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    Quote from Radglad

    Every fully leg'd out DH has at least 55% dodge in addition to being ranged and having supreme mobility of the gods. If you're not asleep, any hits you do take usually miss
    Wrong, Fully Legendary DH here, 7196 dex and only 33.2% dodge.

    As for the topic dodge is absolutely garbage because more than half the damage in the game cannot be dodged. You can't dodge molten, plagued, poison enchanted, desecration, poison clouds (ie ghom), soul siphon (ghosts). I don't think you can dodge lightning storm either. I don't think you can dodge any sort of charge abilities, knockbacks, stuns, etc, So many things that you cannot dodge, it really is a useless stat and the main reason why demon hunters can have tons of toughness and still be incredibly squishy.
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    Quote from Jaetch

    I'll take 95% damage reduction and 1 million toughness over 80% damage reduction and 2 million toughness any day.
    I disagree. Toughness is a fine stat for a ranged class who is supposed to be avoiding damage anyway. Having more toughness will keep you alive longer than not having it. The only case where this isn't true is if you are stacking a lot of +healing. If that is the case you are right, pure mitigation will probably suit you better. But with my character I find the +healing stats to be rather weak. A larger health pool means larger heals from potions and health globes are more than enough to keep me alive even in the higher torment levels (torment 5 is where I like to play). I tend to go for the higher toughness, and only favor +healing if I'm getting a lot more than the value that I would get from the toughness.

    Toughness is going to give you a higher chance to survive a hit from one of those guys over pure mitigation.

    Edit: I was mixing EHP and Toughness up in my head. In actuality you want a higher EHP, since toughness includes dodge. But still, EHP is more important than pure damage reduction, imo. For a wizard this isn't too big a deal since I don't think you will be equipping gear with dexterity on it.
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    The answer is, of course, a happy medium. If you are dying get more toughness. If you are not, get more damage. If you are killing things too quickly/easily increase the torment level. And again, if you are dying get more toughness, etc. etc.

    I like to keep all the items I find with an increase in either toughness or damage, and swap them on according to the situation.
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    I've been playing diablo 3 since release on windows 8. I'm still using an beta version of windows 8 and it works fine. Once that runs out I'm going to download the full version. It works completely fine, and despite what people tell you windows 8 is a great operating system. You just gotta know the tricks and shortcuts. People who hate it haven't given it a chance. Windows 8 has everything that windows 7 had and more.
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    Hello, I just completed an Excel spreadsheet that I have been working on that calculates and displays your character's dps, its damage reduction, its effective health, and various other information. It is very great tool for comparing everything from a single piece of gear, to a whole set of gear. It allows you to see how much you are gaining or losing from whether or not you have a certain buff or passive. The best part is that it is very simple to use.

    Here are the steps:
    1. Go to the Inputs tab.
    2. Put in your characters level.
    3. Use the dropdown menus to change classes, damage types, and weapon types.
    4. You may also enter passives and buffs that you may have.
    5. Go to the Stats tab and enter your stats.
    Displayed below is all the information about your character.

    A few dps bugs still need to be worked out. Due to Blizzard's rounding it can be off by about 0.1% of what is shown in game. I'm still working out what will work in all situations.

    Here is some information about the Stats tab:

    -My character's stats are already entered as an example. All you have to do is empty the boxes and then start entering your own stats.

    -Nothing needs to be changed in the first row that is labeled "Base w/ Passives & Buffs". All base stats are updated according to your class, and your other various inputs.

    Here is some information about the Active and Passive skills in the Inputs tab:

    -The Active Skills drop down boxes only include the runes that are calculated by the spreadsheet. "No Rune" means it is only calculating the base effect of the skill.

    -Uncolored skills in the inputs tab are only applied to that class. For example, the Barbarian passive Ruthless will only be calculated if your class is set to Barbarian.

    -Skills that have an orange color will be applied to all classes. For example, this allows a Wizard to enter War Cry if he has a Barbarian buffing him.

    -Aqua colored boxes are also applied to all classes. These are considered debuffs. For example, if you have Threatening Shout active you will receive an additional 20% damage reduction under the debuff bonuses box in the stats tab.

    I uploaded the file to File Dropper because Diablofans won't allow me to add an excel sheet as an attachment. Just go to the link below and download the sheet.


    I would like to thank Edimasta for allowing me to use his calculations for the Demon Hunter's Sharpshooter Passive.
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    Quote from Turtel

    Quote from Wakka9000

    This is nice, but if they dicide to implement solution 4 as it is now, i will be happy. Just becouse it kills MF swap without hurting normal players.

    why are players that swap hurting other players and why are they not normal? please explain

    Let's try not to derail the thread please, and thanks guys for the support.
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    Personally I'm not really sure I like the idea of changing mf, but Blizzard seems intent on changing it anyway. So if changing MF is the only option then here is my personal solution. I like option 4 the best, but it has too many downsides, such as swapping a regular non-mf piece of gear and being penalized for 3 minutes. So here is my proposal. Make it so only when you equip an item that increases your mf you are penalized for 3 minutes, and remove the part where your mf drops to 0% for the 3 minutes. Here are a few examples:

    Your total mf is currently 100%.
    Take off an item with 15% mf on it.
    Exactly what you expect to happen happens. Your mf drops to 85%.
    Now you are at 85% mf.
    MF was not increased and no penalization was incurred.

    Now put back on item with 15% mf on it.
    Your mf remains at 85% for 3 minutes.
    3 minutes later you are back at 100% mf.
    You switched an item that increased your mf, and are penalized for 3 minutes.

    Now you are at 100% mf.
    Switch 15% mf gloves for gloves with 10% mf.
    Your mf drops to 95% without having to wait 3 minutes.
    Your mf was not increased and no penalization was incurred.

    This modified option 4 will basically minimize any negative secondary affects that may impair your gameplay due to the mf changes. Please comment and state whether or not you like this change and discuss why. Thanks.
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my Inferno Diablo Kill. I say possibly the worst geared Demon Hunter because my base DPS is only 32.9k and up to only 48.2k with 100% crit from sharpshooter. I had no legendaries or set items, no increased run speed, only +10 disc from quiver and +9 from chest.

    I thought I would share this to show that Diablo is possible even with less than great gear. It took many attempts, most deaths of which were due to lag and to rubber-banding. This is also the reason I got stuck in a trap in phase 1, but thankfully popped my smokescreen quick enough. The kill took about 9 minutes. The quality isn't the best, the screen is small because of my monitors resolution, and the music is from Pandora.

    The kill attempt begins at 6 minutes 30 seconds. Hope you enjoy.
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    Vitality would be the most beneficial in getting your character closer to not being one shot because it gives you health and with the passive gives you an equal amount of armor that the strength would have given, considering all other stats are equal.

    In the mean time dexterity is probably better because if you are going to get one shot anyway you will at least have a better chance of dodging and not being hit at all.
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    Hello, I am making this thread with the intention of discussing the current available information on how to unlock the Secret Cow Level. This post will be updated if any changes or new information pertaining to unlocking the Secret Cow Level becomes available. I hope to keep this post up to date as more information becomes available, even after the launch of Diablo 3 on May 15th. This is all meant to bring the community together and help get the information out to people as fast as possible allowing the fastest possible access to the Secret Cow Level to those who are interested in pursuing it. Please bookmark this thread and post any new information, drop locations, and screenshots as you discover them.

    The only information I have so far comes from DiabloNut’s database. In the database you can find an item called the Staff of Herding with the description, “Only one bovine in all of Sanctuary could possibly have a use for this.”

    This item will be crafted using the Blacksmith, Haedrig, after finding the plan to create the staff. This plan only requires your Blacksmith to be level one, so you will not have to level him to create the staff. There are 4 versions of the staff, each one pertaining to a separate difficulty.

    To obtain the first version of the Staff of Herding you must obtain several items. Each of these items has no value to vendors, and are account bound, and cannot be traded or sold on the AH.

    The first item, which can already be obtained in the beta, is the Black Mushroom
    Description: "The witch Adria seeks a black mushroom? I know as much about black mushrooms as I do about red herrings." —Deckard Cain
    Location: This item can be found in Act 1. I have already heard of multiple locations in which this item has been found. My assumption is that it can be found in only one spot per game, if it happens to spawn at all. It can be found sprouting from the ground in several possible locations. I originally found this item sprouting out of the rock floor in the cathedral. Any information on additional spawn locations, along with accompanying screenshots is welcome.

    The second item is Wirt’s Bell
    Description: "When the demons come, close your eyes and ring this... it takes you far, far away..." —Unknown
    Location: Unknown.

    The third item is Liquid Rainbow
    Description: The colors swirl and twist in hypnotic patterns.
    Location: Unknown.

    The fourth item is Gibbering Gemstone
    Description: It seems to be active but it's difficult to tell.
    Location: Unknown.

    The fifth item is Leoric’s Shinbone
    Description: This charred piece of Leoric was clearly once connected to his ankle and knee.
    Location: Unknown.

    Then you of course need the Plan: Staff of Herding
    Location: Unknown. It is my assumption that the plan may only be found after completing the game in that difficulty, such as it was in Diablo II where you had to beat the difficulty before you could open the Secret Cow Level. Of course this could be different in Diablo 3, or they may allow you to create the staff, but not have access to opening the secret level until you beat the difficulty. It all remains to be seen.

    Once you have all the materials and the plans you can have Haedrig create the staff at a 10,000 gold crafting cost. To open the cow levels in later difficulties all you need is to find the corresponding pattern, and use the previous level of the staff plus an additional crafting cost to create the upgraded versions. Here is a list of the materials for each staff.

    Staff of Herding: Requires Black Mushroom, Wirt’s Bell, Liquid Rainbow, Gibbering Gemstone, Leoric’s Shinbone, and a 50,000 gold crafting cost
    Nightmarish Staff of Herding: Requires the Staff of Herding and a 200,000 gold crafting cost
    Hellish Staff of Herding: Requires the Nightmarish Staff of Herding and a 500,000 gold crafting cost
    Infernal Staff of Herding: Requires the Hellish Staff of Herding and a 1,000,000 gold crafting cost
    The total cost to craft the final version, the Infernal Staff of Herding, is 1,750,000 gold.

    Also note that each of the staff plans beyond the first has a resale value. This means that these patterns will probably be able to be found more than once, allowing you to vendor, and/or possibly trade and sell them on the AH.

    Plans: Staff of Herding has no gold value
    Plans: Nightmarish Staff of Herding sells for 1000 gold
    Plans: Hellish Staff of Herding sells for 2500 gold
    Plans: Infernal Staff of Herding sells for 5000 gold

    It is also unlikely that the staff will be sellable on the AH, or allowed to be traded to friends.

    The first task I ask the community to do is to find and take screenshots of all the different locations for the Black Mushroom in Beta.

    Update: Crafting costs have increased to 1.75 million total gold. I have confirmed that the Black Mushroom can be obtained by more than one person in a single game. This gives the ability to invite friends to your game to pick it up from the same location. Also found out that the Black Mushroom is account bound and cannot be traded and if dropped will not allow other players to pick it up.
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