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    While I agree, there is way too much bitching on these forums about the game;
    I don't think that's any reason to be bitter or outright berate people.

    And yes, there are a lot of kids who play this game, even though it is rated M.
    I started playing Diablo 2 when I was around 10 because it was dark and gritty and the RPG elements got me hooked.
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    Quote from Maerlimi

    Quote from OneOfAllXoria

    yeeeeeeeeeeeah . "WE DONT NERF INFERNO" "INFERNO IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY". And what u did in 1.0.3 NERF IT ! U SUCK BLIZZARD !!! Now every fuckin' n00b will clear inferno, remember this. U FUCKED DIABLO LIKE U FUCKED WoW Classic !!!
    The new prices for gems ... REALLY ? REALLY ? REALLY ? U want hard game u make it when u released and now u fucked it HARD and make it easy....

    DUMB - Monsters will not longer have bonus damage per additional player in coop games.
    • DUMB - Act 1 feels just how they want it.
    • DUMB - Getting to Act 2 is to large of a step, if a barb and monk can clear Act 1 with an offensive build and murder everything, they should be able to switch to a defensive build and do okay in Act 2
    • DUMB - Act 2,3 and 4 will have have monster health and damage adjusted to make them fit smoothly.

    Wow someone's mad. Diablo3 difficult is ok. Want a challenge? Get out of your nerd room and face real-life.

    quote for truth man.

    Anyways, this fixes a lot of the major flaws that people have been complaining about since the majority has reached inferno. Great changes it's good to see that blizzard is listening.
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    thanks i'll take that into consideration.
    On the point about IAS not being taken advantage of when you're constantly running from mobs.
    Does that warrant instead going for +crit chance or +crit dmg on items like rings?
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    Hey guys, I just hit 60 and I need some help determining if I should spend my saved up gold on a 2 handed bow or crossbow.

    I recently discovered how awesome the crit build is with sharpshooter and nether tentacles so I'd like go for a xbow for the + crit dmg from archery but I could go for a bow for +15% flat damage.

    I guess could put an emerald in a bow that already has + crit damage to make up for it? Thoughts?

    If I'm gonna drop a lot of gold on a weapon then I want to make sure I make the right choice. Any help is appreciated.
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    this. duel wielding these bad boys.
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