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    posted a message on Less Cake, More Demons: Happy Anniversary, Diablo III!
    All the shit they have put us through this year, one would think they would give at least 100% MF.
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    posted a message on Rate the Monk above you
    Some people here are really thick headed..I mean do you need a link when there is an option on this site that allows users to show their battletags to people?I mean its right there in your face?#Spoonfedgeneration
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    posted a message on The True Power of Monk Sweeping Wind
    For all you very mature people that like to whine like little girls.SW snapshot should not be taken away because that;s like the bulk of our dmg.

    What should get removed is that gear swap thingy.Once u engage in a battle your gear is locked or smth.

    If they do remove snapshot I see some monks quitting, hell im para 88 and if they do that I wil for sure quit until they buff smth.Either they keep snapshot or they buff our dps by a lot.
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    posted a message on these items any good?
    I know im a jackass for assuming that of him.But what I can say is that is the case for alot of people on the forum.They whine and whine about not having gold yet they take 0, absolutely 0 interest in the game. And if the game was giving gold way too easy they would say that the game is trash for spoonfeeding u like that.

    Thread deraild because of my rants so to the OP : Sorry mate your items are worthless, remember those two items so you know next time:).
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