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    The music for the trailer was spot on, but making trailer music and ambient soundscapes are two very different things.

    I still think Matt Uelmens style captured that best throughout all the games which have been released so far.

    His way of doing it made the world come alive in a way that the more contemporary approach of Diablo 3 was never achieved in my opinion.

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    Speaking from my own experience, what truly made the game experience dark and scary for me when i played Diablo 1 23 years ago was the Atmosphere set by the music.

    Distant screams and ominous sounds of creatures, indistinguishable muttering and voices of whispers. Hair raising strings which bent to the point of discomfort, Distant and pounding drums, and a sense of a huge dark space filled with nasty and dark creatures. All through the power of Audio.

    The music gave you a sense of something constantly breathing down your neck, you were never alone but you felt lonely surrounded by things which wanted to kill you.

    That in combination with a grim and dark color palette and visuals beyond anything else that existed on the market at the time.

    One thing i found annoying as hell is that all streamers tuned down the music and the sound effects ingame which made it really hard to get a better grasp of the feeling the music brought to the world. Something that has been extremely impactful in the earlier installments of the franchise.

    The story telling , the voice acting everything adds to the atmosphere of the game.

    I remember opening one of those tomes which had this ominous voice, telling the story of the sin wars in Diablo 1. That kind of voice gave me the shivers it felt very dark and unwelcoming, yet intriguing.

    I think they have started of good with what they have shown us so far. I am eager to see more, but certain things are hard to talk about when you have not had a direct experience with them.

    If there's someone from blizzard reading this, i would love more samples of audio and music from the game to be made public. Would be happy to provide feedback and examples aswell.

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