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    Also, if i was to pick up evocation for passive, which one would you swap out? galvenizing ward? do i need the Life per second?

    I feel like my micro is very good, and I am a good player, just want to know wat to spend gold on
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    Quote from Madwizz

    if like that build then your damage will benefit greatly from attack speed, so u can get some int/vita ias rings if you have a lot of gold, otherwise u can just get intellig/ias rings for super cheap. Also Lacunis Brawlers are pretty good as they will pump your damage and your kiting(cuz of movement speed boost). Whats ur dps/hp/armor/res?

    Cool, Yeah, i hear hydra does get DPS boost from IAS. Im at work ATM, but my dps is around18k, 38k hp, 4k armor (with energy armor), and my resist... not sure :P i assume i get alot from intellect.
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    Hey there guys, this is my first *topic* post on the website.

    I currently do not know what to stack besides vitality and intellect.

    For now, I stack life per second. I sit at around 1.3k life per second. It seems to do well. I teleport to get my clones, venom hydra for ridiculous DPS. I kite alot, so hp per second makes sense, more running around, more HP without using pot or armor.

    I am currently on act 3 inferno. (belial act 2 was a BITCH)

    So, here is my build. http://us.battle.net...ROXd!dfa!aYbYaZ

    Life per second? attack speed? more vitality? I am looking to buy gear now with gold ive saved, but WHAT stat to get!?!?!? (besides vitality and intell)
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    so good.

    i hope your not one of the many people that think its too hard... :P

    if they nerfed inferno to something easier, i would be mad, cause i want to beat it when its at its hardest.
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    make a gametype like oddball. The longer you hold the ball, the slower or the less health you have. Good teams will be able to use CC`s and cooldowns to keep ball. First team to hold ball for x time wins
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    cains death cutscene was just god awful. Like you said, its literally insulting. The character that always seems to barely get out of near death scenarios every time, gets killed because some butterfly-bee cunt, teleports into his home and throws some bugs on him. Why the fuck didnt she kill everyone while your gone in the cathedral?

    love the gameplay and monsters. Some bosses and dialogue... o god.
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    its an interesting topic. im just mad about the MINIMUM level for hell. You HAVE to be 50. What bull shit. If you finish nightmare at 47 with some buds like i did, you dont wanna keep playing nightmare.
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    get more defensive stuff. Ignore pain is a must have for inferno.. i just know it
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    Im having a touch decision picking between WD and wizard. One day it will be Wizard, next day it will be witch doctor. I was able to play both in beta, witch doctor feels more dynamic... but hitting 3 mobs with arcane orbs and watching them explode... is just so fun...

    + flashy spells, noticable, bright, instant
    + high burst damage, big crits
    + usually play the mage, sorcerer class. used to this play style
    + male model animations cool, gear decent
    + you vs the boss, no clusters of summoned units
    + electrocute is my favorite spell to spam

    - not much variablility... big nukes, aoe spams, diamond skin, and frost nova...
    - male wizard is an asshole (voice acting)
    - TONS of people going to play wizard
    - dont like the look of disintegrate and ray of frost
    - not enough fire spells, too much arcane
    - arcane looks sorta "WoW'ish"

    Witch Doctor:
    + Not as many people will play
    + WAY more versatility (DOTS, pets, nukes)
    + Awesome voice acting, cool looking gear, and character animations
    + very DARK diablo feel to spells and pets
    + team player, great for boss fights

    - character could look weird, wanga dolls not as cool as orb
    - spells can be overly comical
    - having a bunch of pets can lead to mobs being pulled, not used to summoner feel
    - some spells I dont like the look of and would never use (hex, and silly looking spells)

    I dont really care which is BETTER end game. I just want to pick the character that wont make me later on regret not picking the other (although that will probably happen no matter what). I know i can pick more that one character, but I want my main and alt to be caster and melee, not 2 casters.


    (props blizz on making all classes so appealing and unique)
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