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    Quote from sacherich

    Not talking about Ghom, just in general progression

    Your damage is fine for completing the game, but more HP and resists won't hurt, 40k and 800s seems enough for act3+.

    One thing I found useful for progression is armor, there is quite noticeable difference between 6k and 12k armor

    To archive 12k armor (or anywhere close to 10k):

    1. Swap Blinding Flash with DR keen eye, its a double edge sword as it gives more armor plus a mid ranged attack. Most of the pack I fought involved a lot of moving around, hit-and-run, kiting, and DR is almost necessary when you are fresh into Act 3 and have not overgeared the content.

    2. Swap MoH with MoE with Hard target, with your LoH and 12k armor, you don't need MoH

    3. Use enchantress, her armor buff gives a big boost to armor

    Hope this helps

    thanks for the tips... will give it a go while trying to farm for gold/items to get the upgrades :)
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    First of, wanna say thanks for the nicely written guide. So far my monk has progressed well in act 1 and act 2 which I have both on farm now. Tried act 3 and it has been rather nasty to my monk. Stuck at grom now which I would assume is the next hard gear check esp for monks but also still have lots of problems with blue and yellow mobs esp crazy combos like arcane wall molten and plague.

    So hoping to get advise on how I should improve my monk further.
    Thanks in advance :)


    Fist of Thunder - Thunderclap (am assuming the LoH still procs)
    Sweeping Wind - Cyclone (not sure if the LoH procs now with the tornado)

    Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
    Blinding Flash - Faith In the Light
    Serenity - Ascension
    Mantra of Healing - Time of Need

    Seize the Initiative
    One with Everything

    Stats without buff

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