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    So this was actually the first build I was able to get "going" when S3 went live due to some very weird luck with my RNG. My hexing pants were abysmal (ty smartloot for giving me an int pair with armor and life regen), but I was able to make one little change to make this build completely faceroll in T6: Goldwrap. This belt, when combined with avarice band + boon of the hoarder, makes you damn near invincible... if you can keep the buff up. In dense rifts you don't need to try at all, but if you encounter sparse rifts and your toughness is naturally low, you have to be very careful.

    In order to keep my hatred up, I had to roll hatred per sec on my offhand (a K'mar Tenclip until I can get a calamity) and my chest. Additionally, I had to use hexing pants (when the buff is active, it improves hatred/s effects including the archery bonus for offhand hand crossbows). While I'm not quite hatred neutral, I'm damn near close.

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    Part of the problem is your build is inconsistent. You have cull the weak, but no reliable way to slow targets. Your best bet is to drop marked for death for Polar Sentry, and use that to proc cull the weak + bane of the trapped. The 4 set bonus, like steady aim, relies on keeping enemies away from you to maintain your buff, so I'd also recommend dropping smoke screen for vault. Finally, I'd recommend a focus/restraint combo instead of your current rings, and use the set pants. If you don't have them, maybe using a pair of frostburns instead will greatly help your surivability (mass freezing everything sounds pretty good) in combination with maybe iceblink?

    Unfortunately, unless you have a kridershot, you really need a Dead Man's Legacy in S3 to make UE shine. Going the hungering arrow build doesn't really strike me as viable for clearing GR's solo (and honestly, I still don't see it being worthwhile to have a build based around PURELY single target damage in group GRs, even CA builds had some AOE).

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    Quote from Vanthere»

    I cant imagine any situation where doubling your damage would be inferior to any amount of RCR.

    It's actually +125% (or 225% of your normal damage). The two 50% are actually multiplicative (first effect boosts you to 150% damage, second to 225%), not additive, which further increases the importance of keeping both of the effects rolling. Minor nitpick, but important.

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    Quote from pewpew»

    if u cant get a krider, i presume any high rolled ancient with slow attackspeed will do the trick for you :)

    And +Discipline as a secondary stat.

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    Quote from wudijo»

    Quote from Valdaran»

    How high can Natalya go? Do you think 50+ is possible?

    Anywhere between 50 and 60 for solo, we'll see

    For Nat's, at the top end of GRifts, you'd probably want to go cold just because the RoV rune offers some very strong CC.

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    The Gear

    No gear is REQUIRED to make this build usable. HOWEVER, there are a few pieces I recommend to make this easier (listed in order of importance in my eyes):

    • Cindercoat- %Fire damage AND Resource cost reduction. Given the Wrath problems we are notorious for having without 6pc Akkhans, this is a big win.
    • Maximus- Only 2H weapon with Fire Damage. You really want a 2H because of how much harder shield bash will hit. Without going into the math, understand that because we have some amount of passive wrath regeneration, it will always be more efficient to use a 2H weapon.
    • Aughild's Set Plans- 15% more damage done and less taken from elites. Hard to argue
    • Reaper's Wraps- This helps with the wrath regen problem.
    • Stone of Jordan- Massive Elite damage AND Elemental Damage...hard to argue with those.
    • Harrington's Waistguard- Click a body on the ground and get double damage? Yes please!

    You will have basic goals when approach each piece. While not every piece will have these stats, you should get an idea what you need from this:

    % Fire Damage > Str > % Elite Damage > Crit Change > Crit Damage > Cooldown Reduction > Attack Speed > Anything else

    Resist All > Vit > % Life > Armor > Life Per Wrath Spent > Life Per Second > Life On Hit

    And for secondary stats, +Health globe healing bonus is HUGE, because of how it works with the Wrathful passive. This is my gear's greatest weakness and gives me a few survivability issues in T6 (when I'm not being dumb and standing in stuff I shouldn't).

    The Gameplay

    The basic premise is simple: spam shield bash. Punish at least often enough to keep up Hardened Senses (but obviously more if you need wrath). Steed Charge to get out of bad situations. I use the combo of LoV-Frozen In Terror + Falling Sword - Superheated for some powerful burst when the enemies are clumped on me, but you have other options for dealing with elite packs. Use what works for you and you are comfortable with. And finally, pop AC-Fire Starter for when you simply need to go hulk and anything other than total annihilation simply won't do.
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    Find the main thread on the official bnet forums here:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12878868115

    DISCLAIMER: I do not claim this is the most efficient build, nor do I claim I am the best at it (or have even the close to the best gear). I just wanted to show another option to the FOTM Holy Shotgun and Fist builds that is T6 viable.

    Are you sick of any of these with your crusader?

    • Needing 6pc Akkhans
    • Needing a Fate of the Fell
    • Playing the heavily armored class like a caster instead of a badass tank

    I was. Then with patch 2.0.5 a new possibility opened up...one I've wanted to work since launch. With a bit of luck and spare gear, I was able assemble something that was able to walk into T4 and dominate right away. The best news is that nothing in this set is REQUIRED. There is no single item that makes or breaks the viability of this build. I have friends trying it on their brand new Crusaders and doing well in lower torment levels without any of the pieces I have (aside from common crafted sets).

    Below is a link to the video of my T6 rift run. I do NOT use the Unity bug (my follower has one, but I do not). I show my gear AND spec at the end. Now it isn't the quickest run, but it IS less than 20 minutes (about 17 or so). This is partly due to the fact that I didn't have ideal mob types for this build, but how often do you get a rift that is? In fact, the mobs I got for this run were pretty easy. However, if I had mobs like the shades from A4 or Bone Scorpions from A3, it probably would have gone a lot quicker. I rarely ever run T6 because it's hardly the most efficient, but the important thing is I *CAN*.


    The Build

    Punish - Roar: This is a solid fire builder, and it gives quite a bit of single-target damage. Synergizes well with the towering shield passive and adds some survivability and AoE damage (especially against fire chains!).

    Shield Bash - Crumble: Your bread and butter. Aside from being fire, the rune has the awesome potential to chain, obliterating enemies (especially packs of those you can one-shot). Since the secondary effect also hits quite hard, this ability can be brutal against enemies.

    Steed Charge - Nightmare: The ability is generally used as an escape mechanism. You WILL get surrounded, and this gives you an out when you're facing an imminent danger (arcane beams, molten, frozen, etc). The rune choice is because this actually hits quite hard with a good bit of +% Fire damage gear.

    Falling Sword - Superheated: This is the first optional slot. I like the combination of this + Laws of Valor -Frozen in Terror because of the stun + burst potential. Not only does this ability hit quite hard outright, but the dot that follows adds a good bit of damage as well. Of course, even with the buffs this ability still has quite a few drawbacks (such as putting yourself in the middle of an enemy pack, which can be lethal in T6), so you have other options here. Some of these options include any Shield Glare rune (synergy with Towering Shield), Bombardment's fire runes, any provoke rune that you like, Condemn - Reciprocate, Consecration - Shattered Ground. Really you have a lot of options here. I like this slot to be a button I press for dealing with elite packs.

    Laws of Valor - Frozen In Terror: This is also optional. I like that i can run into a group and pop this and lock them down for 5 seconds. In T6, this adds quite a bit of surviability potential as it usually forces an elite pack to delay when they throw out some powerful effects, like arcane or frozen. But really, any law/rune you want works well here. If you even wish to drop the law for another ability listed above, that works fine too (I do mostly group play, so I prefer Laws).

    Akarat's Champion - Fire Starter: I wouldn't say this ability is required, but I highly recommend it. Increased damage, increased wrath regen, and a powerful fire dot added to all attacks is nothing to scoff at. I like to use it for elite packs that are especially dangerous, when I run into multiple elite packs, or for Rift guardians.

    Passives: There are a few options here, but one passive that is absolutely required is Towering Shield. Aside from that I recommend Heavenly Strength (due to weapon choice and how much damage 2H weapons do), and Wrathful (because it heals a lot with the right gear). The last spot is quite optional; I run indestructible in the video, but that's mainly because my toughness is a bit low and I'm NOT using the unity bug/exploit. There are a lot of other options if you run unity: Insurmountable, Divine Fortress, Renewal, Finery... the list goes on.
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    Quote from Benegesserit
    someone awesome (prob molster) is rehosting them anyway...the redditor started posting these stupid subreddits asking about legal reprecussions...that kid must be new to hyped video game information

    It's easy to make this statement when you shoulder none of the risk...
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