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    I got a nice set ring and a bunch of demonic essences while doing ghom runs for about an hour.
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    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from Cryomatic
    Am i the only one who think they all did this in order to maybe make a little more money? i dont really believe in their answer, the cost is so gigantic for a simple thing that it can only be to create a bigger need of gold wich will eventually translate to more transaction and more money and well its either the wheels of fortunes or a viscious circles...or both...whats your own opinion?

    You're not the only one to think that, nope. But I disagree. I don't wanna call out for tinfoil hat again, but it's tiring to read that every change is somehow connected to "Blizz wants make money". People don't get that the ONLY WAY for Blizzard to make money is to engage people in playing 24/7. They have absolutely the same goals as we do - they want an awesome game that provides you with such an awesome experience that you can't move away from your computer. Then, and only then, you'll be willing to use all their features, including their AH (and maybe RMAH). Do you think a player who is absolutely frustrated will put in a shitload of money on the RMAH? Even if said player does, do you really think it'll bring him back to the game for good?

    In their answers they explain this perfectly: a character acquired through the AH doesn't feel like "your character". It's unlikely that you'll spend a couple of hundred hours with that character that doesn't feel like yours. Seriously, all their answers are about "how can we move players away from the AH". I'm sorry to say that, but I feel like it's tinfoil hat time if you interpret it as a big conspiracy and their real goal is the opposite (to make you use the AH more often). Hell, look at the crafting recipes; once you get an awesome amulet, you won't be looking at the AH for amulets ever again.

    Thank You. Well said and my thoughts exactly. I am very excited for this patch, the game continues to get better and people still bitch.
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