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    Found myself a [Unrelenting Phalanx ] for double phalanx, The [Eternal Union] for 200% increased damage on them, Strong arm Bracers for increased knock back and some % Phys items. Paired up with full set akkhans, Im perma stunning / knockbacking never running out of Wrath PONY shooting machine. But no really, if you have these items you have to give this a try, it's insane and did I mention perma CC?
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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?
    Quote from ruksak

    Quote from phoulmouth
    Quote from Mitza
    Quote from Hakeshu

    I hope not. PvP in Diablo series always sucked. Lets stay with the carnage against the hordes and demons of Sanctuary.
    That's bcz you like PvM. You can't tell us it wasn't nice PvP in Diablo II.
    Sure I can. PvP in D2 consisted up a bunch of trolling jackasses joining people games, flagging, and killing them for no reason.
    Somebody has no idea that there was a HUGE melee dueling circuit. All good mannered, rules, tournaments, prizes, clan and our own websites to organize events. Clueless.
    They didn't build d2 around pvp though, they have given you a pvp map in d3, exactly like d2. It was always in act 1. and the moves 1 shotted you most of the time.
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    posted a message on Any Diablo 2 hardcore GM zealers out there ?
    Quote from popje
    Quote from Betrayed

    Sounds neat I would be.
    cool, just need a few more and ill make a guide on how to join the server and everything, there is one already but its in russian. Ill pm the guide thread to everyone interested.
    Hit me up were all avail right now
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    posted a message on Any Diablo 2 hardcore GM zealers out there ?
    I have 3 people who will join. They cannot post.
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    posted a message on Any Diablo 2 hardcore GM zealers out there ?
    Sounds neat I would be.
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    posted a message on Your thoughts on passive Finery?
    Quote from Zanthyst

    I think they are just bitter at what it used to be in the beta. Btw it's 70 str per socket. If you have a socket in your shield, helm, 3 chest, 2 pants, 2 ring, 1 neck then you're at a max of 11 sockets I think. That being said sockets in all those is less than optimal but you could be looking at 770 str on top of the str you're already getting from sockets so that's nothing to scoff at.
    What was it in beta?
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    Once a big pack is dealt with and it's down to 1-2 targets and nothing is on the ground for me to stand in, I have some fury issues. but at that point ill just make sure the chain is hitting them and spam my fury generator. Or ill kite a bit to pick up some more enemy's, but as-long as im taking damage / have more then 6 targets I stay pretty half on my fury if not more.

    My friend has a 2.0 SOJ that would make this build stupid so yeah it would help, I just find no use for one pre 2.0.

    I like the Razor Strop idea, thats even more aoe to pile on, hopefully I pick one up soon.
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    T4 seems to go the smoothest, if I rolled better 2.0 gear I think it could go a lot higher, t5-6 stuff seems to kill me to quick, but the damage is there if i'm in a group party. I could use a lot more crit hit damage and crit, it seems to scale on the chain real nice as well.
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    So I have been messing around a lot lately with new builds, and I saw the fire build post on here. It's around the same idea with HUGE differences with certain items.
    First off the
    Passives - Superstition / Unforgiving / Inspiring Presence ( I don't have fury issues I swap unforgiving out with Nerves of steel )

    Frenzy can be swapped out for Bash or Cleave but I prefer frenzy for when I need single target considering the build is HEAVY aoe otherwise.
    Whirlwind is to be left on Volcanic Eruption for fire damage.
    Ground stomp should be left on Trembling stomp for the same reason
    Into the fray is great damage boost still /is also great heal especially with the passive, Inspiring Presence.
    War cry Invigorate is a great heal especially with the passive, Inspiring Presence.
    Wrath of the Berserker is still solid just purely for the CC break/ immunity but the damage is also insane on slaughter with a lot of mobs.

    Now this build works with my normal items ( old WW build ) just fine. but IT REALLY got crazy when I found/crafted the following.



    Archon Gloves of Strength ( Blacksmith )

    Amulet of Strength ( Jewler)

    Stone of Jordan ( 6% fire helps but is not worth a big dps loss if the ring is not 2.0 )

    Anything else that can roll fire damage and still provide Crit / Crit hit damage / Strength / Vit / All resist.

    Why this build is so nuts. NOTE: I could not find any online links to 2.0 gear if someone knows where I could find them please share.

    Maximus - new stats are nothing like what I linked. The new sword has 15-20% fire damage increase / Strength / Fire damage roll as well as some other properties it could roll. The main thing here is the proc- Summons a demonic slave to fight by your side.

    That sounds meh, but the add it spawns is pure fire damage and melees for 40-90k a hit. Ontop of that it links a fire chain with you, and with the current gear I stacked ( not very good but % fire damage ) this fire chain ticks for 400-900k a second to any enemy that goes between it.

    The up time of this Demonic slave is very very high, I almost never don't have him when fighting a pack of mobs He is proced A LOT.

    Firewalkers- The firewalkers I linked are nothing like the new ones, The ones I seemed to roll had 12% movement speed, a good amount of strength and all resist and the new proc is 100% weapon damage as a fire trail behind you as you walk WHICH is great for WW.

    The rest of the items are just for the % fire damage to increase the fire chains ( which it has gone up when I took gear on and off. )
    You still want your normal stats of Str / Crit / Crit hit / Movement speed/ All resist.

    I provide myself with enough healing through Invigorate / Double shout / Inspiring pressence and some life on hit on a few items.

    I have burned a T4 Keywarden in 20-40 seconds when I hit a sweet spot in the corner where he got hit by my fire chain / WW / and boots. It hits VERY hard if done right.

    Packs of 30+ mobs melt insanely fast down to champs left over, which I finish off easily.

    The numbers below are only from my templar ( the lower number, and my demon the crit yellows. )
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    I'm pumped for clans...

    ... as long as they increase the maximum amount of players that can play together :P otherwise I don't really care that much about the feature.

    Seriously, I kinda understand why they can't make a coop with that, but there's nothing stopping them from putting 2 teams of 4 players against each other competing in similarly randomized Loot Runs and Nephalem Trials (or Exploring/Devil's-Hand/Bounty-mode if these are doable).

    Do it, Blizzard!

    Ouuu that would be fun and an easy way to add a ladder for certain things.
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    posted a message on Clans Finally!
    Who else is extremely pumped for clans? They added a ton of clan strings titles, rank, ladder rank, clan bonus. I say about time. I spent most of my D2 days in a wc3 channel with wc3 admin bots. Really held runs together and organised it well.

    They also said in the king kongor interview that they would like to do something like the old D2 chat setup with a character at the bottom, can't wait to see how that pans out.

    This game will thrive so freaking hard if they make the social aspect and UI well done. ( which it's no where near atm )
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    posted a message on Exactly how i feel about D3
    I use to care... Until I found path of exiles now im excited like a little kid.
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    posted a message on Happy New Year From Blizzard and DiabloFans, ProzaicMuze's Weapon Throw Barb Guide, DiabloFans "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway,
    Have a fantastic 2013, everyone...All depending on what they decide to actually do with this game... atm it will be a terrible 2013 for them.
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    posted a message on Still no PvP? How about...
    You have some of your team work on things this game desperately needs. ( simple things that could be added while we wait and wait and wait for PvP or more blog post on monster affixes, only about 10 of them a week that solve few issues.)

    Clan Support
    Chat channels
    Randomization in the world even remotely....
    Create a game function ( Trade games, Duel games, Act 1 games etc etc. )
    More then 30 people doing the most popular quest aka change the way linking with community works
    Doing Act 1 - Diablo in one game keeping NV stacks.
    Having gear less dependent on your weapon
    There is very very few unique item visuals
    Some sort of optional ladder system
    Better home screen ( such as the one the guy posted on here not to long back or an updated one )
    Better RMAH or AH functionality such as tracking items, shift clicking items, maybe item for item exhange etc etc ( I mean game is based on AH now. )
    announcements on what their working on whether it be new classes, new maps, anything to let us know were not doing the same none randomized map forever.
    Give bosses an update with better random mechanics ( reasonable )
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    posted a message on TorchLight II could of killed D3 IF.
    I'm very confident that Torchlight II could of beat Diablo 3 game play wise and content wise if only they didn't let it run wild like open battle net.

    Has anyone tried Torch Light II? You join a game and you have all the gold in the world / duped items / stupid modded weapons. Why couldn't they have kept these modded games and regular games separate Diablo 2 had two different character rosters, open battle net, and ladder / non ladder. Did this bother anyone else? IT completely ruined this games chance to flourish with trading/bartering some sort of item based economy... a reason to farm items... etc etc.
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