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    I'll give a quick critique --
    1) Stat Prioritization
    - Crit % -> Crit Damage -> AS -> Str -> Vit -> Resist / Armor, etc. You're playing a smite / HF/FoH build, which says to me you're playing it more like a wizard, both range based attacks. Nothing wrong with it, I did it as well and have recently moved past it, just felt like I ran out of wrath way too easily and struggled with single target dps. I also used hammers for large crowd dmg. FoH is a straight line and smite is not a large group dmg primary attack. I would recommend playing with hammers to start off with. As you get higher paragon, you'll be afforded more crit % as well. I'd hope your putting your points int Crit %,
    o Reroll Chest to Heaven's Fury dmg if you use that as your secondary skill
    o Reroll Belt to Smite dmg from health regen
    o Reroll Crit Dmg % higher on your ring, 31 is a lower end roll, see if you can get close to 50 (rings suck because they have to come out nearly perfectly rolled... im still actively trying to replace mine... might as well get it as good as you can for now.)
    o Reroll +12% life on your Oculus ring to Crit
    o I'd say reroll your boots, but you don't have a secondary skill, I prefer move speed, in the big picture 518 lps isn't much. see if you can find an optimized pair. If you do go hammers, reroll to blessed hammer dmg.
    o See if you find another shield as well - sockets are basically worthless on a shield, would rather see that in vitality
    o See if you can find a neck with Str + Crt, AS, Crit Dmg - If you had to leave out 1, leave out AS for Vitality
    2)Your toughness is fine - I've got around 5.9 mil with skills and run t2 very easily. Probably more than enough health as well. If I were to guess, you have a problem killing things, but can stay alive for a long time kill them. Keep in mind we just got a 15% overall damage reduction. If you feel like you make those changes and you are a bit squishier, I'd recommend changing the ruin on smite to the stacking life per second
    3)Interesting use of Long Arm + Laws of Valor, I'm assuming you use that for HF spamming, taking it to 20 wrath per use, with 130 base, you get 6 casts out of it. Doing some estimates of your dmg, I'd say you probably hit for around 2mil, crit for 7-8mil -- t1 elites are ~ 50+ mil, meaning you need to have a full wrath meter, which you should, and crit almost everytime to kill 1 of them & assume they are all lined up in a line so you can hit each and every one of them.Not really viable later - even considering t1 mobs have ~5 mil hp.
    If you want to take alook, im using the following -http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wizard-1681/hero/44456623 - I switch heaven's fury & akarats for boss fights. Only reason I've switched to this build is Stalgard's Decimator for single target... 320% dmg weapon that hits multiple targets is too good to pass up. I'm right at about 60% crit (59.9... who is counting) and 381% crit dmg.
    Few other considerations would be to do Justice / Blessed Hammers build (crack + Limitless or thunderstruck) and use the Blunt passive. Don't let me dictate what you do, but this is what has worked for me.
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