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    I would say it can get crazy but only within the limits of the original game - what that means is that you can get some overpowered items, but only because other items already had the same attributes etc..

    There is not much balancing going on right now. So answering your question: Currently I would say both. However in future versions I would like to have some restraints to keep everything more balanced.

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    Hello everyone!
    A few weeks ago I released the first version of the Diablo 2 Randomizer. As with randomizers for other games the idea is to take some elements from the game and shuffle them around or assign completely new values. An example might be unique items with attributes from other unique items. Or shuffled set item stats. Or new colors for enemies.
    Since no problems (bugs, crashes) were found I wanted to show the project to some more people.

    You can see some examples of randomization here:
    (Not everything is implemented in the program right now.)

    The download can be found here:

    A readme for the setup is included. The options currently have no detailed explanations. If something's not clear you'll have to try it out. This (as other things) is planned for the future.

    I'm looking forward to your feedback. Have fun!

    Should you have any good ideas for what to also randomize please let me know!

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