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    I loved that helm because it reminded me of a Dragoon from the FF series, but I forgot to equip a spear to match that theme :P
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    I wonder if the Crusader is going to have enough abilities/runes to run a 'fire' build. Heavenly Strength is going to be amazing and I love the look of the Maximus 2H sword, so it would be cool if I could get some benefit out of that +% damage to fire skills :P
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    Quote from Aciied

    Quote from Trustfire

    "If you send a private message to someone and he replies, you no longer automatically enter reply mode (/r) after hitting Enter"

    This, is annoying. I don't know about you guys but i chat to all my mates online, in party or not. When i'm chatting to my mate who is in another game, everytime i want to comment/reply I have to enter/click his name. Rather than before accidently chatting to the wrong person, now i'm sitting there chatting to nobody.

    Please revert this if people agree.

    I don't agree. I want R to be reply to whisper and enter to be my party chat.. So annoying to want to write someting in the party, pressing enter, and then it writes to someone i whispered to instead.

    R is the fucking reply buttong, not enter. When i press enter i don't want to reply, thats what R is for.
    Different strokes for different folks and all that. I'm personally annoyed at how it's being done now as I prefer to manually switch what chat channel I'm using (/r, /p, /g, etc.) and having it stay on that channel until I wish to change it. It helps when I'm solo farming and I have to type to talk to my mates because I've got my music up too loud to use vent.

    I honestly don't see why it can't be an option under the social tab.
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    I went with fire resists because that's what I had the most of when I started buying cheap gear for levels 57-60. Now that I've acquired some decent gear, I'm wondering if I should switch over to a different resist type because it's extremely hard to find cheap upgrades in the AH. :/
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