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    This actually brings an interesting dynamic to an organized group. The slotting of a pure utility, High MF, support player.

    maybe a wiz like: http://us.battle.net...YPgO!bfc!ZZZZcc for a ranged heavy group

    or a monk like: http://us.battle.net...QYXk!bcV!cbcaZa for a melee heavy group

    They can ignore the damage stats, bring mass mf, utility, and slightly irrelevant damage to the group, letting the other 3 people kill quickly and focus on damage stats while they maintain control or buff/heal, and benefit the overall yield of the group. Sort of similar to a healing role in other MMO's.

    Speaking on a purely hypothetical soapbox, if a top tiered MF/Utility player has 1600-2000 mf, and the utility to carry 3 glass cannon/ zero MF types through inferno, you're going to yield a ton of shinies. It's my (educated) guess that this type of person would be in extremely high demand for group play.

    You call it socialism, I call it specialized labor.
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    I'll RP a little

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    Make no mistake, a EULA is most definitely a contract. While it's origins lie in IP protection, and to indemnify the owners of the product, it can be equally used as a means to prosecute.

    I think this whole thread has gone WAYYYY off track.

    but to give bulletpoints.

    bots: gonna have em.

    legal system: gonna be involved

    coffee: Raxxus had too much

    time spent in a law library: Helix had too much.

    someone used porn and missile launching in the same sentence. (kudos)
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