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    Quote from LeChokeJames

    They're making it both easier and harder at the same time by offering options to select your own play difficulty.

    Yet somehow, some way, people will find a way to complain about it catering to one specific subset of players that they don't believe they belong to.

    This comment isn't getting any love.

    Exactly my thoughts. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Why are people crying over a preview? It only highlights a few changes. they have said they are buffing most skills.

    the previews are just highlighting a few underutilized skills. The patch notes when they come out will have every skill buff in there and then you can commence your crying.
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    Add in Northern Highlands (watchtower along eastern edge) before or after cemetery.

    That is my run with my monk and barb.
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    Quote from Kblavkalash

    Quote from Soth

    Quote from Kblavkalash

    I do Act3 run in 1.5+ or so hours. And yeah items i sold + items i have now would cost more than billion.
    so, let me apologise

    All my friends quit D3 due to the stupid loots. I farmed for 300 hours only to find out the game is really builded around AH and to find some upgrade for me means many hour of farming again.
    I still like this game, but from my point of view they should fix some itemization fast

    Game is build around trading but so was D2. The difference is that D2 hell was easy even without good gear, in D3, on the other hand, you won't do much without good gear.

    Also, how does finding something good in D2 was any different? I remember doing whole day meph runs and finding a single Shako and being really happy. Good loot was very rare in D2 as well, and everyone was trading like crazy.

    Didn't play D2, but didn't only go to Hell difficulty? They put Inferno in so people would have a tougher time going through the game. Which to them tougher time equals the need for better gear.

    All difficulties til inferno are pretty easy. Even act 1 inferno isn't that tough. And what all I've read about D2 you had to farm and farm all day just to trade some items and do dupe people for some small upgrades so you trade those for the item you are looking for. Difference of D3 is that you can farm all day and get some decent loot to sell on the AH and all that gold(which i read was mostly useless in D2) and take that gold and browse the auction house for something that might be a small up grade for you to progress through inferno.
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    RNG is RNG. You're getting more rares with higher mf. More rares = more chances at maybe one of those being a decent item. Decent item to me is anything selling over 500k.

    I can't even touch act 3 yet. Just finished act 2 and been farming act 1. I've had a bunch of good drops. Good drops are anything I sell for over a million.

    Your item rolls can't produce OMG awesome items 50%. the game would be broken. Even if they did 10% it still would. With as much rares as you can get in a good hour of farming. If there was better rolls for the items I'd have completed inferno on multiple toons by now.
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    Quote from bmiha

    Damn, you are a bunch of worthless melee players then ,I 've got several monk / barbarian friends, who are facerolling act 2 , don't even wanna mention act 1 cause that's really too easy, once you get 1 or 2 good items. As a ranged ,there are more hard combinations of elites than when you are melee, if you disagree ,you're just a clueless random guy. As a melee, you can more easily get the invulnerable minion elite packs , which is not as easy for ranged ,since you need to kite a horde of minions ,while trying to also get the boss ,which is quite easier for a melee class,who can just run in middle of them ,use some defensive cooldowns , smash the boss ,get away back, run in again ,and that's it. Also, mortars are harder for melee ? hahhahaahh ,now that's a fucking joke, as a melee ,if you get hit by a single mortar strike,then you really need to stop playing the game. Seriously, let's say you're a barbarian ,and you get a mortar elite packs ,how ,seriously ,how can you get hit by mortar ?? How bad do you play, that's unbelieveable....

    There's also a missile dampening affix ,which is another fuck up for ranged.

    Overall , inferno act 2 + is a lot harder for ranged than for melee, if blizzard thinks otherwise ,they're just completely retarded ,and they already showed that they actually are. We struggle against mortar , fast melee packs , invulerable minion, vortex ( also 1 shots me ) , misille dampening (if it also has some other hard affixes ,if it's only mis.dam. it's easy) , I mean.. Barbs and monks take 30 % less damage ,barb has a variety of good defensive CDs and a monk can just dodge almost everything ,use invulnerability, healing and other stuff , if you can't progress past act 2 as a melee ,then you're shit and please, stop whining and playing'

    I'm a fucking wizard and I'm in act 3 inferno now ,even against all these impossible elite pack combinations taking 30 % more damage than you guys... lol. And I'm not using the tactic, glass cannon ,go outside the screen area so mortar doesn't hit you ,and die 15 times to kill an elite pack , those kinds of players are also pretty retarded. Thanks to them ,repair costs now will be 100k+ ,which is really great. Another intelligent thing from the blizzard.

    Just awesome ....

    Sounds like to me you are what you are calling those barbs and monks except you are ranged.

    As melee if you have good gear then you can roll through most acts(or so I've read.) I haven't been to act 2 yet just farmed the end of hell for a few great upgrades and now I'm facerolling through act 1.

    As ranged you shouldn't ever get hit. Just stack damage and boom watch them drop. If you want more survivability then welcome to melees world where you have to stack survive stats along with damage.
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    I love the change. I love the jewel change and hope it extends to blacksmith. I love the drop rate increase.

    Anyone complaining about inferno needs to look at the numbers.

    The game has sold around 6 and a half million.

    Blizzard stated on average everyone has 3 characters.

    That is 19,500,000 characters created so far.

    Only 1.9% of those made into inferno.

    So only 370,500 characters have made it to inferno. Still a small number compared to 19 million.

    They also stated 80% of characters was still in normal. So this inferno change will affect a small group of players and people won't be bashing their heads against their keyboards no more.
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