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    posted a message on Duping in American servers
    So today I found 2 Immortal King helms with EXACTLY the same stats as mine (see pics below).

    Has duping officially hit the American servers?

    Apologies in advance if I'm months behind.

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    posted a message on Luckiest dude ever??
    Who cares, 99% of legendaries are crap anyway. The real luck is how well rolled they are.
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    posted a message on Buying gold in increments on RMAH...processing
    They've changed it now. Even if you buy $1 worth of gold, it goes through the processing stage (although it's much quicker than higher value transactions, like 15-20 min).

    However it's still very annoying as most people who buy gold from RMAH need it urgently to bid on something in GAH.
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    posted a message on Idea for Paragon and Alts
    Quote from thundersteele

    why? You have to level each char from 1-60. Why should it be different for paragon levels?

    Because level 1-60 is a fraction of the time from 1-100 paragon, probably less than 1%.

    People play alts for fun, not efficiency. Before paragon levelling came out, the penalty for playing alts was time spent from 1-60 and minor gold spent on low level gear.

    But in the long haul, if you do not focus on one character, you're gimping yourself way too much, the penalty is not worth the fun derived from playing alts.

    Blizzard need to realize that gearing alts is a massive factor in the economy's activity. At the moment this just isn't happening, which is the reason why non-top tier item market has gradually died out.

    It's sad that I haven't touched any of my alt character since 1.0.4 came out, I'd love to try the other classes but I feel totally gimped by not playing my main.
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    posted a message on barbs 1.05 - defense the way to go again?
    Personally I'd be sticking to WW/sprint, I don't think I can bear the thought of playing more tank builds (shudder at the thought of waiting for revenge procs).

    If I start dying before I can get the tornados going, I'll just stack more vitality. If I find my health gain can't keep up with the damage output, I'll stack more resist/LoH.
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    posted a message on Value guide: Does your rare drop have value?
    Quote from Richtko

    I don't think anyone's saying movement speed doesn't have value, it clearly does. But is it more valuable then AR? Clearly not and it's easy to see by the relative value of the 2 main legendary boots ice climbers and fire walkers. A perfectly rolled pair of rare boots with main stats, AR + MS are very valuable just like the legendary counterparts. Without MS they would still have value, clearly. MS is a secondary stat, required for "godly" boots but Isn't necessary for a pair to be good because as a stat MS holds less value then AR, and primaries and its more likely to be compromised in favor of these other stats. A simple search of the auction and this is easy to see.

    Comparing the value of two stats is not viable, because it depends on so many other factors. Personally if I had to choose between AR or MS on boots, I would choose MS because I can go without the AR. But that choice is moot because Immorta King boots guarantees to have both :)

    You can't really use Ice climber/Firewalker as a comparison because Firewalker has such a weak base stat, whilst Ice Climbers has great base stats, in addition it is the only boot in the game with a socket, plus it has the potential to roll higher than the maximum allowed for the slot.
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    posted a message on Value guide: Does your rare drop have value?
    Quote from Zakaz

    Completely false. Movement speed is another stat that's easily over-valued based on a few specific specs, ignoring the other mass of players who either do not use those specs, or are not wealthy enough to afford the 10mil value you've applied to a single affix they can easily do without.

    Please stop making generalizations over a single stat, it's almost always incorrect.

    Movement speed provides a direct benefit to the thing that matters the most: efficiency. It doesn't matter what spec you are, once you become geared enough, you want movement speed to farm faster.

    There is a reason why movement speed is so valued on high-end items, it's because it's mandatory to reach top efficiency levels. There is no such thing as "over-priced" in an open market, it's based on demand and the truth of the matter is, movement speed is a desirable to a lot of people.

    The reason why rares without movement speed is hard to sell is because it has to compete with set boots, all of which have movement speed.
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    posted a message on Value guide: Does your rare drop have value?
    Quote from Richtko

    Quote from banei

    Good job on the worksheet.
    It's interesting that you list movement speed as "should have" for boots. No matter how good the affixes are on boots, I just trash them if no moveSpd. Am I missing something?

    My MF Ice climbers without movemen speed sold for 50 mil a few hours ago, so I would say movement speed isn't always necessary.

    Iceclimber is a legendary, not a rare.

    Any rare boots without movement speed will pretty much be a sitting duck on the AH, unless it's absolutely a perfect roll.
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    posted a message on Act3 barb cost
    If you are playing WW/sprint, you need the right balance of LoH/All resist/Armor. By balance I mean, your health gain need to outweigh health loss when you get going in the middle of an elite pack no matter what affixes.

    You also need as much crit as possible, preferably 40% fully buffed. Depending on your fury management, you can use either a mighty weapon or Mace/Axe. I recommend using 2 1-hander weapons if you're on a low budget. 2-hander WW/sprint requires uber gear (at least 5 piece Immortal King required).

    Crit damage, strength, and attack speed just make stuff die quicker, but are not essential to make this build works. You also only need enough health to make sure you don't die before your fury builds up. If you have around 500 AR and 5K armor, all you need is around 35K health, from experience. As long as you have enough crit, sustenance, and mitigation, you can hold the WW button whilst keeping sprint out and fly around the elites watching them fall over. This is why this build is relatively cheap because you don't HAVE to have insane damage.

    Reference to my gearing and build: http://us.battle.net...26/hero/1681069.

    If you're dual-wielding, don't use overpower, use Thrive on Chaos instead. Overpower is amazing though, because you can use it without interrupting whirlwind and stuff dies that much quicker, not to mention a permanent 7% crit buff. I'm favouring Attack Speed over crit damage because too much damage is wasted from overkills, and trifecta items are way out of my reach.
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    posted a message on [US] LF Gay Group to Farm
    Quote from OnlyYou

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but i didn't see anywhere in the forum rules that this is against the rules to post something like this.

    Would you be offended if someone made a post saying that they are looking for other "straight people" to play with? Or if they are looking for "other white people" to play with?

    It makes sense to look for a gaming group based on skill level, time zone, age group, or shared language, but I fail to see why you should only choose to play with other gay people.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Blog on Class Changes Coming, PTR Download Button Active On Launcher, Blue Posts, Curse Weekly Roundup
    Quote from Zinjil

    So nerfs get compensated by other ways then. I wonder how and what they will do!

    I'm guessing they will be "re-balancing (i.e. nerfing)" the skills/runes that are deemed absolutely necessary right now, and buffing the underused ones to make them more competitive.

    A good example is the whirlwind/sprint/into the affray/thrive on chaos synergy, I highly doubt Blizzard will leave this alone the way it is. Then there's skills like Overpower/Cleave/Threatening Shout that are overlooked not because they're bad, but simply get eclipsed by better skills.
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    posted a message on Adding Sockets?
    The ability to add additional sockets to helms/weapons is obviously overpowered, but I don't see why they cannot allow adding a socket to other slots.

    In order not to devalue the +socket affix, they should make all items that have sockets manually added become soulbound (untradeable). It will ensure that people only add socket for near "Best-in-slot" items, and provide both a gold-sink and gear-sink the game very much eneds.
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    posted a message on Account suspended?
    Two common ways to get banned:

    - Using the RMAH where the credit card or Paypal account used to fund the purchases does not match yoru battle.net information.
    - Buying gold through the black market.

    Did they state the reason for the suspension in their email?
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    posted a message on Loot is still breaking this game
    It's a complete misconception when people blame Blizzard for balancing loot around the existence of the AH.

    In fact, loot is most likely balanced around the total number of players. The AH is simply created as a convenient replacement for forum trading, trade-chat trading, and other "traditional" means of trading. The RMAH is created to compete with the black market.

    Couple this with the lack of gear sink, and players quitting everyday and dumping their gear onto the market, the base standard of what is considered "decent" gear is going up everyday, slowly but surely.

    So, in summary, reasons for the perceived "bad" loot:

    - Large player pool (AH being the vehicle deliverying the consequences of this)
    - Lack of gear sink
    - More players quitting than new players joining.
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    posted a message on Annoyed
    Think of this game as a slot machine, but instead of inserting coins, you're inserting your time. You could hit the jackpot after one hour, or you could walk away with nothing after 100 hours.
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