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    Doing a normal play-through and cant decide on a class. I finished the game many years ago but want to do it again. Here is my list of things for you to consider if you want to help me pick:

    • My first play-through was with a Paladin, so might be nice to try something new.
    • Don't care for Hammerdin play-style, would prefer shield bashing or Zealot.
    • Only interested in Elemental Druid, Would an Elemental Druid build work while still being effective using melee sometimes?
    • Prefer more of a Necromancer that has one skeleton or two (dont want a massive army), weakens enemies then finishes off with melee. Is this possible?

    So in other words, I love hitting mobs from distance, or weakening them, then finishing them off in melee, like a battlemage.

    I am not interested in other classes, just these three. Druid looks like it can do that a bit and so can the Necromancer but how effective would melee be?


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