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    But you can't change to the same BattleTag. So if yours is Generic#6433 it won't let you create a new Generic#xxxx ... has to be different. Also it is definitely just a one-time thing. Tested on a secondary account :/.
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    Quote from Zingi

    Did he have a favourite class of choice? I think it would be a great and fitting tribute to max out a character (say barbarian if he liked barbarians) under his name/avatar on hardcore and get it the best gear and then let it die and forever be deposited in the hall of heroes.

    The best gear bit is probably unreasonable, but all the rest is what I would do.

    I was initially thinking it was a bit weird to let a character die... but you're right. +1 to this idea for sure. Something that represents him. If you can find gear (doesn't have to be the best, as already mentioned) that you think represents him, get the character to max level (60 should be much, much more obtainable than 99!) and then retire him there as a tribute... that'd be awesome. I'd love to see a screenshot of him when you're done, :D.

    Alternatively, if there are any personality quirks or traits you can think of, you could always try to focus on those. i.e. start a cracked/worn item library or similar, heh.

    Best of luck mate.
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