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    posted a message on [program]DPS Calc + compare PC + Mac compatable (new version 0.0.6 1/8/2012)
    I love your app! The interface has a lot of potential and is a lot more fun to use than a Google doc spreadsheet.

    I have a very basic understanding of how to calculate DPS and would like to share my experience of using your app for the first time.

    I wanted to use your app to compare the DPS on these 2 items:

    My gloves:
    100 Strength

    AH gloves:
    75 Strength
    5.5% Crit Hit Chance
    25% Crit Hit Damage

    I proceed to enter the info and got no result. After searching a bit on how DPS is calculated I realized your weapon's stats have everything to do with calculating DPS. I entered my 1H's stats and got a result.

    *** After inputting the 2 gloves info and clicking "Show Diff" it would have been nice if I got an error message asking me to input the stats off my 1H in order to get a result. ***

    Also, when comparing two like items, it would be nice to see the compared info all in once place without having to click or mouseover. Maybe something like this:

    Posted in: Theorycrafting and Analysis
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