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    As topic says, I'd like to sell this ring for reasonable amount of gold.


    I'm looking for at least 80 mil offers.
    You may contact me via PM or in-game @ Strigoy#2977
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    posted a message on Magic Find and its efficiency: A statistical insight
    Great job on that research man!

    Perhaps now I wont have to reiterate in threads that MF does not increase the chance of getting higher ilvl now tho.

    If you look at farming set amount of elite packs within a certain time span MF does seem to increase the amount of ilvl 63 items that you get indirectly.

    Just a quick example (using data from the first post):
    Lets say you farmed 100 elite packs within a time span of 2 hours in act 3,
    - with 0% MF you gonna get 100 granted rares (assuming 5NV stacks) + ~10 more rares based on a roll,
    - with 270% MF you'll end up with 100 granted + ~36 rare items.
    The chance of getting ilvl 63 item in act 3 is 16,3% (according Blizzard blog post)
    Out of those 26 extra rare items you will get ~4 ilvl63
    So now we know that
    - with 0% MF in 2 hours you get ~18 ilvl63 items,
    - with 270% MF in 2 hours you get ~22 ilvl63 items.

    I actually wonder if it's true, 'cause if you look from a certain-farming-time-span perspective MF does seem to increase the amount of ilvl63 items that you get.

    // not a native English speaker too, so please don't mind my spelling/grammatical errors.
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