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    posted a message on well diablo is dead to me

    And nobody even mentions the free Diablo 1 remake. It's just "all we got was necromancer!"


    If you hate Diablo 3 so much, find another game to play. That's what I did.

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    posted a message on "The game connection has been lost - You have been disconnected from the server"
    Quote from Pantiedroppah»

    It's on Blizzards end, not yours, but they won't admit it since they don't know what causing the problem.

    They can't admit it until they know what's causing the problem. It may very well be something related to an ISP.
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    posted a message on I think the future of D3 is looking bright tbh.,,
    Quote from Booker64»

    Diablo 3 is the tenth best selling video game of all time! This is quite an achievement especially with quarterly patches constantly changing the game keeping it from getting boring. Sales will continue and I can see this game hitting within the top 5 of all time sales. Kudos to Blizzard for keeping content active. Every patch feels like I am playing a new aspect of the game, making this the longest game that I have ever played.

    Ehh... I kind of get the feeling that anyone playing the game that hasn't gotten bored is either a new player or the kind of player who wouldn't quit in the first place, because Diablo 3 got boring a looooong time ago for most of us.
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    posted a message on Bot??

    A bot is a character being controlled through automated processes, like scripts or external programs. They are used by players who want to collect items and XP without actually being at their computer to do the work.

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    Quote from Kevan»

    Yes. In arpg, loot should be the endgame, not just experience/pl farming.

    Still, i believe that instead of the Best in Slot, it should be trying new builds.

    Not simply that must-have cookiecutter build with that item everybody is looking for, and obviously the rarest one with high costs, low rates or mandatory crafting.

    A bit like poe, with easy, expensive or so-and-so builds.

    And this is why I probably won't ever come back to Diablo 3. The community seems to think that endgame = loot... and that's just not fun. You're playing the same content over and over again. There's no reason that loot should have to be the endgame, but no one is interested in putting any meaningful thought into figuring out an alternative.
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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo is dead

    Here's what I don't get: I check this site pretty regularly and I very rarely see any real complaints about the game. I mean, I'll see complaints about broken mechanics or items, but the community in general seems pretty happy with the game itself.

    Now, me? I quit playing a while ago. I got tired of the endless grind for the sake of more grinding. It's not my type of game.

    But it's clearly your guys' type of game. Blizzard has been updating it pretty regularly, giving you new loot, updated skills, and balance changes. Do you really need another expansion?

    Be honest: If Reaper of Souls had been a patch instead of an expansion, and the game still had only 4 acts, would you really miss the 5th act all that much? You'd still have rifts, greater rifts, and all of the other RoS content, just not the 5th act. It'd be almost the exact same game.

    So, again, do you really need another expansion?

    Quote from tcorneliubrvnext
    I'm with you here. Also if I may add.... what on Earth they could announce when they are still incapable to fix the damn GR issues which actually is the end game in D3.

    If they were working on a new expansion, they'd probably have an entirely new end-game system for it.

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    posted a message on Sick of insane latency spikes

    Could be a firewall problem. Whenever a game is patched, there's a chance that the firewall will stop recognizing it as a safe program and will attempt to restrict network access to it. Have you tried turning off your firewall?

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    posted a message on The furnace is DULL and UNIMAGINATIVE
    Quote from Visendythas»

    Let's petition blizzard to make the more imaginative and interesting weapon powers as effective as the furnace for builds.

    I never really understood the desire to have all items be of equal value. Rarity of items and effects doesn't make the game worse, imo.
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    posted a message on 43 min Queue

    OP: Just in case it isn't obvious from the other posts in this thread, the reason for the long queue is the 2000% chance for legendaries to drop. Anytime that buff is activated, the PTR fills up. A good chunk of this population are people just screwing around and eating up resources while not actively testing anything.

    It's kind of shitty, but it's completely expected considering that the entire point of D3 is to collect legendaries. The PTR community buff is basically cheat mode for these players, so they're out having a blast while it lasts.

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    posted a message on Really blizz, the buff again...
    Quote from tcorneliubrv»

    Quote from xlxShadyxlx»

    The PTR is not meant to be fun. It's meant for testing. If Blizzard feels they need to test things with the buff on, they can. If you don't want to play with the buff, don't play the PTR.

    Not to worry :) The PTR is not meant to play on it also in the last 2 days. The games still gets terminated after 10 minutes and whatever drop you get will dissapear anyway when the game is off. Happy testing! :)

    You realize that problems like this are exactly the reason we have PTRs in the first place, right?

    OP: You will never have the right to complain about anything on the PTR. The PTR is intended to provide a better product. It is not intended for you to play around on and have fun. If you aren't interested in testing and breaking the game, then the PTR isn't for you and you should stick to live servers.

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    posted a message on Blizzard is gonna get stamped as maker of casual easy games.

    they don't give us enough goals to strive for.

    Well, of course they don't. The moment someone suggests something that might open the game up to being more goal-oriented, the community comes around and shuts it right down.

    "Oh, you want them to make the game less about loot? SORRY, NOT INTERESTED!"

    So, what's it going to be? Is Diablo 3 a loot game or is it a goal game? Because everyone I've ever talked to has suggested it's 100% a loot game and that's good enough for them. Coincidentally, that's one of the reasons I quit playing D3 -- I'm not interested in farming the same bullshit day after day after day just for a potential tiny increase in stats. Definitely not interested in starting from scratch every few months.

    Either way, the community is basically getting exactly what they're asking for on this. If you want to blame anyone for the state of Diablo 3, look at the community.

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    posted a message on RORG Trick Successful Question?
    Quote from DrWho345

    RORG Trick successful question?

    I recently got help for my demon hunter with some excellent suggestions, (thanks) one of them being that I need not only a new pair of everything, but also a new Ring of Royal Grandeur, preferably with a socket already and a chance to build CHD and CHC as high as it can go

    I did some research and found that if you don't open chests apart from those u have to, or loot anything else it gives u a better chance at the ring dropping from the horadric caches

    This worked brilliantly, and on the first try, but the ring was crap, and I must go back and continue the search

    Is this trick/method still effective if you farm bounties as a group, or does it only work if you are solo?
    The Junger Method (what you've just described) has never worked. It was devised as a method of using the bad loot-luck timer to your advantage to get legendaries from caches, but it was developed with a false understanding of the system.

    In order for the bad luck system to kick in, you have to go 4-6 in-combat hours without receiving a legendary drop. This is nearly impossible in today's game, even playing on normal mode. At some point, a monster or a breakable is going to drop a legendary before the timer kicks in. Even if it didn't, cache loot (not stats, just loot) is determined when you receive the cache, which, assuming you went 4-6 hours of in-combat game time without getting a legendary, would reset on your first bad-luck cache.

    TL;DR: This method has always been bullshit. You got lucky on your drop, that's it.
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    posted a message on Why Patch 2.1.2 / Season 2 Not Coming Until Feb 2015 - Prediction
    Quote from spitdog
    By calling me a noob hater you are calling MeatHeadMikhail a noob. I don't think he is a noob but I do think he posts videos that have very little relevant content in for members or guests that visit this site frequently.

    Also I burnt 2 calories for typing my first post and 4 more for this post as its longer, so I am getting some exercise by doing so
    He didn't call you a "noob-hater," he called you a "noob hater." The difference is that the first one means that you hate noobs while the second one means that you are a noob that hates.
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    posted a message on Question, Just started playing D3 again
    Season 1 items will start dropping in non-seasonal after Season 1 has finished. The same will go for Season 2 items after Season 2 has finished. And so on.
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    posted a message on Patch before season 2?
    I expect that Season 1 will either end very shortly before the patch or it will end on patch day (as in, the season is over when the servers go down for the patch). Season 2 will start roughly a week after the patch hits.

    That's my guess.
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