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    there's plenty of things that can be changed without requiring a major patch or weeks of testing which apparently they don't bother doing

    I'd be more inclined to take your opinion seriously if you weren't being vague.

    Interface changes to the AH ; they had this in development before, and i can hardly imagine it requiring weeks of testing to add one more option of searching or what not.

    The 99% sure to come in 1.0.3 of being able to compare shit on AH - Did not make it. Just hotfix that in? If it's 99% sure, it can't be like they just can't put it in, and it's not something you need to ULTRA TEST before either.

    Speaking of Bugs - How about hot-fixing the waller bug? Where mortar still shoot at Melee in strange curves because of Walls being recognized as you are far out of range, hmm?

    These are things that are actually really f'cking annoying, don't require weeks of testing and really does break the immersion of the game, and further more just serve to be rage inducing because it's such small issues that i repeat, DO NOT REQUIRE weeks of testing, just a f'cking fix.

    Are you a game developer? Do you manage complex systems? How on earth do you think that a change to the collision detection system (waller fix) doesn't require extensive regression testing? How do you think that a change to the interface which requires a totally new UI to be built doesn't require a regression pass on all Pri-1/Pri-2 Auction House test cases, as well as usability and accessibility tests because it's a UI change.

    Don't talk with such authority if you don't really know what you're talking about.
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