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    You got some legitimate reasons to be bored good sir.
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    I would like to say that I got an authenticator when I heard about people getting hacked. Then, a few days later. I got hacked anyway. I don't give my account information to anyone. I don't click on phising scans. I have an anti-virus installed and scan regularly every single week. I've changed my battlnet password. Despite all of this, I still got hacked and lost everything and Blizzard is still not getting back to me.

    BackForJustice, do not listen to a majority of these douchebags replying to you. They're just sitting on their highhorse because they think they're hot shit just because they didn't get hacked. The real blame of your problem is the hacker himself. It is the hacker who did this to you and it is his fault. However, I will say that it is Blizzard's job to mitigate the threat of hacking. I have played several MMO's, I have three emails, a twitter, and a facebook, and many other accounts. The only accounts of mine that have gotten hacked are ones associated with Blizzard. So you have every right to be upset. I will say this now so you know: you will get hacked regardless of whether you have an authenticator or not.

    Once again, I empathize with your situation because I got hacked even WITH an authenticator on my account. And for everyone who doesn't know Blizzard's policy on what they do when you get hacked, here it is: Blizzard does one of two things. 1) They rollback your character to a save point. This causes you to receive only 80% of your inventory and gold back. 2) They give you nothing at all. If you want proof about option 2, let me show you an actual customer service ticket that one of my friends received:

    Hey there!

    Thanks for reaching out to us about your Diablo III account, I hope you’ve been enjoying the game. I’m really sorry to hear about the losses you’ve reported and I appreciate the patience you’ve shown us while this was investigated for you. Compromise Restorations for Diablo III accounts are based on automatically saved restoration points. Restorations are provided by rolling the account back to one of these good restoration points. Any progress earned after a during or after compromise is lost when these rollbacks are performed.

    However, after a thorough review of your account, we determined that a restoration point does not exist. As a result, the restoration you are requesting could not be provided and I am really very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for you. Fortunately, part of the fun of Diablo is smashing demons to bits to find awesome items and acquire gold - so while this is definitely a setback, hopefully recovering from it will prove just as fun as before.

    Account security is critically important though, and to help protect your account, we recommend following the Security Checklist (<http://us.battle.net/security/checklist>) on our Account Security site: <http://us.battle.net/security/>.

    If you have further questions regarding this issue, please reply directly to this ticket.

    Thank you for contacting us. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in Diablo III!


    Specialist Game Master
    Blizzard Entertainment

    According to their policy, you are only allowed a rollback twice in your entire lifetime. With the high amount of hacking going on in their game, this policy is absolutely inane. In essence, what I'm really saying is that you can get hacked at any time regardless of whether you have an authenticator or not or even if you follow their security FAQ. When you do hacked, you need to wait 2-3 days before you actually get a response (whenever I got hacked in WoW, my issues were resolved in under two hours). Then, there's a chance that you will either not get your stuff back at all or you'll only get 80% of your stuff back. And lastly, you can only get your stuff back twice in your entire lifetime.
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    I just checked it. It looks down to me.
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    Quote from Roger

    This has been discussed already.

    Diablo has been gone for almost 20 years and skinny is now the new trend.

    Everybody knows Diablo always follows the trends.

    Yeah man, skinny jeans are no longer the "in" thing for just women. It's for guys too! Blizzard is keeping up with the times.
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    I love Diablo III.
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    Is it just me or did the fight with the Skeleton King take much much longer in this patch? I also noticed that rings dropped much less frequently (actually, I didn't get any ring drops on my way to the Skeleton King when I re-rolled)
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    Alright guys, let's hear about:
    Who do you think will be the NBA champions this year?
    Who do you think will take the season MVP?
    Who will win the Western conference and Eastern conference finals?
    Who will be the Playoffs MVP?
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    "And. at the End of Days. Wisom shall be lost
    as Justice fall upon the world of men.
    Valor shall turn to Wrath-
    and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
    Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all-
    as Fate lies shattered forever."

    I believe that "Wisdom" refers to Malthael who mysteriously disappears. "Justice" refers to Tyrael which is why I think he's the meteor that falls in Tristram (It states in the book of Cain that even angels' powers can awake the dead into undead). "Valor" represents Imperius... So I expect him to either be the final boss of Diablo III or the main boss of the Diablo III expansion. "Hope" is Auriel; she opposes the destruction of humans so somehhow she's taken out of the picture. Not sure who "Death" is but I may hazard a guess that it's actually Malthael who, through looking at his cup of wisdom, feels that humanity is a threat. Lastly, "Fate" embodies Itherael who is somehow defeated.

    If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that high heavens will have a civil war over whether humans should be destroyed or not. Ithereal and Auriel would be opposed to this and they end up losing to Imperius and Malthael.
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