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    Quote from akmrgreen

    If your going to try and bash on what a person think's or say's, at least KNOW what they are TALKING about...... /FAIL

    NV stacks to get bosses to drop anything worthwhile: bosses without NV has the same chance to drop stuff as D2 bosses did. So NV is just a bonus, nothing more. You can get rares without NV. Besides, not like it's difficult to get

    Whimsyshire vs cow level: they're both secret levels that you farm for loot. The type of mob is irrelevant: if you're seriously upset that it's ponies instead of cows, then there's nothing that anyone can say to console you. As for the runes... It's a type of loot to farm, at its basic level. You farm loot in the cow level, farm loot in Whimsyshire. That's it.

    Running specific places for specific loot: we don't know yet if there's specific places for specific loot in D3, if there is any at all. Even if there aren't, that just means you have choice. You don't have to farm that one boss you hate: you can do the bits you love instead. Or mix it up. You have choice, not rigid rules.

    I didn't play D2: oh noes, my dark sekrit. I'm still allowed to have an opinion, and I am quite knowledgeable about D3 by this point (at least as much as anyone else who has played it a lot over the past month). I'm comparing the things the OP mentioned to actual things in D3, because if that's all the evidence he's going to provide, then it's all anyone can logically use.

    PvP should've been in at launch: yeah, probably. But it wasn't, so what's the point in crying about it now? It's coming ASAP, end of story.

    D2 Hell = D3 Inferno: if you're able to severely overgear D2's Hell, as you state, then no, it's nowhere close to D3's Inferno. With lesser difficulty means more viable builds: if content is more difficult, then fewer builds will be able to defeat it. D2 Hell = D3 Hell. Inferno is something else entirely.

    Can only collect alt gear on alts: nothing stopping you changing difficulties and going back on your main to farm that stuff.

    Collecting uniques/legendaries on the AH: so the same way you could buy items from dodgy third party sites or trade for them in D2? Blizzard have implemented a convenient method of getting loot. You don't have to use it: you can farm for everything yourself. Takes longer, but isn't that what you want? More content/time spent?

    Blacksmithing/gambling comparisons: again, you're saying they're different just for the sake of saying they're different. Let's break it down.

    In D2, you went to that NPC, bought an item from him, identified it, maybe got something cool.
    In D3, you go to the blacksmith, craft an item, maybe get something cool.

    Both cost gold, both have an element of randomness. Basically the same thing. You can look at two rocks and say they're entirely different things: doesn't change the fact that they're both rocks.

    Stuff I said wasn't important: tell me why they're awesome. Did they honestly add meaningful depth to the gameplay, or were they just unnecessary complexities?

    For the rest you haven't actually disagreed with me, so meh.
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    posted a message on Things to do in Diablo 3..
    Yours went into more depth, I just cheated and commented on his post. :P Also you make points I didn't think of! So it's all good.
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    That is the most biased and one-sided wall of text I've ever seen. Let me add a few comments to your list:

    Quote from FadeBlack
    Things you could do in Diablo 2 (Post 1.10 patch) :

    -Endless Andy Nm runs for SoJ's
    - Endless Meph hell runs to get regular uniques.
    -Endless Pindle Runs to get the best uniques.
    -Baal runs for xp/ball kill for best uniques

    These are all basically the same thing. Running a boss over and over for loot. You can do that with D3 too, funnily enough.

    -Cow Runs for runes and moo's - Whimyshire is the same thing.

    -Act 1 Pit
    -Act 1 Countess for runes
    -Act 2 Sewers
    -Act 3 Lower Kurast chest runs
    -Act 3 Kurast council for runes/loot
    -Unique clearing in act V

    Again, you're just listing stuff that you can do in D3. You've got 4 acts to clear for loot in D3 as well.

    -Nihlathak runes
    -Uber runs
    -Search for Diablo clone

    I've read about the ubers and admittedly, D3 does not have this. But neither did D2 at launch, so.

    -Break every single chest in a tc 87+ area. - You can do this in D3...

    -PvP in any part of the world in a 8 player game - PvP is coming in patch 1.1.

    -Play with ridiculous and fun builds (Infinity sorc come to mind) - You can do this in D3, provided you don't go into Inferno (as D2 only went up to Hell as well: if D2 had Inferno, trust me, you wouldn't have all these 'wacky builds' floating around)

    -Collect low level sets for alts (Sigon <3) - there are low level sets in D3 too, go ahead and collect those...

    -Have fun having tons and tons of uniques (They where mostly useless if you where looking for the perfect one...but....hell..they dropped like hot candy). - there are tons of uniques in D3 too, and you don't even seem concerned with their quality, so you can go ahead and collect them in D3 as well

    -Gamble for uniques/uber yellows - blacksmithing is the same system

    -Gamble with horadric cube for charms
    -Finding white socketed items for runewords (And finding the perfect ones)
    -Socket and name your items

    Not in D3, but this doesn't sound all that important to me, so whatever.

    -Do meaningful, rewarding quest ( Ania's resistance quest come to mind...) - there's a bunch of sidequests in D3, and the story is better in D3, in that it actually exists.
    -If you wanted too....clear the whole game within the same game - which you can do in D3...

    -Low level uniques where used, you could farm for them in Nightmare... - again, can do this in D3. I used a unique/legendary on my low level Demon Hunter for about 10 levels.

    If you're going to bash D3, at least don't appear so hopelessly one-sided and biased.
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    Quote from SeppTB

    Now I'm wondering how many people picked arcane because it shows up first in the drop down filter list =)

    You got me. :D It works well though, haha.
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    I don't really like way of a hundred fists: I find you're standing still far too long. Fists of Thunder though is very quick and has the knockback at the end, which helps a lot with reducing damage taken.

    So yeah: I'd go for fists of thunder personally.
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    Dual wielding works pretty well for monks. From there, use Mantra of Conviction with Overawe rune and keep the 3 second buff up. Assuming you can survive without evasion or healing :P
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    Quote from Jack00
    There was this Barb on act 2 with crazy gear, all he was using was cleave, i didnt see him use any spells besides berserker and volcano, so please, don't come here and tell me you need skills to play this game a 10 years old could play.

    So in your own words, you are less skilled than a 10 year old. Interesting. Cheer up, I'm sure you're not that bad! :D

    D3 is a gear-focused game. With the changes in 1.0.3, it's a lot easier to farm the gear you need in the earlier acts, while also making it easier to progress in the later acts. If you kept farming Act 1 Inferno until you were sick of it pre-1.0.3 (when it wasn't as lucrative), thus meaning you're even more sick of it post 1.0.3 when it can drop some useful stuff... That's not really anyone's fault but your own.

    Personally I can't wait to log in and get farming. Going to try progressing first, but if that doesn't work I'm totally up for farming act 1 some more. Still having fun, because I haven't gorged myself on the game. Pace yourself, maybe take a break and come back later. If you do the same thing over and over, no matter what it is, you're going to get sick of it.
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    posted a message on Completely screwed/scammed from recent Diablo patch
    Assuming you're telling the truth (which I completely don't believe, but let's run with it)...

    Whether you paid $250 or $125, or even $2, doesn't matter. Blizzard get the exact same amount of money regardless. $1.

    Some lucky player got your money instead. So not only is your whining ignorant, it's also directed at the entirely wrong person/people!

    Lesson learned, and I hope it wasn't your parents' credit card that paid this bill.
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    Quote from jeleh
    Once again, a huge achi and grats, but severe lack of actual skill on the kill, I farm diablo on both my wiz and WD in SC, given that i dont outgear the encounter i actually had to learn and deal with the mechanics, watching those guys outgear and take everything in the face/cheesing just felt underwhelming.

    To be honest, overgearing the encounter is the only way to go when you're doing it on Hardcore. Otherwise one slipup will mean death, which would mean the loss of hundreds of hours of work.

    So if they have to overgear it, they may as well go all out and be able to soak all damage, thus be able to do more DPS. It may seem wrong, but it's pretty much the only safe way to go. I don't blame them for doing it that way.

    Huge congratulations to them for the achievement!
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    posted a message on Banned for obscense language in official forum. Really?
    You're rude, ignorant, condescending and downright horrible. Yes, you deserved the ban. If you really can't see why, then you need some lessons in social etiquette.

    Besides, GW2 will have no maintenance? Yeah... I'll believe it when I see it. :P
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    Blizzard intend on allowing you to use battle.net balance for those things. Eventually. Give them some time.
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    (Accidental double post)
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    This one's funny more due to timing than anything else. I had just killed the Butcher, who as you'll know constantly goes on about how human flesh is tasty and all that. Immediately after killing him:

    Enchantress: I'm hungry...

    Me: O_O.
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    posted a message on How to Cancel any Diablo 3 Auction!

    Been using this method a couple of days, laughed out loud when I saw this working the first time.
    They might as well just remove the lock-out, so retarded haha.

    They are removing it. Probably partly for this reason.

    I think they had an idea that they ran with, but then realised it was more trouble than it was worth. And yeah, this exploit surfaced. So they're removing the lockout thing entirely, easiest and best.
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    posted a message on Hell difficulty, the AH and gear upgrades
    If you buy the right items, Hell will become utter faceroll. That said, I don't think the AH is necessary before Inferno: indeed, I didn't buy anything until I hit Inferno and realised I needed to start min-maxing my gear.

    Before that point, on my Monk, if I started struggling I would go back an act or two and farm up some gear/EXP. Maybe upgrade a couple gems, switch my spec around a bit, that sort of thing. If I remember rightly I had to go back and farm at least once per Act:

    -First time, I got stuck making my way towards the Halls of Agony. I went back to the start of Act 1 and managed to get through from there
    -Second time, I got stuck in the many dungeons on the way to Zoltun Kulle. Went back to Act 1 and played all the way through again, then had no serious issues
    -First half of Act 3 was easy enough, but I struggled on the second half. So I went back to the start of Act 3 again (this time dinging 60 in the process), then managed to get through the second half.
    -Act 4 I struggled a fair bit with, but I don't think I had to go back at all actually. I skipped a few champion packs though (including this vampiric/fast affix that I just couldn't DPS through, they healed too much)
    -Wiped for about an hour on Diablo before killing him.

    Hell was certainly a lot of fun on my first go through. Second time on my Demon Hunter was lolfaceroll because I decked her out in tons of awesome gear. :P

    Inferno is a completely different story though. You will need to use the AH a lot if you want to make timely progress without weeks of farming. The game is doable without the AH, but you'll take a hell of a lot longer to farm the gear yourself.
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