's Pants with high Vit(150+) and a new Nat's boots with High Dex and Resist, dropping vit.

    Hit me up in game for specific suggestions if you like. My profile is in my sig for my battle-tag
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    posted a message on Me Monks - 2*1h or 2h? (echoing fury moan)
    I have an EF that I use almost exclusively for Ubers, but I use a Life Steal rare for doing key runs to avoid the entire fearing mess.

    I will say that I will occasionally throw on the EF when running with my CM wizard buddy since the fear is a non issue there (but i do need the dual life-steal for reflect packs).
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    posted a message on Won Khim Lou
    The basis is the %bonus to lightning skills.

    So Cyclones benefit from this, FoT benefit from this, SW Dot does NOT benefit from this (its physical damage, not lightning).

    So, as a general rule of thumb, if a WKL has 25% ligthning SKILL damage, then you'll see between 15-20% boost on you're overall ACTUAL dps output.
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    Quote from Sell

    I was gauging pricing on amulets, how much was yours for reference?

    As a frame of reference, I sold a 9.5 CC, 1.73 Spirit regen Xeph for ~59 mil a week or so ago.
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    posted a message on Tempest Rushing: The right way.
    Quote from Sell

    If you used abilities to abuse snapshot you got a buff.

    So, I did want to confirm this ^.

    I did some testing on the PTR (MP10 Nightmare Belial with tiny dps (around 1500))

    Specfically i just started SW with no dps boosts and got a decent idea on SW damage, I then let SW drop, flashed blinding light and the dmg DID go up, BUT, as soon as BL fell off, so did the damage, so it's clear that the SW dmg is now fully dynamic to our active buffs.

    May have not needed to be said, but I wanted to make it clear that snapshotting is completely dead.
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