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    (Formerly the Low Budget Barbarian Guide, changed because this build is not just about spending as little as possible, it is highly effective all the way though Inferno)

    These are a series of video guides that I have made to show that you can gear out and play a damage based barbarian for far less gold than most think. I explain how to play the build, and how to set up your skills to maximize your damage, and what gear that you want to look out for while spending as little as possible.

    With this build I am able to speed farm elites in act 1 and 2, and have progressed through act 3 and 4, albeit at a much slower and careful pace. I recommend sticking to act 1 and 2 farming in order to make gold, as kills/hour is what is truly important in elite farming. As it stands right now, the drop rate in act 3+4 compared the increase in difficulty makes for poor farming.

    A short, text guide is just below the posted videos.

    My stream: http://www.twitch.tv/notzizka#

    I will post additional videos to answer questions and demonstrate this build's capabilities as I am requested.
    I'm shortening this post by just linking my video channel.

    For those of you who want a shorter text version, here are some key points:

    The build:
    1. The basic build
    a. For added defense, swap Overpower for Warcry, then Animosity for Superstition
    b. For extra healing, swap the Whirlwind rune Hurricane for Blood Funnel.
    c. Frenzy can be swapped out with your choice of rage generator.
    2. Battle Rage is your most important ability. If you don't keep it up, you will run out of rage and this will lead to issues.
    3. Sprint' tornadoes are your main source of rage, not frenzy or whirlwind. If you don't have tornadoes down, you're going to run out of rage.
    4. Wrath of the Berserker's main purpose is the immunity to CC that it grants.

    The gear:
    1. This build can work with very little gear and gets very strong as your gear improves.
    2. The importance of stats for starter gear is as follow: Life on Hit > Crit %+ > Vitality > Resists
    3. Added damage is something to look for as a luxury, strength and bonus crit damage both drastically improving this build performance.
    4. Once base damage is high enough, Life Steal becomes and extremely dtrong stat, especially as it can be found in gear slots that LoH can not.

    added note: Nobody should expect to spend next to nothing and start farming act 4 elites. This build is a great way to get started, and will easily clear its way through act1/2 with very basic gear. You can use that as a stepping stone to gear up a little more for further acts. Even so, I found that I spent far less on this build than an equally progressed tank barbarian would, and continued progressing much faster.
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