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    posted a message on Less Cake, More Demons: Happy Anniversary, Diablo III!
    All the shit they have put us through this year, one would think they would give at least 100% MF.
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    Some people here are really thick headed..I mean do you need a link when there is an option on this site that allows users to show their battletags to people?I mean its right there in your face?#Spoonfedgeneration
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    What I hate is when people call D3 Pay2Win.Win what?Killing monsters fast?You can do that with 10mil worth of gear, which can be attained with what?3bucks, smth liket hat.

    I have no problems with RMAH, as I do not use it so I have nothing to say about it, other than if it supports blizzard than that is fine with me, its not like you are forced to use it.+ If the RMAH wouldnt be used by people, I dont think it would last.So I guess peeps are using it.

    On the whole online thing craze.

    I think you have to be in your 40s-50s and be an oldschool hacker to be in such an uproar about it.I mean seriously, online only has not harmed me in anyway whatsoever since it launched and I have like 600+ hours played.I'd rather have a few dupes due to Item Restoration or w/e then having a game like D2 that was runned by hackers basically.

    And why arent people complaining about PoE being onlineonly?And they call people who like D3 fanboys.

    The hypocrisy and double-standard is just astonishing.

    As other people have said, Blizzard informed us well that the game was online only, so why did so many people buy it?I mean besides the real fans, why did the haters and moaners buy it?So they have something to moan about?Their lives must be quite interesting.
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    posted a message on The True Power of Monk Sweeping Wind
    For all you very mature people that like to whine like little girls.SW snapshot should not be taken away because that;s like the bulk of our dmg.

    What should get removed is that gear swap thingy.Once u engage in a battle your gear is locked or smth.

    If they do remove snapshot I see some monks quitting, hell im para 88 and if they do that I wil for sure quit until they buff smth.Either they keep snapshot or they buff our dps by a lot.
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    posted a message on these items any good?
    I know im a jackass for assuming that of him.But what I can say is that is the case for alot of people on the forum.They whine and whine about not having gold yet they take 0, absolutely 0 interest in the game. And if the game was giving gold way too easy they would say that the game is trash for spoonfeeding u like that.

    Thread deraild because of my rants so to the OP : Sorry mate your items are worthless, remember those two items so you know next time:).
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