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    Really enjoyed the visuals in the demo streams. Really like how the druid looked. I love all of the lore philosophy or whatever you want to call it. Definitely excited that they are making radical changes to itemization compared to d3, because I genuinely despise the gearing system in d3. Hopeful that they can make crafting more interesting, and looking forward to sets being less relevant.

    Main 3 things I hope they change/add:

    1. Make the max level 99 or 100, and make it hard to reach; similar feel to d2/poe. No need for paragon or other, separate, post-max progression systems. Make maxing feel rewarding in itself.

    2. Actual runewords. Condition > Effect is kind of neat, and I'm fine with it at baseline, but they need to make some combinations of runes into distinct runewords that have different effects than condition > effect. The "best" condition for each spec will just be the condition that they can get the most procs per minute from, and I dunno, that's not very interesting; for example, a condition "Whenever you use __big cooldown ability__..." would be very weak, because that would happen far less often than "Whenever you use a potion..." and I feel like that limits the design space severely.

    3. Make aspirational content, like uber bosses in poe. While most players will never actually do this content, its mere existence is very good for the longevity of the game.

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