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    posted a message on Followers and DPS
    I think the Scoundrel does. The general roles appear to be for the followers:

    Templar: Healing, Tanking
    Scoundrel: DPS, minor CC
    Enchantress: buffs, CC

    That said they never really do much DPS anyways. I think like, 4k at most or so?
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    posted a message on Blizzard refuse to reimburse my RMAH auction which failed
    Almost inevitably with these types of posts the OP is not giving us the whole story. Why not try copy/pasting, word for word, everything that you've said to Blizzard and vice versa? Obviously take out sensitive info e.g. names, bank account details, email addresses, etc.

    It's just like all those posts on the official forums where someone is claiming Blizzard are horrible, then a CM comes into the thread and politely destroys their argument with the facts. like that guy who was complaining about GM ticket times, only for it to transpire that he'd made thousands of tickets in a ridiculously short amount of time.
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    posted a message on Diablo Endgame: which would you prefer
    Progressing through Inferno is challenging: it constantly requires you to change your tactics, stay aware of your surroundings, and put in a ton of effort to get through the entire thing.

    Levelling on the other hand (assuming the difficulty remains at Hell level), is just a mindless grind. Easy and faceroll. Boring.

    I'm fine with grinding gear to progress through Inferno: just to get more levels though? Boring.
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    posted a message on LMFAO Natayla Set Set Bonus To Stay
    Quote from Barael
    c) Just go "fuck it" and spend a few work days worth of income in the RMAH and get 4 pieces instantly.

    It's sort of obvious what Blizzard would like me to do at this point, ain't it?

    I like how so many RMAH whiners seem to ignore one fact about it: no matter what item sells (not commodities), Blizz get the exact same amount from it. £1 (or $1, or 1 euro). It doesn't matter if they make the item worth hundreds of real currency, or if they make it so it'll sell for £2. Blizzard get the same cut no matter what. Hell, if anything it'd be worse for them to make super awesome items, because then people will want to sell the item outside of the RMAH (to avoid the cut and get more than £250 from the sale of the item).

    Sure, maybe this will encourage more people to buy on the RMAH than before, but the difference is miniscule in the grand scheme of things.

    And no, Demon Hunters will never be balanced around assuming they all have 4 set bonus. Never. Getting a full set of gear in D3 is infinitely more difficult than in WoW, so you simply cannot use WoW experience to try and predict what will happen in D3.

    The idea of D3 is that eventually, you will be able to completely faceroll the content. You will be an overpowered god of destruction with the right gear. That is absolutely acceptable and expected. This is why you can't use WoW experience with D3: in WoW you're all meant to be balanced and constantly challenged. Yes, you do get better gear thus making the content easier, but nowhere near the same level as D3.
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    posted a message on No more reflect damage elites?
    I've been getting more, if anything. Which is fine: I can easily outheal/resist the damage on my Monk. Bring them on, I say!

    Reflect damage - extra health - health link - Waller as melee. Easy times. (would take a while to kill though :P)
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    posted a message on Found an Amulet for my Monk, Sell or Keep?
    That thing is worth several millions. Bloody hell. 37% gold find and 24% magic find? Wow. Perfect farming amulet.

    I wouldn't be able to give you an exact price, but you could be very rich with that thing. That said, it may be worth in the long run to keep it and use it to farm: that way you may get an even better item, or at least a lot more gold!
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    posted a message on Fresh 60 with 8.5 mil to spend, how far can I get?
    In no particular order:

    Resist all
    1 chosen resistance (doesn't matter which, so long as you choose one and stick with it)
    Crit chance
    Life on hit
    Improved attack speed

    These are the main stats to keep an eye out for. There are certainly others that help too (crit damage, f.ex.) but they aren't as necessary.

    1 hander + shield, dual wielding, or a 2 hander works, though 2 hander kind of falls to the wayside when you get into Act 3/4. Works for Act 1 and 2 though. If you're just getting started, a 1 hander and a shield works wonders. Try to get as much block chance as possible on the shield.

    Use an amethyst in your weapon and helm, emeralds otherwise. You don't need much vitality but having it on a few items will help a lot. The main thing is dexterity and those resistances, really. Those form a great foundation: you can work on individual stats from there.

    EDIT: You know, I have to ask... How on earth did you manage to make 8.5 million before dinging 60? I know you said you've farmed Hell a lot, but bloody hell. I only recently got the 'loot 5m gold' achievement, and I've had a level 60 since launch week...
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    posted a message on Is there a "most common" resistance?
    Each resist should, in theory, have the same chance to appear as all the others. I know I haven't really noticed any resists dropping more often than the others.

    I notice arcane resist when it drops, but that's only because I've chosen to stack that as a Monk using One With Everything.
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    posted a message on The Diablo 3 Predictions Thread
    1. Yes. That's a given.

    2. Very doubtful. Dying with a inventory full of loot that you don't plan on using, only selling? To lose 10% durability on all of that would suck hard.

    3. Not a chance. We've moved away from that, with good reason. Picking stat points is arbitrary and ultimately pointless: people will figure out 'optimal' builds anyway, so it's just an unnecessary complexity.

    4. Possible.

    5. Probably going to happen, yes. Then again, there'll be new players joining a lot, and the amount of players will naturally drop over time... Maybe it'll keep itself balanced. Who knows.

    6. No real opinion on this, depends on what exactly you have in mind.

    7. I have no idea why they'd do this. You go to the server that is closest to your location: there is absolutely no need to switch to America or Asia if you're based in Europe (with the sole exception of playing with friends over there, in which case you'd probably make a new character to play with them anyway). This would be an ultimately pointless thing, so I can't see it happening.

    8. A random dungeon mode sounds pretty cool. Entirely possible!

    9. New classes, totally. Only a matter of time.

    10. Yep: Blizzard are constantly working hard to improve the game, same as all their franchises. I have faith that they will continue to do the same with Diablo 3.

    As for my own predictions... I don't know to be honest, you covered the ones I would've thought of. Usually I don't bother with predictions, I just trust Blizzard to make the right decisions. They haven't let me down yet.
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    posted a message on Melee Classes in Inferno, patch 1.0.3
    Quote from RagnorakDevi

    I mentioned that I played D2 for a decade? I figured that would hint that I was used and enjoyed the grind/farming items. Guess not.

    It's not the issue that I have to go and farm the items. It's that I'm incapable of doing said farming. As for going back to hell and farming lower level items, maybe I'm just having terrible luck there, because I haven't seen more than maybe one useful thing in a month of going back and forth between the hardest two difficulties.

    That being said, the issues I brought up are still relevant as far as gold. I'm not making empty complaints and insults about it, I've given examples and such. But then again, not all of the forum community is known for it's intellectual replies.

    You certainly did mention that you've played D2 for a decade, yet apparently you have a problem with D3 when it asks you to do the exact same thing that D2 did. Somewhat confusing.

    Inferno is a brand new difficulty. D3 hell = D2 hell. So if you had no issues with farming for D2 in Hell, then you should have no issues with farming for D3 in Hell either.

    Why is gold farming unfun, while D2 farming is? You're killing monsters for loot in either scenario. It's the exact same thing: the gameplay hasn't changed, so there's only one option left. You've changed and no longer find the same thing fun anymore. Which is ok, but not any fault of Blizzard's.

    As a final note, calling people idiots because they give you an opinion you dislike isn't really a great way to make friends, nor carry a decent discussion.
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    posted a message on Melee Classes in Inferno, patch 1.0.3
    Diablo 3 is a farming game, same as Diablo 2 before it. If you're struggling in Inferno, you go back a difficulty and farm to get better gear/gold to buy better gear, then go back and progress further.

    That's the entire point of the game. If this is likely to burn you out, then I'm afraid D3 may not be the game for you.
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    posted a message on iLVL means nothing in this game? Blizzard Trolling?
    Throw all knowledge of WoW out the window for D3. Completely different systems.

    ilevel 63 items have a better chance to give better stats, but that doesn't mean they will. It's all random. Yep, that means it's going to suck hard when you see your 10th 'reduces level requirement by 7'/+20 poison resistance' blue, but it also means it feels fantastic when you get that '+200 dexterity/+500 damage/+50% damage' rare weapon. It's all relative.
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    posted a message on Nephalem Valor - a possible revamp
    All this 'letting NV stack higher' would only encourage playing for several hours at once, which really wouldn't go down well.

    5 stacks NV then boss is flexible. Going up to 10, 15, or even 20 (god forbid) would mean you can't just spend 1 hour at a time; you'll feel forced to clear entire acts before touching a boss.

    And how bad would it feel if you've cleared everything possible, done everything you can, yet still miss that one stack necessary before hitting a boss? It wouldn't be the end of act boss, but one like the Skeleton King or Ghom. That'd feel really crap.

    As it is, 5 stacks NV then boss (then going after extra elites if you have the time) feels good. You could just do your boss run if that's all the time you have; alternatively, if you have more time, you can keep searching for those elites. You get tons of rares from this process already; adding more NV stacks would horribly bloat the game.

    You're meant to spend several weeks/months to get gear. That's the entire point of the game. You're not meant to get fully geared in days, that's the extreme minority.
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    posted a message on Best Solo Farmer after 1.0.3 patch
    The class you find the most fun.

    All of them are good farmers, but if you're not having fun then you're going to suck at it. If you're having fun, you'll try harder, so you'll farm better!
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    posted a message on How to achieve 25-30K DPS?
    Quote from Sarve
    You running without LoH then? How does that work?

    I have 300 LoH (star amethyst), but yeah, a very slow attack speed. Mainly I've got a lot of defensive stats so I don't take the damage in the first place. Also a lot of avoiding damage, haha.

    It's not optimal, but the high DPS means I kill stuff before it can kill me. Usually. For reference, I've cleared Act 2 and am farming both that and Act 1 for a while before I get into Act 3. Ideally I'd have a one hander and a shield, but I take what I can get.
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