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    EU or US?
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    I love my Ground Stomp with Wrenching Smash + Revenge combo. Been using it since lvl 18 and it's awesome.
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    Attack speed works like this: 1.40 attack speed weapon. Add 15% Inc Attack speed. 1.40 x 1.15 = 1.61 attacks per second.

    Strength increases physical damage by 1%. That's available in the tooltip.
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    Armor reduces all damage. Resists reduce specific damage. Calculations I've read, do the math as shown:

    Total Damage * (Armor Reduction) * (Resist Reduction) = Damage Taken

    So for instance, you had armor equaling 60% reduction, and fire resist equaling 50% reduction and you were going to be hit for 20,000 fire damage. The math would be:
    From Armor reduction: 20,000 * .40 =8,000
    From Resist reduction: 10,000 * .50 = 4,000

    So your total damage taken would only be 4,000.

    So Physical Resist would be in the second calculation, but only against Physical damage. Whereas the armor reduced damage regardless of the source.

    To answer your last question though, All Resistances is preferable unless you are focusing on a specific struggles you may have. For myself Plagued, Molten, and Wallers with Mortar are the most difficult. So I prefer higher poison and fire resistance if available rather than resist all.
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    I'm level 55 and I've used Cleave exclusively. The Rupture rune early on is ridiculous damage. And Broad Sweep's 156% damage makes it even comparable dps vs single targets late in the game. I prefer more of an AoE playstyle, gathering mobs with Ground Stomp and using Cleave and Revenge. Early on it's really efficient.

    Low level build looked something like this: http://us.battle.net...#bXYVRi!cX!aaZa (Lvl 22)
    Higher level build was more like: http://us.battle.net...YVRi!ace!aaZcba (Lvl 52)
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    Frenzy's bonus only applies to Frenzy. So you can't ramp it up then use it's bonus on Bash.

    And that's not the way Attack Speed is calculated. For example, if you attack speed is 1.4 attack per second. A 75% increase would be 1.4 x 1.75 = 2.45 Attacks per second.

    Similarly, a weapon of 1.0 attack speed would have 1.75 attacks per second. You'd hit every ~.57 sec.

    And I think you lost me on the Bash damage. 776% x 2 is 1552%.
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    posted a message on Why did Blizz ruin Diablo by limiting it to 4 players per game?
    So because in the event that a storm might prevent you from one night of gaming, you are not going to play at all. Seems reasonable.
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    posted a message on World PvP and Diablo
    I don't see how joining a game with a cap of 4 players and requesting to duel someone is much different from joining an arena and dueling someone? If your goal is to beat someone 1v1 with both players aware. Then I think you'll accomplish that.

    If the PvP arenas utilized the same random set up as the world would you be happy?
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    I don't know if the Inspiring Presence buff will stack. In which case it really only doubles the length of the shouts. And with them being fury generators, you'll probably use War Cray and Threatening Shout on CD.
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    posted a message on Rate this Build - 2 Active Skills, Buffed UP !!!
    The skill calc on Blizzard's site isn't up to date. Your build as it currently stands would be: http://d3db.com/tool...barbarian/13360

    The heal on Frenzy is lower now, 8% over 6 sec. For a little better healing, you could switch out Triumph for Maniac on Frenzy for a 20% damage buff, then replace Battle Rage for something like Revenge or Overpower with Revel for a bigger heal at the cost of 10% damage.

    Threatening Shout is a fury generator and has a CD now.

    And like tanis0 said, I think you could use a movement ability. Leap, or Furious Charge.
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    posted a message on Redkoolaid - The "Come at me Bro" Barbarian
    Quote from FistOfZakarum

    This is a high Vitality build concentrating around thorns, seismic slam, rend and revenge to do damage.
    Quote from FistOfZakarum

    Granted I haven't been able to test the Fury generation of Mighty weapon with Weapon master so this is all speculation
    Let's assume I drop Nerves of Steel for Weapon master with a Mighty weapon for +3 Fury per hit:
    Leap attack - 15 Fury + 3 Fury for every enemy hit by the attack as well
    Standard Attack - 9 Fury per hit
    Overpower after a Leap attack into as crowd (let's lowball and say 4 mobs hit) - 48 fury
    Revenge - 5 fury+ 3 fury for every enemy hit
    War Cry - 30 Fury
    Being hit by any attack or spell has a chance to generate 1 fury.

    Overpower has been reduced to 165% WD, and on a 15 sec CD, would be 36 fury every 15 sec (vs 3 mobs, no crits, etc.). Cleave (vs 3 mobs) would provide 120% WD and 14 fury per attack. May be a little more reliable for a bit less damage and fury. [This is w/o Weapon Master]

    If you are still planning on having a Thorns build, Tough as Nails is required I'd say.

    And for survivability, I agree with Gnraf, I think you'll lose more hp without Nerves of Steel or Superstition than you'll gain back with Bloodthirst in this build. Especially if you stack Vit and armor.

    I'd look at something like this: http://d3db.com/tool...barbarian/13344
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    Quote from DenkaSaeba25

    I think that the life of a level 60 barb could be easily around 100k, since even Invigorate War Cry aura regeneration ticks for 1k... it's quite easy, if you think about it: i've seen a level 30 axe with 55 vitality...

    War Cry's regen is now 310 life per second.
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    posted a message on Rate my Inferno Build

    And Revenge is stealing 8% life from 275% weapon damage with everything working together right... again per enemy hit in the radius, which there should always be a lot of with all the "gathering."

    Revenge doesn't have a life steal effect. It's a heal based on your max health, not damage done. It's also been buffed to 6% and 10% when runed.

    To the OP, Threatening Shout is a Fury generator now, and War Cry's benefits have been reduced quite a bit. If you switch out EQ for another generator and make no other changes, you'll have no Fury spenders.

    http://d3db.com/tool...lator/barbarian This site has a more up to date calc than on the official site. I'd recommend using it for the time being.

    A build very similar to what you are looking for that I'll be trying is: http://d3db.com/tool...barbarian/13343

    Cleave: for the same reasons you mentioned above. I don't need a lot of Fury generation so I like the Broad Sweep rune.
    Leap: gives some mobility.
    Revenge: is a must for a defensive build.
    Rend: with Lacerate has been improved to 9% life leach and 210% WD for 20 Fury. It's a very cost effective Fury spender that also provides survivabilty.
    Sesimic Slam: with Strength from Earth is decent damage with a knockback for 15 Fury. I like this for a bit of control.
    Threatening Shout: with Grim Harvest for reduced damage and 15% more drops.

    Passives, I took Tough as Nails and Brawler. Superstition or Nerves of Steel (now = to 100% of Vit) depending on how much Vitality I have at that level.
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    posted a message on battle rage and passive skill questions
    Quote from italofoca

    When you're fightning bosses and other elites the most important thing is Damage/Fury ratio, not the Damage/Second ration. HotA costs only 20 fury while slam costs 30. For situations were you're looking for single target skills, Hammer of the Ancients out do any other Barb skill by large margin.

    While I agree that HotA (Smash) will be the best single target Fury spender, I don't agree with this statement entirely. It completely disregards all damage done using Fury generators. The highest Weapon Damage to Fury Spent ratio is Weapon Throw (Mighty Throw). 188% Weapon Damage for 10 fury. Having to use it multiple times to expend Fury might make it less desirable in some situations. Your passives (+Fury Gen or +Damage with Weapon Master if chosen) will also contribute to which skills are best suited for your build.
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    posted a message on battle rage and passive skill questions
    The won't stack. Recasting will just refresh the duration.

    Survivability depends on how much armor you have versus how much damage you do. The more armor you stack, the more valuable a 50% increase becomes, same with damage. Armor seems more valuable at the moment.

    Hardest hitting ability right now is Weapon Throw with Dread Bomb maxed out, but you'd have to build around it. Hammer of the Ancients with Smash is the highest Fury spender.
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