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    posted a message on Fun or boring?
    I have probably 10 friends signing up to play. In the case of none of them being online, I'd just play solo with no problem. There may be a rare case here or there when I'd join a random game, but most-likely won't happen often.
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    Hmm. I shared the excitement for the open-beta weekend, but I've run into several issues with the installer/updater already (thats been reported). Although, I've made some progress (now I can see the launcher running) it's still probably going to take me hours. Hopefully I can get a couple hours in before this is all shut down, I've been dying to take a peek.
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    posted a message on So how to post on the official D3 forums?
    Yeah, I agree with most of you. Can't take part in discussion unless you have some form of active account. I could understand if it was strictly for Beta users only but what does having an active Warcraft or SC account have to do with anything? I've paid my dues, was apart of the WoW community for a long time, with several accounts. Meh, oh well. I've read through a lot, and I enjoy these forums more anyways.

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    I'm considering purchasing the CE package of D3, mostly because I'm interested in the angel wings, the dyes, and maybe the sound track.

    I can't find any in-game videos of what these wings look like. Anyone know where I can find some real in-game footage? Does anyone have any info on them? Simply cosmetic toggle switch?
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    Question: Regardless of when you pick up your copy, when do the servers go live? 12AM PST?
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    Hi, I'm trying to find some more information regarding D3 running on a laptop system. My desktop is slowly failing me, and I need to purchase a laptop for work. Since I've been planning on purchasing this game for a while, and will be also purchasing a laptop soon, I want to make sure that I will have high enough specs for the game to run on my new computer.

    I'm not very computer savvy, especially when it comes to laptops, so maybe someone here can help me. People have told me to definitely get an i7, others say i5's with a decent graphics card should do fine. What about AMDs? And then I see that there are first, and second generation processors. Arghh. Very confusing.

    I will be going through BestBuy (fortunately/unfortunately) because I have a decent gift card to start with.

    First, I was considering this one:
    HP - 15.6" Pavilion Laptop - 6GB Memory - 640GB Hard Drive - Dark Umber

    Model: dv6-6c35dx


    and then this one......:

    HP - 17.3" Pavilion Laptop - 6GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Steel Gray

    Model: dv7-6c20us



    I'm really not quite sure....All I know is that I need it to run smoothly, with no issue or questions about it. I don't want any uncertainties if it will have trouble running or not, etc. If anyone can tell me their thoughts on these two machines I listed, or guide me to maybe another machine that would work (roughly in a $400-$725 price range if possible) - I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

    Thanks guys!
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