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    This is F'ing BS...This push back is ridiculous...they aren't releasing it because of a few bugs in beta my ass, just look at the Cataclysm release almost all of the raids were bugged upon release and they still put it out there. The reason i think this happened is because of WOW (and no I'm not a WOW hater or conspirator that its blizzards baby above all else). But in all honesty, they say that WOW is a different market and that they aren't affected by other games but that is just even more bull.

    When SC2 came out WOW's subscriptions started dropping and haven't recovered since, and that is because of SC2 even if they deny it, and the same will happen when D3 comes out. The difference is that D3 and patch 4.3 would have been close, and patch 4.3 is the conclusion of Cata so they want people on there playing the end of the expansion. I mean seriously this beta could have been release 6 months ago, its almost identical to last years bs they showed at blizzcon and it only took a week to see major issues with the game and address them.

    Im so pissed that I'm just venting on here, DAMN IT!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!
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    its an ok idea, i like the fact that you can respec but it also kills the reason to create multiple chars bc now a sorc can just respec and own whole game just like pally it brings balance but also less of a need to create new chars (not that a light sorc couldnt own already but id say cold is easier to mf some monsters)
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